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Caleb captured on camera donning pink lips and nails

Caleb ain’t ashamed to be gay/YouTube

Caleb Williams fruity as hell.

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LOS ANGELES –If you recall, the U.S.-Mexico CONCACAF Nations Soccer League final was suspended in the late stages because the pro-Mexican crowd chanted “Puta” at American players. Now we know why. Quondam USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams, who many believe will be the next Patrick Mahomes, is under fire after a video went viral that proves he’s full-blown Liberace gay. TV cameras zoomed in on the fruity football star while he was in the stands watching a women’s basketball battle between his Trojans and the Kansas Jayhawks. The live feed shows a feminine Caleb holding a pink iPhone while donning pink lipstick and painted fingernails. He performed a gay dance move too — à la the Village People. We shouldn’t be surprised. After all… Caleb dons frocks in public, and he often cries in his mother’s arms following tough losses.

The video simply gives veracity to the claim he’s out the closet.

Fans roasted Caleb on social media. One commenter wrote, “He wore No. 13 because that’s how many inches it’ll take to satisfy him.😂😂😂😂” Another fan chimed in with, “Yeah, the team that drafts him can keep their pronouns and rainbows if that’s the way they wanna roll. He definitely wouldn’t be a fit in the Raiders locker room.” A third person added, “He obviously knows P. Diddy.”

Many fans believe Caleb, 22, would be better off in the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL).

More than 250 teams in 26 leagues in the United States and Canada are members of the NGFFL.

So Caleb would have no trouble fitting in.

The NGFFL’s version of the Super Bowl is called the Gay Bowl.

Former Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley, the only NFL player speaking out against transexuality and pedophilia, lambasted Caleb in an epic Twitter rant.

Scuttlebutt has it, the Chicago Bears are gonna select Caleb No. 1 overall in this year’s NFL Draft.

Beasley says enough is enough. “Yo, it’d be different if we weren’t living in a world that is trying to make it ok for a boy to just be a girl all the sudden. Or a cat or a dog,” he tweeted. “In a world where they are trying to normalize pedophilia. Handing out awards for courage for pretending to be something you’re not. I’m trying to raise kids in a world that is getting more confusing every day. Do what you want but stop promoting the sh*t like it’s admirable.”

Tell ’em Cole.

ESPN football analyst Robert Griffin III, who was a bust with the Washington Commanders, clapped back — saying it’s ok for Caleb, and men in general, to be a bitch. “Let Caleb Williams be Caleb Williams,” he vented. “Ain’t nothing wrong with him wearing pink fingernail polish and having a pink phone case. Quite frankly, if he goes to Chicago then Bears fans should be rocking whatever he is. Stop the hate and accept him for who he is.”

Are you Team Beasley or Team Griffin?

Watch Caleb show off his feminine side.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Leaders don’t run into Mama’s hands and cry after losing a game.

  2. Caleb Williams broke a nail and is questionable to return to todays game.

  3. If a football player is feminine, like Caleb Williams is, I wouldn’t even consider drafting him

  4. Im more concerned about who is the poor bastard becoming Caleb’s center.

  5. People especially have a problem with black men, and there masculinity! They wanna try to feminize all black men!!

  6. Agendas are being pushed, but don’t confused that with people that are truly expressing themselves authentically, and I’m just saying that in general, not specifically about Caleb because I don’t know why he’s doing this and celebrities tend to be puppets for the elite’s agendas. The forces pushing the extreme stuff we are seeing today are the same forces that previously pushed the extreme standard that all men have to be hypermasculine, tough, show no emotions, reject femininity, etc., but y’all don’t complain about that. Two sides of the same coin to keep things out of balance. See the game for what it is. All men are not born to be the exact same. What we should be pushing for is authenticity.

  7. WTF has this world come to what team would want this mentality deranged fruitcake representing their franchise and city totally disgusting and shameful

  8. Grown men don’t cry in their mama’s arms on National tv. The guy is pathetic.

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