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Modern chick believes the Passport Bros are ‘losers’

Babygirl called Passport Bros losers/YouTube

Black chick slams Passport Bros.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows a hatin’ black chick lambasting the Passport Bros for traveling overseas to find wives. It’s her assertion that you’re a “loser” if you can’t find vulva domestically. “So, what does that tell you [if] nobody wants you here in the United States?” she said. “You now have to travel halfway across the world to find a wife. You are unable to find a wife where you live. You have to travel halfway across the world to find somebody. That means you’re a loser, I’m sorry. If you can’t find a wife where you live, you have to travel and become a Passport Bro, you’re a loser.” Babygirl said rich guys don’t have a problem finding love in America, whereas penurious dudes have no choice but to travel. “Does Elon Musk have to travel to Brazil to find a wife?” she said. “Did Jeff Bezos have to travel halfway across the world to find somebody? No. Most successful men marry women in the United States. Very rarely are they going and becoming a Passport Bro, ok? Passport Bro is for broke or middle-income men. I don’t know of any men who are high-earners who are flocking across the country to find a wife.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “If they’re losers, why do you care? You should be glad they’re gone. You need to fix them teeth, and that wig. I don’t see a ring on any of them fingers!” Another chimed in with, “This lunatic compared men making $50K to the two richest men in the United States. Lol. What an absolute dumpster fire.” A third viewer added, “She’s right, though. Passport Bros are losers in the sense that they’re losing their terroristic memories of hyenas like her.”

Do you agree with babygirl?

Are Passport Bros losers?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If you Modern American women would Act right. These guys wouldn’t have to go to other countries to find DECENT WOMEN.

  2. I wouldnt let her give me a blow job. Her teeth would rip my dick to shreds.

  3. “Does Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk fly out to different countries to get women?'”

    – No! he flies the women to him

  4. Do we , Black People realize that we are the only people in the world who constantly berate each other on Social media? Since, Black Women are (predominantly) the only parent raising Black children: God help us. Black Mother’s what are you teaching Black children and why are you raising Black children that hate themselves and each other. Please Black Mother’s seek Black professional help, aid and assistance raising Black children. This nightmare for ourselves and our children must be ended by conscious Black Parents and Parenting. God bless you and our (collectively) our children 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

  5. She’s is jealous of American men finding love Overseas and they are winners. She’s the loser, and she can’t keep no man 🤣🤣😂😂

  6. What she and other Black Women are really crying about is that they no longer can act as “The GateKeeping Buffer Class” that White Liberals and Feminists set them up to be to “manage” Black Men/Boys. It never fails. Whenever a Colonizing/Dominant culture needs to control an out-group…they either try to wipe them out, and if that isn’t feasible, they try to subjugate their men….while prioritizing their women.

  7. $1 U.S. dollar equals:

    55.94 pesos in the Philippines.
    35.74 Baht in Thailand.
    15,692 Rupiah in Indonesia.

    Should I continue?

  8. White men has done this for decades. Why is it a problem when black men do it

  9. What happens when you have to go else where to find a job or attend college in another place? Does that make you a LOSER? I think not! Women like her have nothing else to do than to talk crap about Passport Bros. She needs to get a life! She’s just looking to make herself look good by spreading trash about these guys !
    What a shame… shame on her ! Time for her to feed her cats cause they are calling for her!

  10. Yes, “It’s a wrap.!” Dr. Martin Luther King said it best: “Their comes a time when a man gets tired of being stomped on by the foot of oppression.” — Dr. Martin Luther King

  11. It’s pretty sad to be mad that NOBODY wants you😂😂😂😂

    Keep traveling and stay safe, my brothas


  12. Shouldn’t she be glad they’re leaving then? Back at square one for the kweens as usual🤡☕

  13. Cross eyed, crooked teeth and bad weave is no way to go through life, ma’am.

  14. She’s just mad at the passport Bros because we’re supposed to be the plan B men and a lot of black men are waking up to the B.S💯

  15. You’re a loser goofy ass broad. Wig wearing bitch. And you’re NOT attractive. Most of you goofy broads need to STFU! Just because you can make a video, don’t mean you should. Learn your place, get in it, and stay in it. Why do men understand this, but you goofy broads don’t get it? Your p*ssy is NOT that good.

  16. These women feel defeated after all the shaming, blaming and loud mouthing. They see happy black men everywhere else with other women and the reality starts to set in.

  17. I feel for y’all.

    If I was in y’all’s shoes I’d be insulted by these ladies…they spent years and years and years dogging on you, chased pookie and Ray Ray then blamed ALL of y’all for their bad choices, etc. and then they want to come back with puppy eyes asking to fix the community?

    I don’t blame y’all for wanting to abandon that ship 😒

  18. You bitter,angry ,self entitled women dont deserve a man. And that nasty attitude is disgusting.Guys avoid these modern women.

  19. We traveling 2 get away from women like her✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🤣😭😭😭😭

  20. Okay she starts off by saying “nobody wants you in America”. Now if that’s true, then no American women should be upset or bothered by a man who they themselves don’t want who decides to go overseas where he is wanted. If these men are losers the question has to be asked – why would any woman be concerned with the affairs of a “losers”. These delusional dumb women are so extremely stupid that they would find all kinds of time and energy to voice their unwanted opinion. It’s common sense to know that women really don’t put time and energy in commenting on anything that they truly don’t have interest in. Obviously, women like her are jealous and upset because they’re unwanted.


  22. 🎉These women dont desire the men but they want these same men to want them or chase them……but its getting to a point where men are no longer looking for western women affection……now thats bad ….and this behavior is spreading

  23. They calling them bros losers? But they seem happier and found some measure of peace with women outside the western culture.

  24. PASSPORTBROS are losers and have foreign wives or girlfriends, yet she’s a winner and still single. Losers don’t have haters. When was the last time you saw an attractive young woman hating on a homeless guy?

  25. Western women are the worse breed of females on the planet. Get your passports brothers.

  26. These men need to watch out for these foreign women and their families. They’re not always getting the top-tier women. These women have family members involved in gang activity. It’s not the innocent, I’ll bring home foreign bride story anymore. These gang females are quite sophisticated today; they & their families will rip off a man’s bank account and claim physical abuse to get citizenship for themselves in their families. Men are starting to get unalived in certain countries. It’s so bad that the US military is has just issued warnings against bringing these foreign females home. Social media has been ruination of the current generation as whoring & selling oneself for the masses has become a thing to do. All sorts of filth and perversion have become common place in the US. The best advice is to find a NICE, hardworking girl in your neighborhood or while at college when you’re still YOUNG. Make sure you’ve met the family and friends before making a decision to seriously date anybody. That goes for men and women, too.

  27. How dare a man go look for other places to find happiness when he cant find it where he currently lives.

  28. How can passport bro’s be broke yet afford plane tickets at the same time? 😂😂😂

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