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Evil pastor killed First Lady because she divorced him

Barbara was brutally murdered/Twisted Crimes

Jealous pastor kills First lady. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ORLANDO — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of pastors. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 27-year-old Barbara Tommey who was shot dead by her jealous husband, Ghanaian Prophet Sylvester Ofori, because she was about to divorce his ass. The femicide transpired in broad daylight on September 8, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. According to multiple reports, Barbara — a victim of domestic violence — threatened to divorce Sylvester and he vowed to kill her if she did. He even threatened her in front of her brother. After Barbara filed dissolution documents to end the marriage, a jilted Sylvester followed her to work and waited until she got out the car. Seconds later, he pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Barbara in the torso. Then he stood over her and fired some more — shooting her multiple times in the head.

Barbara’s brother and a handful of co-workers rushed to her aid.

The Ghanaian beauty was transported by ambulance to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Sylvester fled to his apartment and barricaded himself. But, when the SWAT team showed up, he wisely surrendered. Sylvester was arrested, charged and convicted of capital murder. He tried to claim he’s mentally ill. But it was to no avail. The judge gave him the death penalty via lethal injection. Sylvester was the pastor of “Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries.”

Barbara was a bank manager at Navy Federal Credit Union.

The turbulent pair got hitched during a lavish wedding ceremony in 2015. But, according to his sister-in-law, Sylvester was very abusive. Barbara’s sibling — Sophia Tommey — said he often beat the First Lady, choked her, raped her and put guns to her head. The simp also alienated Barbara from family while monitoring her phone calls, emails and social media accounts.

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Watch the explosive documentary.

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  2. Well. She kept trying to defend him against her family 🤷🏽‍♀️ Religion is going to be the end of us all.

  3. @Average American Girl: I am pretty sure her family also told her to stay. It’s not uncommon for that to happen. And black men wonder why black women are staying single more and more every day? It’s because of this these type of stories right here we want to live.

  4. @gcheck: I have eleven brothers and they can kick some you know what. We don’t play.

  5. My cousins baby daddy beat her. I wanted whoop his asz! She didn’t want me to. That wasn’t the 1st time he put his hands on her. She is now free from him. I wish she walked away sooner

  6. Stop 🛑 calling him Pastor he is the devil 👿 that is what we should call him God has a place waiting for him in hell . You got to watch out for them false prophets their works will manifest in due season.

  7. He should be given the electric chair. This pastor was a pastor of Satan for sure. This precious and beautiful woman was unalived by the Devil himself. 😢😢😢😢😢

  8. As person from Ghana-you are taught to obey and not question authority and that includes parents grand parents sibling crooked people we call pastors some of these people are insane have not been diagnosed with anything remember boys can do no harm literally just look at him so odd and narcissist how can a person who preaches the word of God threaten people verbatim there we go wife protection her husband’s it’s so sad but as a society we need to change certain things that is of no help to us lock him up such a beautiful lady gone too soon

  9. See how fake these pastors be ? Never had an inch of Christ in him !!!! My condolences to the family ❤

  10. It’s like he wanted to use her for money rituals‼️Barbara’s sister said he was backsliding into occultism. After 2 trips back to Ghana.. He wanted to usher her into it. But it didn’t work. He joined some occultic group which led her to leave the marriage. After he denounced God.. he was reading an occult book. The wife began reading and was showing signs of denouncing God to follow the husband. But she recovered through prayers.

  11. She went along with the bullshit. She knew he was a fraud pastor lying to ppl every week. But instead of telling the truth to expose his true identity it ended her life. God works in mysterious ways they say! He threatened her and her brother and she still didn’t want to take action. Tragic

  12. 😮😮 she did not believe this she thought he was not going to harm her why do women think that especially when the man threatened to kill you😮😮😮

  13. This is why I have stopped dealing with black men..l am far too beautiful to be going to prison!
    I will not put up with their bullshit!..l was raised by a black man!!
    RIP Barbara..and condolences to her family..
    Pastor my azz…Glad he got what he deserves!..waste man

  14. There are many fake, false, and flamboyant pastors getting rich off their followers. He wasn’t a man of God. 👎🏿👹🤡

  15. I hope he goes to hell playing with God like that. That lady did not deserve that.

  16. How dare you kill the wife , God blessed 🙌 you with.
    How evil…shame on you , there’s a special place in HELL for you devil!!!!!!!

  17. People ain’t playing shit he said it believe it dam ?? Man i tell you i don’t give a dam what lady hesr this once a man put his hands on you he will kill you move outta state be smart fuck what title they are be smart especially if you got children be smart and for u other womam push a button leave that man alone shit u be smart to it ain’t game out here rest up to the young lady

  18. Sadly, the only thing that could have stopped a diabolical demon like him was to end his life. Calling the police would not have any effect. I’m heartbroken for the brother who was genuinely fearful but knowing he couldn’t take the law into his own hands 💔 😢

  19. The brother should have been packing his heat as well. Not blaming the brother, but that fool was already a walking time bomb, and when you got someone talking like this you must stay ready at all times

  20. That’s why I do not run to churches and believing in these pastors because they’re full of demonic spirits themselves and then they want to anoint you touching you😈 No get your hand off
    of me Please Please‼️‼️‼️ I’m not saying that every Pastor is that way so that’s why when you go to church you don’t go for the pastor you go to hear Jesus holy word because what we have to realize first thing first that Pastor is only a Man‼️⚖️‼️ My beautiful sister I wished that you would have listened to your family,, but unfortunately all of us has been hardheaded in that manner or some other situation😢
    Rest now in Jesus Christ Holy Arm’s❤ Also Jesus please ease the family heart and grief and give them some sense of Peace and understanding and let them know that they did all they could do to try and save Their Sister🛐❤️❤️🛐 #PLS

  21. A pastor? To me his facial expression looks like he is a killer,thats why i dont trust these people who called themselves man of God

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