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Pookie kills baby mama & family over cell password

Zlayiah was tortured and killed/YouTube

Pookie kills entire family. 

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DETROIT — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Jonathan Welch, 23, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 22-year-old Zlayiah Frazier, because she wouldn’t give him her cell phone password. Jonathan killed his mom and stepdad too. The triple-homicide transpired on July 10, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. According to police reports, Jonathan became jaundiced over all the attention Zlayiah garnered on Facebook. Every time she posted a picture, men extolled her sexy Coke bottle frame. On June 2, 2022, Jonathan blew a gasket. First, he accused Zlayiah of cheating. Then, he ordered her to give him the password to her cell phone. When Zlayiah said “no,” Jonathan beat her with a belt before raping her. Then, he poured gasoline all over her body. When Jonathan went to the kitchen to find a lighter, a naked Zlayiah ran to a neighbor’s house until police arrived. Yep, her ass and titties were on full display. Jonathan was arrested and charged with torture and assault.

But, instead of putrefying behind bars, the judge allowed Jonathan’s mom to bond him out for a measly $10K under the stipulation that he resides with her while donning a GPS tracking unit. On the day of the massacre, Jonathan’s mom — 42-year-old Flossie Bray — invited Zlayiah over to smooth things over so she could see her 1-year-old grandson. Flossie’s husband, 70-year-old Robert Bray Jr., was home. But Jonathan wasn’t supposed to be there.

Zlayiah brought the baby over and everything went well until Jonathan came outta nowhere to start a ruckus. When it appeared he was about to attack Zlayiah, Flossie intervened. Instead of calming down, Jonathan grabbed a butcher’s knife and stabbed his mom multiple times. Flossie stumbled to a neighbor’s house with the knife in her back and told her to call 911. She eventually died. Jonathan stayed in the house and barricaded himself. Zlayiah, their son, and Robert were also inside being held hostage.

As soon as law enforcement officials encircled the residence. Jonathan fired his gun at ’em.

Then he opened a window and placed his son outside in the driveway.

As Zlayiah and Robert begged for leniency, Jonathan killed ’em both. Then he set the house on fire. The simp surrendered moments later. A shirtless Jonathan was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder, three counts of assault with intent to murder, a count of second-degree arson, seven counts of felonious assault, six counts of using a firearm during a felony, and a partridge in a pear tree. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

“You took what was so precious to me,” Zlayiah’s mom, Trina Harris, told Jonathan during sentencing.

“She meant everything to me. My daughter will never get to hold her son and watch him grow up.”

The judge also gave Jonathan an additional 40 years for the murder of 24-year-old Natalya Morse.

He killed her in June 2022.

So, he’s a serial killer.

Natalya’s mom, Chastity Morse, unloaded on Jonathan.

“I hope you rot in jail!” she screamed.

“I’d like to see you burn! You’re a piece of sh*t! I f*cking hate you! I hope you get what’s coming to you!”

As high school sweethearts, Jonathan and Zlayiah were together 6 years.

Watch the explosive documentary, which includes Jonathan’s court appearance.

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    So Sad… They Let Him Out with That Low Ass Bond!!! SO SAD!!!

  2. This what happens when a man is raised to be emotional single mother raised and why is she even with him? Plus I know that girl was cheating. Be with real men, not emotional men you think you have chemistry with. This what happens when you date for “love”

  3. ladies if you gonna stay in these abusive relationships..get some LIFE insurance !!


  5. The reason why these “judges” cannot correctly judge these culprits is because they are guilty of the same sin. Smh God shall laugh at them for he sees that their day is coming. Wicked world.

  6. 4 murders and 10k bond? wtf is that? he should be in the ground not walking the street


  8. I wonder why was she at they house after he went to jail for assaulting her. Aint no way me and my baby would be around them

  9. His momma was crazy and so was his baby momma. They bailed death out of jail. He murdered that girl and got to be free to kill 3 more people. Just evil. Was the first victim random. He killed her and took her car, if I’m understanding correctly they just now linking him to her murder. He a damn demon and his momma knew it, she won’t bail him out another time

  10. WTF is wrong with black men? Alwayz abusing or killing the very people that love them and have their back.

  11. Threw his baby out the window, killed the child’s mom and his own mom and step dad, my my my the Devil is sooooooooooooo reallllllll please put him under the jail for life please this is no human this is a nothing. Almighty Loving HEAVENLY FATHER through Loving JESUS CHRIST Please bring Love Peace and Healing to all the victims involved. This is so tragic. Such a sad story. Please leave these demons alone.

  12. The Holy Bible says that in the last days all these things would take place, that is why God is calling the world back to him. “Praying for the family”.

  13. They should’ve left that nigga in prison and let him do the time for what he had done before, the mother bailed him out and he came right back and killed them all, the only Survivor was a little baby, I don’t know what get into these young people today, she should’ve went to the pawnshop and purchased herself a gun for protection and put a bullet in that nigga, they would be alive today!

    My condolences goes out to all the families and loved ones and that baby!

  14. Smfh. The inmate reform bull is NOT WORKING!!!! Anyone stupid enough to put a tattoo across their entire front chest can’t be wrapped tight anyway.

  15. Notice how the HO-LEECE don’t gun down scumbaigs like this guy?? They only target INNOCENT, NON-VIOLENT, AND UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE. Damn shame man

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