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Prisoner placed cameras in wife’s house to watch 24/7

Rob & Tennie have a jailhouse romance/YouTube

Inmate watches wife from prison.

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ATLANTA — Here’s a Mother’s Day story fo’ yo azz! A recent episode of “Love During Lockup” shows a stay-at-home mom named Tennie elucidating why she allows her inmate husband, Rob, to put 24-hour cameras in the house so he can watch her from his prison cell. You can’t make this stuff up. And, get this: Rob had surveillance installed for security purposes. So if a burglar infiltrates the home, he will… um, do absolutely nothing because he’s locked up. Smh. To compound matters, Tennie has two children who are not his. So they’re exposed to the madness. Rob, 34, is serving 18 years for armed robbery. He’s served 16 so far. Only 2 more to go. “Being with someone incarcerated consists of an occasional phone call here and there… a visitation whenever you can. But we do it day in and day out,” Tennie, 33, said. “Having all the cameras in the house, it was initially Rob’s idea. I’ve never met anyone who’s like so big on security like he is.”

“I kid you not,” Tennie continued. “Rob will want to stay up and watch them f*ckin’ cameras. I’ll wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning, tossing and turning, and I’ll call his name and he’ll be like, ‘What’s up? I’m still here baby. I’m up. I just checked the cameras.’ Of course, there’s no cameras in the kids’ bedroom or my bathroom. So it doesn’t bother me none.”

Lord have mercy.

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Hell naw, ain’t no inmate making me an inmate in my own home!!!”

Another chimed in with, “I hate to say this but us women show how desperate we are. Cameras in your home when a man is in jail? And you have kids in the home? GIRL BYE!!!!!!!”

A third person added, “Rob is weird ASF and gives homo🌈 vibes.”

Rob and Tennie are high school sweethearts.

They’ve been married 4 years.

Tennie takes her kids to the penitentiary every weekend to visit Rob.

Has she lost her damn mind?

Are women that desperate?

Watch Tennie’s elucidation.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I don’t see why she got cameras in the house, it’s literally nothing he can do from jail

  2. Poor kids. A strange man is in jail watching them everyday and trying to discipline them. He is probably showing that video feed to other prisoners. If I were those kids whenever he would say something I would say stfu you in jail lol.

  3. I could never be with a man who been in prison yet alone been in prison for 18 years but to each its own.

  4. Tennie is too beautiful for this clown! Girl don’t walk run as fast as you can ️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. This dude is Flamin. His voice, his hand gestures. Girl runnnnnnn. His secret lover will be revealed.

  6. She’s dumb! Plain and simple! They’ll get divorced within a year of his release.

  7. She’s crazy if she thinks the cameras are normal. How he can even do that is insane. The BS she’s putting her poor kids through being in this relationship. She better wake up and unplug those cameras.

  8. 18 years in prison, he was a teenager? How can this guy provide for his family? Who taught him how to be a man? This is sad af because there are children involved. If it was just her then that’s entertaining but not when you have kids.

  9. That nekka wouldn’t be having camera in my house he’s not even there dad that’s creepy girl wake up idk if they in the living it’s still creepy that’s insecure and controlling geeze thats mental abuse

  10. He got charged for a robbery with firearm… is doing 18 years…and you’re letting him watch you and your kids through cameras in your home? Is she ok?

  11. This is extremely disturbing. I’d be so worried about her safety with him being so controlling already..

  12. She’s gonna go from Love After Lockup to one of those Lifetime movies. Anyone that I’ve dated who wanted to use cameras or track me constantly…that’s typically an indication of potential anger problems. Big ones.

  13. I don’t like the bad boy type because I’m not trying to be taking care of no one but my kids, I like the working type that has his own stuff and and not the one that doesn’t have a job and asking me if I need a transfer for the bus.

  14. Another woman bringing home an inmate and has children.

    Just wait until he is on the outside and his abuse will keep stacking on.

  15. He doesn’t follow rules in prison will he be able to follow them in the real world when life sets in. I wish these ladies would stop giving inmates so much power over them

  16. Cameras in her home so he can watch her? Uh, no. Security has nothing to do with that. That is sick on both sides. Wtf.

  17. Tennie needs to shut them camaras off. Rob doesn’t need to babysit her. Thank God it’s not in the kids’ rooms or bathroom. Omg I can’t ever live like that. He knows who is at the house.

  18. This lady is absolutely nuts, setting up cameras like this….How do you know it’s not really so he can watch your DAUGHTERS! Terrible mother….

  19. This show always shows me that my self esteem isn’t as low as I thought it was

  20. That camera thing between inmates and outside world should be illegal and punishable by law. Disgusting

  21. Where is their bio dad!? I can’t imagine he’s okay with this, even if the dad is absent, I wouldn’t like this!

  22. I would be flicking the camera off every time his weird ass said anything to me if I was her kids. I hope he never gets out for their protection

  23. This man will not be faithful to her when he gets out. She also has kids that she needs to protect. I do not believe her kids will be safe with that man. Period!

  24. So her teenage daughter and young son only safe space in their own home is their bedroom and bathroom if I was a child in the situation, I would never sit in the living room or any public spaces. I would be so extremely uncomfortable.

  25. So the jail officials didn’t see this person with a cell phone. CONTRABAND!!! Hmmmm

  26. Teeny needs to be evaluated….like nah. I wish a convicted felon would find me online & demand to watch my every move. Chile….️🤦‍♀️

  27. So they’re both in prison. It’s wild that she’s allowing this stranger to monitor her kids. Bruh is in prison!

  28. This is so disturbing for the children. I’m not OK with this at all. I hope that someone that cares about her helps her to just wake up. If you want to date, this dude it’s all good. The children don’t have to date him and feel like prisoners too. He’s literally treating her children like prisoners.

  29. Sir you don’t pay 1 bill in there. Also if somebody do come wtf he gone do

  30. She’s the type to allow her children to be abused and will blame the child.

  31. That teenager is better than me because at that age I would’ve unplugged the cameras until my mama got home. This is why fathers need to be present in their children’s lives no matter what. If I were the father, there’s no way I’d stand for this.

  32. Rob has a jail mentality and thinks the world is like jail, unfortunately that’s alll he knows he’s been in jail since 18

  33. Black women love them some thugs. Maybe it’s the freak in them. As for her daughter, thugo will have his way with her, if he hasn’t already. And it will probably be with her blessing. She might even do a 3 some. He gets out in 2 years.

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