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Pookie deletes a teenager following messy breakup

Keshawn shot Leah multiple times/Viral Crimes

Pookie deletes pretty teen. 

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MILWAUKEE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Keshawn Rowsey, 21, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Leah Davis, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired on April 23, 2022 at Leah’s residence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Leah — a victim of domestic violence — told Keshawn she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted out of the relationship. Several days later, after Leah moved into her own apartment to celebrate her newfound independence, Keshawn chased her down and showed up unannounced. A female neighbor heard him say, “Let me in,” and she “continued to hear knocking, and the knocking stopped, and she heard three gunshots.” After letting his gat explode, Keshawn called Leah’s best friend and lied, claiming gang members shot up her home. “(The friend) received a phone call from (Keshawn Rowsey), and he told her, ‘(Leah Davis’) apartment got shot up eight times,” police said in a statement. “(The friend) asked (Keshawn Rowsey) if he was sure, and he said, ‘I heard them shooting, and I ran.'”

The friend called 911 to report Leah had been shot. When officers arrived, Keshawn told ’em, “She’s right up here.” They entered the home and found Leah suffering from gunshot wounds. Life-saving measures were implemented, but it was to no avail. Leah was pronounced dead. Keshawn was arrested, charged and convicted of first-degree murder. He’s serving 35 years in prison.

The same friend told investigators Leah and Keshawn had been dating since 2020, but they had a “rocky” relationship.

She also said Keshawn was “possessive and overprotective” and, in September 2021, he threatened to kill Leah, telling her “he purchased a gun to do so.”

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “Y’all BETTA stop picking up these strays thinking you can fix ’em.”

Another chimed in with, “He sounds and looks slow… I’m tryna see what she saw in him that would even make her entertain him.” 

A third person added, “She fell for this soft-speaking, feminine-acting boy???? Jeez.” 

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. The fact that he doesn’t respect his elders is a red flag 🚩. Just listening to him in the car tells me everything I need to know ️.

  2. By the way he speaks you can tell he is not very intelligent. Limited vocabulary

  3. I know rejection HURTS but you have to MOVE ON!!!! Killing someone isn’t going to make your life better

  4. These folks are too young to be dating. Your brain doesn’t fully develop until 25

  5. LEFT HOME TRYING TO BE INDEPENDENT and these hobos looking for an easy target and roof over there head. Throwing pearls to swine.

  6. Those FB posts show how he became CODEPENDANT and OBSESSED with her.

  7. Is it that hard for these dudes to just take a picture smiling. Instead of gun signs and evil grins smfh…it really tells you a lot…..

  8. What I’m getting tired of is not only these weak ass kids calling themselves men and acting like a 10 year old.I could see just from listening to his weak ass mouth on this video he has no respect for himself or women period. I’m sure she was very sweet based on what others that knew her are saying. But she sure had bad taste in boyfriends because from just listening to his immature ass I can only imagine how he really treated her.

  9. 19 years old why you dating these bums. Dude look like he 35. And no one call the police and you hear them fighting.

  10. My daughter would never entertain such foolishness in the first place he’s a mess

  11. When boys dont have strong men/fatherly figures in their lives they become emotional when they handle adversity. I’m not blaming single women because its not their fault the BD doesn’t want to be involved but find a mentor. All that yelling & screaming has an impact on these boys.

  12. As women we need to choose better for ourselves, just look at him!!! She had no business with that illiterate cockroach. My God I’m so sick of thissmh

  13. Sad familiar story. Good girl attracted to a bay boy. Ladies please don’t entertain every guy. Have standards.

  14. His Eyes Show No Soul! Pay Attention, You Can Literally See The Demon In His Eyes.

  15. People like to pretend that Pookeeshia is much different from Pookie. They come from the same matriarchal single mother households. They are both a product of the Blackistani Matriarchy. They are cut from the same cloth. This is why they are always a couple.

    The only difference is the guvmint gives Pookeeshia welfare payments, grants, free schooling, jobs, etc. It almost pays Pookeeshia to have kids out of wedlock. The entire economic infrastructure is more supportive of Pookeeshia than of Pookie.

    That said, Pookie is often a homicidal maniac with no impulse control. He is often jealous of Pookeeshia because of the support structure the guvmint gives her. Truth be told, both Pookie and Pookeeshia are a detriment to civilization.

  16. Any male who refers to females as bitch is bad news. Ladies you gotta do better

  17. This why you can’t date for pity, absolutely nothing she could have saw in him. He couldn’t get through a sentence without smacking his lips and saying bro, it’s insane .

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