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Pookie killed kindergarten teacher for trying to leave

Amber was brutally murdered/Gritty

Jealous Pookie deletes wife.

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INDIANAPOLIS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Robert Cooley, 25, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 26-year-old Amber Morgan, because she sought a divorce. The femicide transpired on June 1, 2024 in Indianapolis. According to multiple reports, Amber — a victim of domestic violence — told Robert she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted to end their marriage. Rather than respect her wishes, Robert thwacked Amber in the countenance repeatedly until she was beyond recognition. Then he slit her throat, pulled out a gun, and blew her brains out. Robert subsequently told police, “I took my wife’s life. I did something bad. I need to go to jail.” Officers agreed. Robert was arrested and charged with murder. To compound matters, Amber — a kindergarten teacher — had just undergone parturition.

Robert, on the other hand, is a bum with no goals or ambition. He was jealous as hell. “Amber was doing everything she should have been doing,” said Kelly McBride, executive director of the Domestic Violence Network. “She was reaching out asking for help, asking how to get a divorce, asking how to obtain the resources, and unfortunately, he took her life before she got the chance to do that.” 

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “He looks ZESTY as f*ck! I can see why he was jealous of her. He was afraid to live his life truthfully!!!!” 

Another chimed in with, This is sad. This is why you don’t date broke men. They will ultimately HATE you.” 

A third person added, “These women pour their all into Pookie & Ray Ray. Most of time, they see red flags long before marriage or a child. But they’re so desperate to have a man, they ignore the obvious. That’s why I no longer feel sorry for ’em.” 

Do you think women should take a class on how to pick the ideal mate?

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Damn. May the teacher rest in peace. Let alone had a garbage husband. Such a sad story all the way around.

  2. Ladies…if you are in an abusive relationship just leave. Pretend you are going on about your day per usual, let him do the same. Have family, friends, etc go move out your belongings. Don’t argue, don’t fight, and don’t say you are leaving or wanting a divorce! Just GO! RIP sis. ️️

  3. Never tell them when you’re leaving for your safety! My heart goes out to her parents and family. I couldn’t imagine!!

  4. Women stop giving these crazy dudes some ass and moving them in with you

  5. afro american women love dating losers. the several hundreth story like this i ‘ve seen this year. literally.

  6. ….Women, stop hooking up with men who don’t know Jesus Christ !!!

  7. Here we go again. How many times must we see this same tragedy play out. Men today are weak AF!

  8. What I HAVE NEVER !!!! , UNDERSTOOD , since after mid twenties in my case, is why people lose their minds when someone says “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore.” There are BILLIONS OF WOMEN AND MEN ON THIS PLANET !!!!! I know for damn well sure someone other than her would have LOVED TO BE WITH HIM, but he’s so insecure, so shallow he can’t. I acted like this, once, and the cops told me, (I was 25 at the time), “If you keep going after her, you’re going to end up in prison, or dead”. I WOKE THE FK UP with a quickness, and moved ON! She said she wanted to move on. For God’s sake FOOL , let her move on. Then . . . . . . You move on . . . . . . . . / I’ve done this 3 times in my life. I was cheated on. I MOVED ON. They …….. moved on TOO !!!! God forbid I ever meet someone so INSANE AND SHALLOW……. and won’t be willing to move on. Gotta be careful nowadays………May she R.I.P., and God bless her child.

  9. A white dude who was a teacher just murked his wife yet white people wont generalize

  10. These women are Pookeeshia, Pookie’s female counterpart. This is why they are coupling with Pookie. The difference is, the guvmint gives Pookeeshia welfare money, grants, free schooling, free healthcare, jobs and other perks. There is a whole social/economic infrastructure designed to support Pookeeshia and pay her to have kids out of wedlock.

    Pookie is left to flounder in an economy that is hostile to his very existence. When Pookeeshia decides she can do better and decides to move on, Pookie is left feeling like he has lost his one and only chance. Lacking critical thinking ability and impulse control, Pookie deletes Pookeeshia. This story repeats itself over and over again every day in the USA, generation after generation.

  11. Well instead of another wife or girlfriend outside of prison, he’s going to be fighting to keep grown men off in prison.

  12. As a survivor, I planned my escape very carefully. It took many years to heal. My heart goes out to the family.

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