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Hereford House employee urinated on people’s food

Jace contaminated customers’ food/KMBC

Jace did the unfathomable. 

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LEAWOOD — Here’s another reason to start cooking at home: Jace Christian Hanson, a former Hereford House employee, was thrown in the slammer after he disseminated a series of disturbing videos that show him doing sickening things to people’s food. The nauseating ordeal transpired at the steakhouse in Leawood, Kansas. Raw footage shows Jace stepping on customers’ entrées with his bare feet, rubbing his phallus on their meals before ejaculating, spitting in their sustenance, defecating in their comestibles, and urinating in their beverages. Jace guffawed throughout the process. He thought the sh*t was funny. More than 300 customers contacted the Leawood Police Department after finishing their meals. Many of ’em got sick. FBI agents traced the IP addresses of the videos that led to Jace’s cell phone. That’s how they caught him. Jace was arrested and charged with one felony count of food contamination. He’ll never work in foodservice again. The good news is Jace tested negative for infectious diseases.

That means there’s no ongoing risk to customers who ingested his germs.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Damn, his antics give a whole new meaning to ‘secret sauce.'” Another chimed in with, “Been happening for generations. That’s why I eat at home.” A third person added, “He’s gonna get a job in jail as head cook.” Telling you dawg, might be time to start dining at home. I remember as a teen working at Sonic Drive-In, my boy Nate routinely expectorated in people’s sandwiches. I couldn’t snitch on him because he would’ve lost his job, confronted me, and I would’ve whooped his ass.

I just figured it wasn’t worth it.

Again, please start cooking at home.

Sadly, Jace ain’t the only restaurant employee tampering with people’s food.

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  1. All restaurants & coffee shops should be outlawed…. I stopped dining out decades ago for this reason …. never know who is working there or what they are doing to your food….

  2. The company isn’t worried about the guy spitting on the food, they are worried about people seeing a video of it.

  3. Tampering with food, to make folks sick, charge him with assault and or attempted murder. Stick this sick f*** in prison.

  4. I’m 55 and worked with a guy briefly at Shoney’s when I was 23-24 and he told me that during his past employment with KFC he would spit in the food and he also did at Shoney’s! I also knew another guy that worked at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver and he kept a list of non-tippers and would spit on their pizza on future deliveries! It’s absolutely disgusting and appalling what goes on when other people handle your food.

  5. Like to be rude to servers ? You’d be surprised to find what’s in your food

    I’ve been to Kansas, I bet a LOT of y’all’s food gets spat in. Y’all some RUDE assholes ️

  6. This is exactly why I DONT eat out anymore. I’ve seen what ppl do to food. Just cos they don’t like the way you look, your skin color. Ppl are disgusting.

  7. In addition to the criminal charges, Hereford House should sue him for revenue losses.

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