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Chiefs visit White House to celebrate “Super Bowl” win

Chiefs visit the White House/Clutchpoints

Chiefs invade the White House. 

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WASHINGTON — President Biden is officially the newest member of Chiefs Kingdom. And he has the gear to prove it. The Commander-in-Chief welcomed the world champion Kansas City Chiefs to the White House on Friday to celebrate the franchise’s second consecutive Super Bowl triumph. “Welcome back to the White House,” Biden said during his opening remarks. “Super Bowl 58 champions! The Kansas City Chiefs! The first team in 20 years to win back-to-back.” If you recall, during last year’s visit, the Chiefs gave Biden a personalized team jersey. Well… this time, they gave him a helmet. As Biden posed for photos, a few players urged him to put it on. Never one to shun the spotlight, Biden was happy to oblige. He received a rousing ovation. “It was cool to see him put the helmet on,” star quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters.

“We didn’t expect that. But it was really cool to see him throw that Chiefs helmet on.”

Biden also shared a comical moment with Travis Kelce. “I’d have Travis come up here, but God only knows what he’ll say,” he cracked before inviting the 34-year-old tight end to join him at the podium. “My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all again,” Kelce said. “I’m not gonna lie, President Biden. They told me if I came up here I’d get tased, so I’m gonna go back to my spot.”

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “Am I the only one who wished Travis said, ‘My fellow Americans, YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTAYYYYYYYY!!!”

Another chimed in with, “I wonder if Biden smelled Mahomes’ hair.”

A third person added, “Biden should keep wearing that helmet just in case he trips again.”

Owner Clark Hunt practically guaranteed a three-peat when he told Biden the Chiefs will be back at the White House next year.

Watch the dope ceremony.

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  1. President Biden: I think this is great! I really like it when Baseball Teams visit me!

  2. A bunch of clowns going to the white house, NFL is now a political sport, repulsive.

  3. What a shame that they had to visit the Imposter In Chief during their back to back run

  4. Joe Biden: “Congrats to coach Andy Reid and his 3rd World series Championship! He’s one of the all time best coaches in the NBA” Lol

  5. Man, Biden really belongs in a nursing home. Couldn’t understand half of “his” speech and he moves like a tortoise.

  6. Mahomes is a class act. He dressed up and acted respectfully. Mahomes is the only reason the Chiefs won their last three superbowls. Kelse is a joke, acts like a clown, nobody would have heard of him if it wasnt for Mahomes.

  7. Of course he tried to put on a helmet while still wearing sunglasses.

  8. They are cheering for him to put it on like a one-year old child. I only see that kind of reaction from parents and fans at a li’l league game.

  9. This is awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the ring ceremony!!! Go CHIEFS!!! 3 PEAT babeh!!!

  10. Really disappointed in the Chiefs, thought they had a lot more class then Joe Biden, he isn’t worth walking across the street to see… He is a traitor to the USA and a Coward…

  11. SO proud of my team and the organization. Makes my heart happy to see them get to experience this again. Well deserved. ️💖💖💖

  12. Bet money Biden will start telling stories about the time he played for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was their star quarterback, not a joke…

  13. Travis is looking old and out of shape… d**n Travis, you looked better without Taylor.Get it together!!!!

  14. Don’t know why everyone thinks Travis is a superstar…he is a football player who thinks he is Robert Redford.

  15. Wtf did this guy say. Fucking embarrassing for the chiefs to go to the white out under this corruption


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