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Olivia Alexa: Women take advantage of simpin’ men

Olivia reveals gold digging red flags/YouTube

Olivia says women will use you. 

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SEATTLE — Does your woman text you only when she needs something? Does she treat you like a resource, and not a partner? Does she eschew being seen with you in public? If so, “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa believes you’re being used like an old tampon. In her recent podcast titled “She Doesn’t Like You, She’s Faking It,” the prepossessing redbone illuminated a series of red flags simps should look for in gold digging females. “A lot of women are playing a deceptive game and men are the target,” Olivia said. “It’s so painful to watch good men fall prey to women who weaponize their looks and words, leaving these men in a horrible position.” Olivia believes the key finding out if a woman is genuinely interested in you or if she’s simply using you for cash starts with confabulation. “If a woman starts talking to you about her financial needs right after you two hit it off, that’s a huge red flag,” Olivia explained. “It’s a strategic move that’s often laced with a dramatic sob story to make you feel like you’re gonna be her hero. This isn’t just asking you for help. It’s a manipulation tactic creating a sense of obligation. Whether it’s for her bills or for personal expenses, if she’s treating you like you’re a walking ATM, it’s a clear signal.”

Another thing to watch out for is when women make constant excuses to avoid being seen with you in public. “When she constantly uses the ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’m too exhausted’ card to sidestep being seen in public with you, it’s not just an excuse. It’s a strategic move,” Olivia said. “She’s not needing time off. She’s keeping you hidden. She’s creating a scenario where your relationship thrives in private — away from public eyes — so that her public image can remain single. This is called ‘compartmentalization.’ This divide between private intimacy and public anonymity is a telltale sign of someone who’s not all in.”

Perhaps the most mortifying thing that can happen to a simp is when his woman downplays their relationship in front of family and friends — like she’s embarrassed. “When introducing you as just a friend or not even mentioning you at all in public, that’s not low-key. That’s tactical,” Olivia said. “She’s keeping you undercover deliberately. She’s holding you in the background, keeping her options open in public — maybe even looking for someone else.”


Look fellas, there’s nothin’ wrong with spending mazuma on your chick. Just make sure she’s contributing vulva, a hand job, a striptease, something. “If you find yourself always paying the bill — whether it’s for dinners, birthdays, or even during the holidays — if you’re the one who’s always going above and beyond with gifts while she barely lifts a finger, then it’s a classic case of ‘take, take, take,'” Olivia warned. “And what do you get in return? Maybe a ‘thank you’ text if you’re lucky. In a healthy relationship, there is a give and take dynamic that’s pretty much equal.”

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “I don’t mind giving as long as it goes like this: I give, she f*cks😂.”

Another chimed in with, “To women, every man is a Walking ATM🏧.”

A third viewer added, “She needs to tell these women what happens when they play with the wrong man.”

Are you tired of gettin’ played?

Is it time for simps to put their foot down?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A woman who only cares about your finances is what you can do for them & never get nothing in return is a major red flag & should never be ignored so block such women out of your life

  2. Honestly kinda relieved I’m in this situation cause I’m a terrible bf with serious bpd issues from a shitty mom and weak father.

  3. All relationships are transactional. However in a relationship where marriage is a possibility, the woman should not be treating the guy like she needs to hide him or using any manipulation. If she does then throw her away, she needs to be all in if she wants to wifed.

  4. Adam & Eve = Cash & Ass. Nothing new under the sun. Except for new ways for whoregamy to make it’s move on the unsuspecting.

  5. I prefer the upfront request for money. Then I request that neck. Fair exchange😂

  6. Men shouldn’t care about none of that shit and all Women look for Men for Resources they’re programmed that way

  7. If she is taken, modern day technology needs to hurry up and figure out a way to clone people.

  8. 😂My ex litterally had all those red flags 😂 Am i the only one ?😢

  9. It’s better to marry and raise kids than give random dating advice. Dating advice isn’t very helpful these days. Say how we can stand against sex trafficking, child abuse and emotional baggage and save society which is good for us.

  10. The fact y’all give women money is absolutely hilarious to me. Never been that guy.

  11. Modern American women are a waste of your time, fellas. Go get cold, and use them for recreational use. They can work and provide for themselves however they get it. Be the man she would cheat WITH, not the man she’ll for sure cheat ON.

  12. As men we kno exactly when a woman is playin in our face. The problem is ACCEPTING IT.. wether it’s because she pretty, got that Good, cool to be around etc.. no!! Value yaself and cut her off.. that’s shows her she’s wanted and not needed and u respect yaself enough to not put up wit disrespect.. when she come bac give it a few days to respond or don’t respond at all.. and if u do, respond nonchalantly and brief, short responses… she’s gonna feel as if she annoyed u by reaching out to u. This make her second guess taking u for granted and she’s gonna do whatever it take to win u bac.. now your in full control!! TRUST ME FELLAS!!!!!! Don’t allow yaself to be played wit put ya foot down WITH ACTIONS.. not verbally!!. Especially if u kno ur attractive get to the money have ya own everything loyal respectful can cook clean funny communicate well etc it’s NO WAY u should feel u have to go for or take BS from ANYBODY!!. set yaself apart don’t be jus another one of those thirsties she can jus put in her top drawer a pull out whenever it’s convenient for her.. stop playin yaself and show her somethin she don’t see everyday.. A MAN WITH SELF RESPECT AND VALUE!! Simple!!

  13. Simps deserve what they get. Simps also ruin the dating paradigm for everyone. I will grant that almost all black men are raised to be simps. In Blackistan, being a simp is conflated with being a good man. But its easy to overcome. Any man with half a brain should stop simping by the time he’s 20.

    Simping requires a scarcity mentality. For me, the epiphany came when I realized there was a plethora of women available to me. I adopted an abundance mentality. I was 19 years old. First of all, if a woman doesn’t meet a set of my minimal standards, she gets no time here. Then if something ain’t right with her behavior/attitude. I throw back to the streets. Now granted, you must be desirable, in terms of looks, and finances. But this is within most men’s capacity, if they put in the work.

    Struggling to get a woman’s approval, is simping. Trying to win her over, is simping. Granting a woman the right to entitlement, is simping. You have to want to be with me, and I have to want to be with you.

  14. Dont feel sorry for men who get played by manipulative women because these are the same men who shame players and womanizers for approaching and dealing with multiple women .
    Now more than ever you have to deal with multiple women so you dont get played .

  15. ” First of all, if a woman doesn’t meet a set of my minimal standards, she gets no time here. ”
    This should read ” First of all, if a woman doesn’t meet a set of my minimum standards, she gets no time here. My standards are high, they are not minimal.

  16. I was that “turned a blind eye” guy, and it doesn’t matter if I only gave what I could because it wasn’t fully appreciated. The reciprocity was there but not 💯 % and not always at that. Seemed like a good time for a longtime but not for life, I couldn’t see her as a wife – maybe a concubine. Most men won’t recover and get their time back and the memories will fade.

  17. Women are attached to their mobiles far greater than men. Most of the women spend more time with their phones than they live in the real world. A woman takes longer time to reply/call back frequently or misses to reply/call back completely has no interest in you. Forget her & move on.

  18. I haven’t dealt with any of those. Last 4 dates with girls that I’ve meet I have found that they have emotional trauma from past relationships and that they are not over it yet. Then they say that they aren’t ready for a relationship.

  19. And when a man asks for something in return, women try and turn the tables by playing the victim, lol.

  20. @Allan Claridge: Yep and then they end up crying and questioning why they can’t keep a man.

  21. I tell my boys don’t have kids and don’t get married . I spent thousands of dollars and a lawyer team to get my son. It took years for me to prove that she was unfit . It cost me $30000 plus all the mental damage she told my son. He believed I didn’t love him and I didn’t want to see him. She kept me from visiting him. Yes I could have went to court….. but you need time and money . She knew the game and I was so exhausted and broke . I had to regroup and buy a little bit of time and buy him back basically from the court system. If you don’t got money and a good team to prove your EX is a piece of shit it’s almost impossible to win.

  22. The more days I live, the more sad for this world I become. I am only 30. Its only going downhill worldwide from here. Hold on to your rollercoaster seatbelt of Hell.

  23. Expereienced at least 3 of these from one female about a year ago.

    So happy I cut that off.

  24. Guys today’s woman especially American black and brown women are playing with men for reasons they’re never going to outright tell you. Don’t take them seriously and don’t come out of your pocket for anything.

  25. I’m so glad that Gold diggers and raunchy females are not attracted to me, as I think about it, I’m not attracted to them either. God thank you for blessing me 🙏🏽😏

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