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Karamo: Dad mad his son became transgender lady

Dad can’t bond with gay son/Karamo

Dad won’t accept gay son. 

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STAMFORD — During an appearance on the Karamo Show, a father named Leighton admitted he’s having a difficult time bonding with his son — Aryana (né Isiah) — who’s now a transgender woman. He’s also gettin’ the cold shoulder from his daughter, Mikaela, who recently had a baby. Leighton said he lost contact with both of his children when he got incarcerated. Now that he’s free, Leighton is hoping they can become a family again. “I know I made mistakes in the past. But, I love my kids,” he said. “When they were young, we was happy. But when I got incarcerated, everything had changed. I blame myself because I should’ve been there… I’m 51 years old and I want my family back.” Aryana is a man’s worst nightmare because he looks exactly like a popsy. We’re talkin’ boobs, a coke bottle frame and no Adam’s Apple. There’s no way to tell he’s a man. When Karamo told her Leighton has aspirations of reuniting the family, Aryana replied: “I guess he wants his son back but he’s dead and gone.”

Mikaela said she won’t even talk to Leighton until he starts acknowledging Aryana as a woman.

Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “Aryana looks way better than her sister.” Another chimed in with, “Damn, his son died 😢 spiritually and mentally.” A third viewer added, “This craziness needs to stop! Don’t be expecting the rest of the world to feed into these delusions of grandeur. Just because she wants to pretend she’s daddy’s lil princess when she has a prostate doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be delusional. We don’t care what they identify as. That has nothing to do with how we identify them. This is really getting out of hand. Aryana is a man. BYE! *Spoken from a cis gay man.”

Do you feel sorry for Leighton?

Should he acknowledge Aryana as a transgender woman?

Watch the show.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. BOTH OF THESE KIDS ARE TRASH!!! I had a very similar experience with my FATHER not being around when I was growing up, but I NEVER disrespected him, EVEN as an ADULT, because I feared GOD. There is OBVIOUSLY no FEAR of GOD in these children. This man is trying to REACH out to them, and they are DWELLING on the past.

  2. I wouldn’t even have known she was transgender if she didnt mention it..she’s so beautiful queen❤

  3. Aryana should try to work on sitting more ladylike. She looks amazing and casually wouldn’t have known she is trans.

  4. Beautiful skin, gorgeous eyes, a gorgeous face, and an adorable personality, that’s exactly what I see when I look at Miss Aryana. She’s a true Doll 💗💚🤎❤️💖🏳️‍🌈💋🌈😃👍🏽😃

  5. I felt for the father who disagreed with his son’s transition. Not everybody knows. Transgender women were NOT real women!

  6. Aryana comes from a beautiful family. Her mom Bree and her sister Mikaela are beautiful as well. I love to see the gorgeous young ladies who know how to tell it like it is. On the show, what made me so proud was how Aryana’s mom sees her as her daughter, and her sister Mikaela sees her as her sister. In my eyes, that’s what I see when I see Miss Aryana Bynés….
    ….Miss Aryana Bynés, beautiful daughter, sister ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜👍🏽

  7. I love Karamo, but he’s tougher on the men than the women on many occasions. They kept blaming the father but never pointed out things the daughters have done.

  8. i cant help but sit and watch this with a huge lump in my throat. this man reminds me of my dad sooo much! he knows hes got stuff to work on, knows hes made mistakes, owned up to them & wants to fix this situation w his kids. ik the kids feel hurt still but i really hope they realize its the past and he wants the change.. i really hope they all moved forward, and i really hope the dad is happier in life now. you can tell hes drained..❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

  9. The way she remained seated and was cold when he came out and greeted him/her says a lot. She’s rude, selfish and entitled and feels she doesn’t have to respect him but expects him to kiss her ass

  10. To want a son then watch your son turn to a woman it’s very hurtful but the child is grown but still it’s very hurtful and they just want him to except that off gate give him time maybe he would come around but me I couldn’t I have to pray every day 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Sir if u don’t like the transition u don’t have to accept it. Boy is a boy. Girl is a girl. Transition is a Sin. God never makes a mistake.

  12. Dont kill yourself brother trying bcuz just like God forgave we have to also. But your transition son will burn in hell if he dont switch back.

  13. To accept he has another daughter is like accepting the death of his son. Because a man and a woman cannot be the same person. I don’t think any one should pressure him into accepting he has lost his son. He hasn’t.

  14. This is what the world will try to force you to believe. That Black is White and White is Black and call you bad for standing for objective reality and stating Black is Black and White is White.

  15. I pray for Black Americans family structure it very sad 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  16. I am the parent of a trans son (FTM.) I see some harsh comments towards this woman. I think there is some HUGE biases/phobias going on. I’m certain if she wasn’t trans (which I would have never guessed If she didn’t disclose it) they would be blaming dad for being in prison. He wouldn’t have to “mourn” his son if he was there, but NO he was IN PRISON. He would have been there all along and known his child. I knew from a very young age my child was unique and special. I was not sure if they were just gay at first, but I quickly realized what was going on because I KNEW MY CHILD and was with them EVERY DAY and NOT IN PRISON. Dad might be feeling some type of way, but everything he is going through is of his own making. He was never there and doesn’t quite have that “unconditional” love thing down because that is something you get from being physically and emotionally present DAILY. I never “mourned” my daughter because I can’t mourn something that isn’t there. The human they are, the love we have, the laughs, the cries, etc are still there so I’ve lost nothing and gained everything.

  17. People can get mad if they want to yet that child is still a boy in womens clothing and no amount of weave, extensions, fake nails or anything will make you a woman. Period.

  18. I just can’t get over her sitting her bare ass on that couch😭😭😭

  19. If my son transitions to a daughter, we can shake hands, say goodbye and wish each other well.

  20. Be what you want but you cannot knock a parent for calling you by the name they raised you as bc I’m sure it’s hard to make that change. The man came out and hugged his child right away. That gotta count for something

  21. Men Ain’t Perfect But @ Least He Tried To Extend A Olive This Is A Lot To Process As A Heterosexual Black Man.

  22. If I had a woman that lets a family turn into this I would leave too. If I watch my daughter start wearing color hair and dressing any kind of way and then I have a son who turned into a trans I would definitely leave that circus of a family period .

  23. I wouldn’t want to be in their lives. Isaiah disrespected his father because he is a lost boy in a woman’s body.. just sad

  24. She could’ve dressed more appropriately for the show especially in front her father lmao

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