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Rashee Rice is in hot water after striking photographer

Rashee Rice assaults man in nightclub/YouTube

Rashee Rice has major issues. 

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DALLAS — Prior to the NFL Draft, yours truly said selecting wide receivers early is hella risky because they’re usually primadonnas who do a bunch of nonsensical things. Henry Ruggs, Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown are perfect examples. Well, add Kansas City Chiefs wideout Rashee Rice to the list. Just weeks after causing a 6-vehicle crash while racing his friend in a rented Lamborghini, Rice allegedly thwacked a photographer around 3 a.m. Monday morning in a nightclub. Like the crash, the alleged assault transpired in Dallas, Texas. Rice is already facing 8 felony charges in connection to the high-speed prang, and several motorists have filed civil lawsuits against him — seeking millions of dollars. Makes you wonder why Rice was at a bar in the first place. According to police reports, Rice met the victim at Lit Kitchen around 2 a.m. The paparazzo asked the 24-year-old receiver if he could take a few pictures. After Rice turned him down, the victim left the club. But he received an Instagram message from Rice a few minutes later imploring him to return.

The victim thought Rice was ready to remunerate him to take pictures. But, when he returned, Rice asked him to look at his cellphone where there were Instagram messages between the victim and a woman believed to be Rice’s girlfriend. The victim said while he was descrying the messages, Rice punched him in the jaw for trying to f*ck his woman. When police arrived, they noticed the victim’s face was swollen.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Chiefs better find his replacement. There’s no chance of him wising up.”

Another chimed in with, “Feels like another Kareem Hunt situation.”

A third fan added, “You can take the homie out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the homie.”

The owner of Lit Kitchen showed police surveillance footage.

Should the Chiefs jettison Rice or keep him?

Watch the club owner explain what happened.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Is Rice going to be a rapper in his next career, if his once promising NFL career is derailed ?

  2. God I wish we still got Wonderlic scores. You KNOW this guy scored single digits.

  3. The majority of those professional athletes don’t even live in the same world we live in. I’m speaking mentally they have no concept of how society functions it’s just one big party and who do we hold up in front of our children these idiots there are so many Vaseline, intelligent men and women From all ethnic groups that we can show to our children for someone to stand up to and set a tone in your life, but there’s no money in that same way with a rap music do you realize if music was used in the proper manner, how would it could affect the young generation, but they’ve been no money on that and remember looked at any of the pro athletes that media promotes for our children to look up to

  4. Chiefs are again staining their greatness by selling the soul of the team.

  5. He can go hang out with Henry ruggs, sit around, remember the old days, .. before they threw their lives down the sewer.

  6. So many of these NFL players are gang members and have very troubled pasts, so it’s up to the team to do their homework and draft players that are not only good players but also good people to represent their city and team.

  7. As a lifelong k.c.chiefs fan. I say kick his butt out of here. Has to man up. Living like a spoiled teenager. Lucky nobody was killed.

  8. This guy has just ruined a second round draft pick. Take sky moore not being any good and that’s 2 years now of second round failures. Keep missing on those hi picks and I don’t care that we do have mahomes we will see fall off from that!

  9. You can take Rice out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of Rice

  10. The Chiefs deserve this. They constantly draft and sign these complete POS guys that other teams pass on. Hopefully things like this keep happening and people like Rice are not even given a chance to play in the NFL.

  11. This is what happens when your justice system allows someone who was most likely high or drunk street race and cause multiple wrecks and flee the area most likely because he was drunk or high and then not get jail time. When you don’t put criminals in jail they will always end up committing more crimes.

  12. He’s done shit that that would put Kareem hunt to shame. Yet hunt got cut and he hasn’t.

  13. Rashee gonna end up fucking his family out of a good life because he wants to play fuckin hoodrat kid games instead of be a professional athlete. Plenty of guys that came from nothing made something of themselves in sports and left the bullshit behavior behind while not changing who they are as a person.

  14. Rashee will be playing the entire 2024 season for FREE! $800,000 after taxes with a $1 mill and a $10 mil lawsuit over his head plus he’s going to forgo 4-8 games checks. Not including the potential felonies and lost game time . All because he wants to drink drive and race. It’s a million dollar + lesson. If someone had died his career would be over. NFL keeps moving. It’s a machine.

  15. The Chiefs have stood behind every other guy that got in trouble on their roster. I don’t know why they wouldn’t stand behind this one. He owned it, he said he did it, he was at fault. Now they’re waiting for it to play out. They stood behind Frank Clark, Willie Gay, Justyn Ross, who was number 53 on the 53 man roster. The only one they didn’t was Kareem Hunt and they stood behind him until he lied to them. The day it showed up that he lied to them, he was gone same day and he WAS a Rising Star. As long as it’s on the up & up, they’ll stick with him even if he was number 53 on the 53 man roster that evidence showed up last year… And their willingness to cut a rising star was in fact handled in the middle of a contending run cutting your starting running back when you’re 10-2 says something. If Rice continues to own his mess they’ll stand behind him.

  16. NFL puts out statement about a kicker who gives a speech. NFL goes quiet on a guy who drives over 100 mph on a freeway and could’ve killed someone. NFL needs to set its priorities.

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