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Single mother slams baby daddies for not steppin’ up

Single mom claims she needs help/YouTube

Single mom slams baby daddies. 

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WACO — A viral video shows a fed up black chick with 4 baby daddies lambasting deadbeats for coming up short as parents, leaving custodial single moms with the brunt of household responsibilities. The loquacious redbone egressed KWTX-TV before getting inside her car. Confidentiality be damned, she didn’t mince words. “Y’all little $200, $300, $400 of child support a month don’t do nothing,” she ranted. “It don’t help me pick up the kids. It don’t help me drop them off. It don’t help me rest. It don’t help nobody take care of the house when I’m sick.” Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “Shouldn’t have had ’em if you didn’t want ’em.” Another chimed in with, “This is the type of woman that produces the Pookies & Ray Rays.” A third observer added, “You chose to sleep with 4 different men and got pregnant. Can’t blame nobody else.”

Babygirl is clearly stressed and havin’ a nervous breakdown.

Do you agree with her?

Are baby daddies doing enough?

Should she relinquish custody?

Is it time for Child Protective Services to get involved?

Watch the diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. One time is a mistake. Two times a decision. Three times a habit. She’s ranting about motherhood but chose to do it four times. You can’t make this shit up.

  2. 4 baby daddies and you could not get one of them to marry you? Maybe you should have went for shared custody, better yet married before you carried.

  3. She complained about a predicament she made 4 times. And you expect a man to fall out of the sky and Prince Charm the situation. American Black women look at what the other races are doing. Look at what the rest of the globe is doing. Accountability is paying attention understanding what’s going on as well as owning the consequences

  4. Look how nice she is dressed. Her teeth are pearly white & straight. Her nice SUV has a sunroof! That makeup, sunglasses, diamond ear rings. Does she have long finger nails?

  5. Maybe she should give the children to the fathers if it’s stressing her that much.

  6. Shes disgustingly stupid and full of shit. Shes an unfit mother and should never have had children.

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