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Olivia reveals 5 red flags about women who cheat

Olivia says run from broken women/YouTube

Fellas, don’t fix broken women.

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SEATTLE — Fellas, does your woman start contretemps with you for no damn reason? Does she threaten to breakup with you during every conflict? If so, I have bad news. A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa revealing 5 red flags men should look for in shady women. In her podcast titled, “Run Fast (She’s Your Enemy), the prepossessing redbone said there’s no point in trying to repair a broken woman. Instead, you should run. Because the longer you stay and try to fix her, the longer you’re delaying the inevitable. The 5 red flags are: 1) Cheating and infidelity. Olivia said when a woman cheats, “it starts long before the actual act.” That means if your chick is overly involved with a male friend and/or co-worker, chances are she’s f*cking ’em. 2) Constantly walking on eggshells to avoid fighting. Olivia said “a woman that’s constantly looking for a fight is the exact opposite of a woman that can be your peace.” In other words, she’s looking for a reason to dump your ass.

3) She belittles you while drawing juxtapositions between you and other men. Olivia said when a woman shows that level of contempt, it “reveals an underlying resentment and disrespect towards who you are and everything you do for her as a man.” In this case, it’s best to walk away from the relationship and keep your dignity. 4) She doesn’t respect your principles. Olivia said “at the very least, you should expect a relationship where there’s mutual respect for your values like integrity, honesty, dignity…”

Trashy women have trashy values.

And, 5) She constantly threatens you with walking away. Olivia said there’s a general rule that every couple should follow and it’s “never throw around the word ‘breakup,’ even as a joke.” Words are very powerful and they shape reality. If your woman threatens to leave during every little argument, it means she has probably moved on emotionally and physically.

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “Men fall in love, women don’t.”

Another viewer added, “If you have to fix her, it’s already a dead mission.”

Will you take advantage of Olivia’s expert tutelage?

Watch her keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. My mom always said that to me, “if she says she’s gonna leave, help her pack.” My wife threatened that after going through this list, I promptly got up, took down a set of really nice suitcases I had bought her and told her, “pack your shit.” She was shocked, I started packing her stuff and even lent her one of my suitcases when hers were full and told her don’t let me have to come get my other suitcase. I’ve never been more at peace, yes it hurt, I was lonely for a bit and I did cry to myself (another thing my mom drilled into me, “never cry in front of your woman”).


  3. 1. Cheating, infidelity. Never forgive, Never forget.
    2. Walking on eggshells (emotionally immature and fragile)
    3. Belittles and compares you (narcissistic triangulation, probably not a virgin woman and had multiple partners before you. She was never “your” girl to begin with, since you were violating one of God’s 10 commandments.)
    4. She doesn’t respect your principles. (She thinks you are made of stupid).
    5. She threatens to leave you weaponizing your own emotions against you.

  4. It’s not on us to fix others. It’s on that other person to fix themselves.

  5. If a BW belongs to a sorority, she will cheat because the sorority will pressure her to do it. There’s a reason BW have the lowest marriage rate.

  6. Yea… Ex girlfriend told me many times… I’am trying to change you

  7. What if she respects her coworkers more than you especially the male coworkers

  8. Most of these don’t really apply to my situation, but I think the eggshells and principles are cutting it close. But how do you walk away when you have a toddler involved that you still want to be 100% present for? ️

  9. 5 red flags that feels like most of my interactions with women, not just my ex-fiancée. This might not be all women, but there are more than enough to make these warnings seem like normal behaviors for the women that I seem to attract in my life ️

  10. If she or he wants to go….. please let them. All that money you will save for birthdays Christmas valentines etc will be priceless

  11. Men are done with the points she made and more. Men have some self value these women of today are mean angry loose and spiteful. Stop caring about these infidels or become a victim in their web.

  12. Once she threatens to leave…
    Help her pack and rent the U-Haul for her. ..

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