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Black chick thinks women should cheat on their men

Black chick says never be faithful/YouTube

Popsy says women should cheat.

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows a vindictive black chick saying all women should cheat on their men as a coping mechanism. “This is such a controversial thing to say but… I feel like every girl should cheat on their man and not tell him anything,” she said. “First of all, when it comes to cheating, us girls are a lot more smarter. Like, we will cheat and they won’t even know about it. Guys will not find out until you let them know or you’re not smart enough about it. But that’s rarely the case. And, second of all, men cheat all the time. If you think that the guy will be loyal to you forever, you are so dumb. Let’s say you guys were together for 3 years and you guys choose to break up. The possibility of him moving on within a couple of weeks, a month with a new girl is so f*cking extremely high while you’ll be single and staying at home and doing nothing and crying.”

“For example, if your parents get divorced [look] how quickly the dad moves on,” the woman continued. “He already has a new girlfriend. Like, he’s already living with someone and the mom becomes a single mom, she’s a single ex-wife. So I feel like you should cheat at the beginning of the relationship and then not tell him anything. Just in case if he cheats… at least you cheated before him.”

Social media reaction was Icy Hot.

One commenter wrote, “YES I AGREE 100%.”

Another chimed in with, “I still will never cheat no matter how bad I’ve been hurt.”

A third viewer added, “I cheated one time but he deserved it.😍”

What’s my take?

Women must realize men can’t cheat if they stop giving us the vulva. So, the way I see it, they’re complicit in our polyamory. Because so many women listen to left-wingers, they’re taught it’s appropriate to copulate with as many sex partners as a man — which is hogwash. After all, a woman’s intrinsic value is tied to her anatomy and — because she’s f*ckin’ every Tom, Dick & Harry — there’s ample depreciation.

That’s why conjugal numbers continue to plummet in the west.

Keep in mind, men penetrate and squirt in women — not the other way around.

Once we ejaculate in that coochie, a part of us resides in your soul forever.

So you’re basically carrying us into your next relationship.

Not to mention, God despises fornication and STDs are potentially fatal.

Let’s not forget oral sex is popular in America. That’s significant because most of us are putting on mouths on people’s genitals, then turn around and tongue kiss our next romantic partner. Then, we break up with that individual and perform oral sex on the next person. It’s a nasty paradigm that must be broken.

So ladies… please, please, please eschew teachings of the left.

Protect your body at all costs because it defines your self-worth.

That being said, do you agree with babygirl?

Should women cheat on men first?

Watch the controversial clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Never cheated in my life but I’ve been cheated on. This GIRL is lost. Cheating means you’re a quitter and means you were never worthy to begin with. No honor in cheating in anything in life.

  2. GTFOH. I’ve never cheated in any relationship I’ve been in even with my ex wife who turned out to be the worst relationship of my life.

  3. In the mighty name of Jesus i rebuke evil women. Of this universe being demonic in the name of Jesus ✝️ 🙌🏼🫶❤️✝️

  4. i did this to my ex who cheated first and it was rewarding but i wish i told him just so he could leave me aloneee

  5. That’s bullshit my parents have been married for 51 years.That is a lie from the pit of hell.

  6. Plzz no. Bad enough majority of the ‘men’ do it. That don’t mean we gotta do it too 💯

  7. That’s why guys getting there passports now going overseas so they don’t have deal with this

  8. Something wrong with that chick. It’s just wrong to cheat on your partner period. If anyone’s not ready for a relationship don’t get into one in the first place💯

  9. Shid what if yu catch something you can’t get rid of what if yu get pregnant or get somebody else pregnant? A smart person would try to figure things out a wise person just wouldn put themselves in the position to begin with.

  10. Dont have relationships and just have sex. Is what i took from this stupidity.

  11. This is why all the good men are leaving, these woman always talking about how they can’t find a good man then when he gets one, she do him wrong. Women need to take accountability

  12. Men cheat because they aren’t being understood or loved. Every sex worker interview says men aren’t coming to them for sex but to be loved.

  13. Modern women have sausages thrown at them constantly. With the exception of a few unicorns, it’s just a matter of time. Men have to work to have an affair. Women just have to stop saying no. Meanwhile the sisterhood is egging them on.

  14. My girl ate cake out of my ass last night and told me that was the first time she ever did that, what do you think?

  15. I just don’t gaf if she cheats or not… Because she can never be the only one anyway.. If you only have one woman you already lost.. Because the best medicine for a woman is another woman…

  16. EVERY woman cheats. Look at it this way. You and your girl walk into a club and only one of you is guaranteed to get laid. For the guy that is CERTAIN that his girl isn’t cheating… Im CERTAIN that you are getting cheated on.

  17. Yes I put 15 years in our marriage half of my life damn near and hear my wife Helen has been sneaking off at 2:00 in the morning acting like she’s got to be at work at 2:00 a.m. in the morning well anyways I’ve been told she’s been going to sex parties she’s been coming home really tired because she’s been to pound town with seven other guys at once

  18. So ive been dating this girl for like 8months and she aint never introduced me to her parents after i ask she said she want to make sure im the one but she tells me that she loves me and i said you say you love me but your actions shows different but she never spends the night over my place she only cum for the pipe 🍆 then 20 min later she leaves then she say she dont like talking on the phone but she rather text and im like well you better learn to talk on the phone see im 51yrs and shes 40 in another 10 to 12yrs im about to retire so i dont have all this energy to be following behind her

  19. Shiiit. I’m at the stage of “I’m not yours, it’s just your turn” with these chicks these days

  20. If Eve didn’t listen to the creator of Heaven and Earth and didn’t hold herself accountable you ain’t no one special my guy 😅😅😂😂😂😂

  21. I’ve been cheated on,and was UNKNOWINGLY the other woman.
    Once I found out, I left the situation.
    Blocked .deleted all contacts information.

  22. I cheated on my girl and there are plenty of times she never found out. I don’t understand why people think women are better cheaters

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