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Vid Chronicles: Lecherous teacher rapes her student

Pedo teacher likes ’em young/Vid Chronicles

Horny teacher seduces student.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — The only certain things in life are death, taxes and teachers f*cking their students. Vid Chronicles Ultra released a disturbing re-enactment of a 30-something-year-old educator, Ms. Green, using quid pro quo to copulate with a male pupil. The boy needs help with math and, if he doesn’t improve his grades, he’s gettin’ kicked off the basketball team. The child molester took advantage of the teen during an afterschool tutoring session. “Well, I’ll make sure you pass, sweetie,” Ms. Green promised. “Thank you so much. I’ll do anything to pass your class,” the boy replied. “You know, I can teach you more than just math if you like,” she suggested while seducing him. “You know, if we get caught, we can get in a lot of trouble for this, right?” he countered. “You came here for help, right? You help me and I’ll help you. Simple as that,” she said.

The boy’s mother grew suspicious and contacted the principal. An investigation ensued, and the pedophile was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct involving a child — a Class E Felony. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Where were these types of teachers when I was growing up?” Another chimed in with, “She’s disgusting. Shame on her.”

A third viewer added, “Sh*t, tell her to slide over here.”

Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a teacher?

Is it possible to rape the willing?

Watch Ms. Green get freaky.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. nigga i would have kept quiet and dated my teacher secretly and enjoyed that shit

  2. i never get this stuff what do adults find interesting in children they not even fully developed , they not even old enough to rent a hotel room or get alcohol smh get a grip mtfs

  3. I would beat tf outta the teacher if that was my child👿👊🏿🤛🏿💥💥no one touches my child👿👿

  4. Lots of people abuse their power! Doctors, police, teacher, nurse, lawyer everyone

  5. Come on bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️ he dum as hell I would’ve kept smacking that

  6. Part two what happens to miss green when she is released from prison is she going back to her parents house after what she did

  7. No business engaging in sexual activity with those under the age of consent (16-18 depending on your home state)

  8. nigga i would have took the opportunity to have fun with THAT teacher LOLLL idgaf what others think

  9. Never disrespect your position of authority by choosing to be inappropriately involved with your students. Not only is it wrong, it’s actually illegal. Even if they’re interested, it doesn’t matter…teachers have a responsibility to teach & obligation to create a safe environment for students, not behaving in unacceptable ways like Miss Green.

  10. Even though gender doesn’t matter when it comes to these situations, I feel like a man doing this to a female student would be weirder and creepier than the opposite.

  11. The actress that played the teacher is so pretty…. And YES it is so wrong to do that to a student!!! I’m glad she was caught an lost her job!!! NEVER TAKE YOUR AUTHORITY AN USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!

  12. The role of a teacher is to teach a child not to be predators .protect our children ..

  13. I was sexually abused as a child I wish they were videos like this when I was younger. I’m 37 now and live with it everyday but I know that it’s not my fault.

  14. Miss Green ought to be brought right to prison! She is the lowest of lows!

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