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Ex-Chiefs cheerleader died during daughter’s childbirth

Krystal died giving birth/YouTube

Chiefs cheerleader dead at 40. 

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LEAWOOD — Residents of Leawood, Kansas are in mourning after former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Krystal Anderson passed away during parturition. The ambitious black chick died expectedly from sepsis on March 20, 2024. Krystal was only 40. Her stillborn daughter, Charlotte Willow, got her wings too. Family members set up a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses. “Krissy sought out hospitalization during her 21st week of pregnancy and, despite the trauma of losing her baby girl — Charlotte — during childbirth, she fought on,” the GoFundMe page said. “Her fight with sepsis led to organ failure, and she was placed on life support. Krissy underwent three surgeries, but the source of infection remained elusive.” Krystal was with the Chiefs for 10 seasons. After retiring, she became an advocate for black women in STEM and women’s health.

“She was absolute magic in every sense of the word,” said longtime friend Shanna Adamic.

“She brought it on the field. She brought it to her friendships, she brought it to our tours we had around the world.”

Doctors said having a baby at 40 is risky as hell. But Krystal’s white husband — Clayton William Anderson — wanted a kid. So she gave it a try. Ladies, if you can, try to achieve accouchement at an earlier age. If your hubby demands a neonate, tell him you’ll look into surrogacy or adoption — especially if you’re a negro. That’s because, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), black women are three times more likely to die during childbirth than their white counterparts.

Clayton says enough is enough.

“It’s, you know, we say, the best country in the world, right?” he told FOX4 News.

“Not if you’re a Black pregnant woman… and that needs to change.”

Social media reaction was in agreement.

One commenter wrote, “Sepsis! How did the doctors miss that? Negligence!!! They are intentionally neglecting black women!”

Another person added, “Black women keep dying at alarming rates during and after childbirth! Everybody keeps ignoring the signs! Hospitals and doctors are outrageous with this racist crap!”

Prior to losing Charlotte, Krystal conceived a stillborn son.

So something was definitely wrong.

Are black women victims of medical racism?

If so, what can be done?

Watch reports.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. We have a Black Maternal Mortality crisis here in US and its so unnecessary

  2. Black women have the highest mortality rate compared to their white counterparts.
    Sad but not surprising.

    This is why it’s best to be childfree.

    No one should have to die just to birth someone that never asked, nor chose, nor consented to be here in the first place.


  3. Very sad when a mother dies from childbirth complications, but I find it offensive that people (including her own husband) are linking this particular case to her being black. Absolutely NOT the case. She had two stillbirths, from what I’ve read. She was 40, which also increases risks of childbirth complications. It happened because she was a woman. Sepsis is an infection in the bloodstream. My father died of sepsis in the hospital while there for cancer surgery. Two stillbirths are not normal, so some underlying issue was there, and it can’t always be determined. While it’s true that the mortality rate for black women/infants are higher than whites, it has NOTHING to do with black women receiving lesser treatment. It is due to the fact that many black women do not seek pre-natal care as early (if at all) in some areas of our country. Either they don’t have access to health care or don’t have insurance. That is not the situation, here. They were well off enough and I’d be very surprised if she wasn’t under prenatal care because of her high risk. I had two high risk pregnancies and both ended in crash c-sections. I thank God we all lived through it, and both my babies were born healthy. It nearly didn’t happen that way, because they were both in fetal distress and I had to wait for an anesthesiologist to be called in because they were all tied up in emergencies. I’m white. I had great health care, but things still went wrong. Two years ago, my childhood friend lost her daughter, who died from complications following childbirth complications. She had a c-section and began bleeding uncontrollably. They stabilized her and med-flighted her to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, one of the leading hospitals in the world. She began hemorrhaging again, and they could not save her. She was also white. Childbirth has risks, as does any type of surgery or invasive procedures. Complications and tragedy don’t discriminate. This poor woman’s baby lost her heartbeat while still in the womb. That happens to all colors of women. My daughter lost her baby at 4 months in the same way, and that was my grandchild. She’s white, too. This woman was not from a poor rural area where she couldn’t access prenatal care. I just HATE that every single thing that doesn’t turn out as people expect, these days, has people pulling the race card or the gender equality card. I’ve had enough and have turned off my hearing to these issues.

  4. Once again here we are. Smh but people still deny neglect of black women in childbirth. So sad. They need to sue that hospital. That was preventable.

  5. Why are Blacks constantly dying with preventable conditions during childbirth? This really has to stop.

  6. Why is there a need for a Go fund me? Why can’t The Chiefs pay for the funeral?

  7. that is really sad… Not everyone can have a child. Should have hired a surrogate.

  8. This is sad. She was a very high risk pregnancy seems like. Already having a still birth before,plus old age or geriatric pregnancy. Kevin samuels brought this to our attention, yet women hated him for speaking on the truth. R.i.p …

  9. And men wonder why women are opting out of children, and marriage. This is 1 of a running list of reasons. Complications during birth.
    R.i.p baby girl and baby boi. 💔

  10. Has nothing to do with black womens bodies…..and EVERYTHING to do with the racism in the medical industry

  11. My husband and I were talking about this. I’m currently pregnant, and in my last pregnancy they messed up on the c-section and the doctor told me I was drug seeking pretty much even though I kept telling him I didn’t even take the meds he gave me originally. He wrote me off at the two week check up. That same night, I was bleeding out from an infection because they didn’t do the c section properly. Even more so when I told them that the baby was breech they almost send me home and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Did one test and had my baby out less than 20ish minutes later because something was wrong. And numbers have done nothing but rise since then.

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