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Chiefs fans deceased from cocaine, fentanyl overdose

Jordan Willis in hot water/Black & White Sports

Chiefs fans had cocaine overdose. 

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KANSAS CITY — Law enforcement officials in the American Heartland are investigating after three Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead in the backyard of a friend’s house. Yessir. The cadavers of Ricky Johnson, 38, David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, were discovered behind the home of Jordan Willis on January 7th. That’s when the Chiefs played the Los Angeles Chargers in the regular season finale. Willis — an HIV scientist — said he hosted a watch party, and he and the gang got drunk. Willis claims he blacked out later that evening, but he wasn’t sure if his friends went home. Two days later, on January 9th, their corpses were found frozen in the backyard. But their keys, wallets and cell phones were still inside. A petrified Willis checked himself into a rehabilitation facility shortly thereafter, claiming it was a “wake-up call.”

He also skipped their funerals.

Can’t blame him because preliminary findings from the toxicology report show Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney had a bunch of cocaine and fentanyl in their systems.

Retired New York Police Department Inspector Paul Mauro believes Willis and his supporters are using drug rehab as a legal strategy to garner “sympathy in the court of public opinion” to elude a prison sentence in the event of a murder conviction. “I think they’re trying to play on people’s sympathies that he had a drug problem,” Mauro said. “It verifies what a lot of us speculated on: maybe a drug they didn’t know was in [their drinks].”

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “Why does someone have to get arrested? They took the drugs on their own. What happened to personal responsibility?”

Another chimed in with, “NO WAY they knowingly took that much fentanyl!!! This has involuntary manslaughter written all over it. Something went horribly wrong and no way can I accept that these neophyte, non-drug users took fentanyl on their own awareness — especially not that much!!? This is a crime…but who did it?”

A third person added, “Fentanyl in coke is a common, but fatal mistake.”

Do you think Willis should be charged with murder?

Should grown-ass men be responsible for what goes into their systems?

Watch multiple reports.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I think kcpd is narrating what they want us to see and hear. They did this with Toni Anderson. She was murdered. Not drove in river. I was helping her bf dad back then. In this case I think kcpd wants us to think it’s a fentanyl case, which drugs told probably were in system but I think he made something else and put in the drinks. Is he really in rehab? Or are they letting him start his life over else where?? Who’s covering who’s butt and the real reason why? And there camera footage of his boxers and wine glass popo cuffs on. Where’s the footage for those 48 hrs?? The 911 call? Kcpd can’t be trusted. They are covering up for another of in the old Toni case. Cuz this pd helped ppl Toni knew to take her. There was a second stop by Kevin’s carwash going south. So they lie about that case, and the marina lady from shoal Creek PD then they are lieing in this case imo. Just saying.

  2. I wonder if they drug tested the guy that survived to see what substances were in him

  3. @JennWatson: What good would that do? Would it prove anything more than he did drugs also? 😂😂

  4. Iam going to say this… Probably not drug addicts they just did party favors where fytnal was probably in the cocaine. It happens everyday now. Nobody made them snort cocaine! I think the only reason why Jordan survived was because he passed out on the couch and not outside to freeze to death! This is a case of bad drugs and as I said HAPPENS EVERY DAY NOW ! SUCH A SAD SAD SORRY

  5. @Germani Custernus: For what? No proof he supplied or laced the drugs. No proof he forced them to take the drugs. No proof he wantonly withheld disclosure of deaths. No proof he even knew they were dead. No proof he even partook in the drugs. No proof he obstructed justice since all statements have been provided through his attorney. There’s not a DA alive who would take this case like this currently.

  6. The Mexican cartels put fentanyl in all the cocaine heroin and everything like that because it’s cheaper to buy that from China than the traditional cutting agents.

  7. My husband works with a cousin of one of the men found dead.. the cousin stated that all 4 guys were big into buying, selling, and using hard drugs.

  8. If this guy was a Black Guy his Ass would be under the jail racist for the police to not do anything,,I don’t understand why this guy is not locked up in jail.

  9. I keep saying that all they need to do is check a hair sample to see if these guys used once, occasionally or every day. ✌️

  10. But they would not have all DIED at the same time. One would try to help the other if he saw him struggling; which leads me to believe the narrative of the doctor on FOX.

  11. Jordan laced the coke, and the 3 men had no idea it was laced. Jordan was actually trying to commit suicide, but his attempt failed!

  12. The hardest thing the police will have to prove who supplied the drugs. The crime scene has been contaminated and depends on what type of evidence they took while they were there.

  13. Its absolutely absurd to say that Willis survived a 3X LETHAL DOSE OF FENTANYL AND COKE because he was inside where its warm! This guy is a sociopath/psychopath who thinks hes smarter than everyone else.

  14. What residue was on their skin, mouths, lungs and clothes? Maybe they raided the stash after the homeowner went to sleep and crackled outside for stealth, the homeowner woke up, got pissed off and locked them out.

  15. We all do stupid things around and with the people who are our childhood friends because many times they were there when nobody else was. Those are unbreakable bonds in many cases. Its looks like they had joints laced with fentanyl and were using coke to sober up and appear to be functioning normally. But coke doesn’t have the same effects on the body when used to fight the effects of alcohol compared fentanyl. Fentanyl is to strong and the effects on the lungs are severe. The coke artificially raises the body temperature causing people to be hot and remove clothing and freeze to death far faster. I perfect storm of horrible decisions that lead to death now the question is was it hastened by the one that lived?

  16. I think they were smoking a laced joint. They stepped outside to smoke thinking it was just weed.

  17. I still think they were given something intentionally or by accident, maybe something contaminated by one of the “chemists” experiments or maybe joints he laced with cocaine and fentanyl.

  18. Listen to me very carefully …There was no drug cocktail …Guys who party with alcohol and cocaine don’t want Fent…..DO NOT…..They were partying drinking and wanted to do coke….. They got coke cut with fentanyl and they couldn’t handle it because they aren’t opiate addicts. I am a recovering addict I have 8 years clean. I did and sold cocaine for years started doing opiates to come down and became a heroin addict in the process…. Believe me there was no sinister cocktail….no foul play.. These guys did drugs they didn’t expect to do and got fentanyl cut cocaine which is stupid anyway because they don’t mirror each other they cancel out…… But fentanyl stopped your respiratory system… Believe me.. This guy doesn’t belong in jail.. If it was some benzodiaz (Xanax and fentanyl id say yes cocktail or any bemzo / muscle relaxer …. Yes but these guys got bad coke……paid with their lives….Jordan didn’t belong in jail .. maybe a county bullet or 6/5 ….1 year flat 1 post idk Missouri sentencing guidelines…. But this is a tragedy nothing more….Although stupid Jordan prolly doesn’t belong in jail for murder/ man1

  19. So he just gets to check into a rehab and doesn’t have to explain himself!? I don’t get it!!

  20. If they had that much fentanyl in their system, they would of dropped right there on the spot in the home, so someone dragged them outside, and the only one that was there was Jordan. There is no way they left without their keys, wallets, and phones.

  21. It’s obvious that something was put in their drinks!!!!; bottom line, and let me see, three good guys that are tight like brothers and one Schyco, pardon , Scientist, three friends were immobilized and froze to death!; one sleeps it off wow, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist!!!!!; oh wrong choice of words.

  22. So they all said good bye to Jordan Willis and then left without their Jackets, keys and cellphone?

  23. They indulged and died, simple as that. Ppl solely blaming Jordan Willis when those 4 grown ass men took this crap on their own, Jordan just didn’t die like they did. About the only thing they can charge him with is permitting drug abuse. Those 3 men are absolutely culpable in their own demise and ppl need to stop trying to make this Jordan’s fault, and idk any of them but it’s real clear, they overdosed all of them, including Jordan, that’s why he didn’t wake up right away and has little memory from the night.

  24. How many people DIE of a drug overdose EVERYDAY and NOBODY gives a shit about them. These FOOLS die and now they’re famous and EVERY idiot has an opinion to express it. This country is DOOMED.

  25. The 5th guy probably brought the shit, maybe they were trying to sober up from drinking so they could make it home. They probably smoked or snorted whatever was laced with f and then started feeling dizzy or sick and maybe said we’re leaving but were too fucked up to realize they forgot their keys in the house. The chemist guy probably was fucked up too but was able to pass out in the house after seeing his friends out the door, thinking they were leaving. The three friends got outside and realized they didn’t have their keys or whatever and went around back to find a way in. Feeling more and more dizzy and incoherent probably made it as far as they could and sat or fell down and blacked out from the drug and then died from exposure if their hearts didn’t stop first. The chemist guy probably slept it off or possibly woke in a daze and freaked out when he realized what happened and needed to pull himself together or he really didn’t know. Just a theory that I could picture happening. I don’t know what f makes a person feel like, but if it can kill you in 6 minutes you are probably not thinking clearly as it affects you, nor would you be very coordinated in movement. Probably a very scary way to go if you realized what was happening and couldn’t move. I hope they just fell asleep and didn’t suffer.

  26. The families are blaming everybody else. But maybe these dudes just shouldn’t have done drugs. Anybody ever thought of that?

  27. Did it not smell like Marijuana? Willis was allowed to be alone at a crime scene. He said he left because of the press and neighbors. Where are his personal items? Going to rehab only buys him time. He said his dad had some dementia issues. Why did he leave his dogs with his dad? How long would you wait to get revenge? Sooner or later, he will break and tell someone, nobody knows about because he is too smart for the locals.

  28. What’s crazy is I don’t really think they were good friends with Jordan????
    All the photos never have Jordan in pics with the other guys

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