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Obama Power: Former First Lady Michelle Obama implores women to visit the gym

Michelle Obama hitting the gym. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Ladies, Michelle Obama wants you to get off your corpulent asses and start patronizing the gym. During an endeavor to coax her 33 million Instagram followers, the former First Lady posted an inspirational fitness photo over the weekend as part of her “Self Care Sunday” communiqué. “It doesn’t always ...

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White House Girl Gone Wild: Obama’s daughter caught twerkin’ and smokin’

Obama’s daughter twerkin ‘n smokin. Mass Appeal Wire Reports CHICAGO — Shake whatcha mama gave ya! While mom and dad were busy trying to get Hillary Clinton voted into the White House, first daughter Malia Obama decided to skip the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia so she could party at Lollapalooza in Chicago instead. With loud hip hop music blasting through ...

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First Lady Michelle Obama calling for sweeping changes in women’s rights

Michelle Obama tells world “Let Girls Learn.” Mass Appeal Wire Reports DOHA, Qatar — As part of her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a sermon on women’s rights and educational growth at the World Innovation Summit for Education a few days ago, insisting that “solving our girls’ education crisis” is “also about attitudes and beliefs.” The First ...

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