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Evil Auntie killed niece and nephew then transported their bodies several months

Evil aunt facing murder charges.  Blog King, Mass Appeal BALTIMORE — Nicole Michelle Johnson was thrown in the slammer after the cretinous damsel murdered her niece and nephew then drove their decomposed bodies around town for more than a year. The 33-year-old cacodemon was busted Wednesday night around 11 p.m. in Baltimore, Maryland during a routine traffic stop. That’s when ...

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Chiefs star Tyreek Hill and fiancé Crystal ‘battling’ for custody amid abuse claims

Tyreek Hill lost custody of child.  Blog King, Mass Appeal OVERLAND PARK — There was wildfire speculation Tyreek Hill’s 3-year-old son was extracted from home amid ghastly reports of child abuse. Turns out, the scuttlebutt was veracious. Thursday night, KCTV5 aired an investigative report detailing the loathsome ordeal. As of now, it doesn’t appear Tyreek and his fiancé — Crystal ...

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Negligent mother and boyfriend arrested, charged after baby wandered the streets

Unfit mother left baby with lil boy. Blog King, Mass Appeal EVANSVILLE — Latisha Patterson, 30, was thrown behind bars after police found her 2-year-old daughter wandering outside alone, late at night, in 30-degree weather, wearing nothing but a diaper. The forlorn ordeal transpired Sunday night at Cedar Trace Apartments in Evansville, Indiana. Word on the street claims Latisha took her ...

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