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‘Honk For Jesus’ is insane

‘Honk For Jesus’ is insane/Peacock

‘Honk For Jesus’ off the chain.

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HOLLYWOOD — Headed to church which is ironic because last night yours truly descried the dark satirical mockumentary “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul” and, for the first time ever, I’m not sure what rating to give. I’m serious. Don’t know what to say. It’s not a bad movie. Hell, it’s probably decent. Just not sure that’s a good thing. Anyway, here’s my précis: As first lady of their forsaken megachurch, Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall) does the best she can to succor her gay, adulterous, avaricious husband — Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) — in their attempt to rebuild the congregation after their parishioners effectuated a mass exodus in response to Pastor Childs enjoying homosexual copulation with a handful of young boys (à la Bishop Eddie Long). Pastor Childs settled his sexual misconduct lawsuits. But his name is forever besmirched. Can’t blame congregants for walking out. To compound matters, Pastor Childs often bragged mid-sermon about swindling churchgoers to fund his mansion, private jet and other pecuniary resources. He also expended some of that mazuma on his harem of fudge-packers; secretly buying ’em cars, apparel and all kinds of flamboyant sh*t.

Pastor Childs was such a homo, he routinely coaxed Trinitie into sticking her finger up his derrière during sex and his positional proclivity for doggystyle should’ve raised all sorts of red flags. Oh, there’s more. Pastor Childs stripped naked in front of church members. He touched an underage girl on the forehead, causing her to temporarily black out. Then, after egressing church, Pastor Childs jumped into one of his luxury sports cars and proceeded to blast profanity-laced gangsta rap music.

Speaking of profanity… Pastor Childs and Trinitie cussed out churchgoers on the regular and expletives were an integral part of their normal, everyday speech. “F*ck you!” Trinitie told a quondam parishioner who refused to recommit and/or tithe (à la Kansas City Pastor Carlton Funderburke).

Amid heightened pressure to lure back members, a desperate Trinitie stood on the street corner (alongside an effigy of a Black Jesus) holding up a gigantic sign that read: “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.” She even did it in white face to garner attention but it didn’t work. Then, as the proverbial cherry on top… Towards the film’s cessation, when asked “why don’t you just leave” your husband, a ride-or-die Trinitie retorted she’d rather “kill him” than file for divorce. Lord have mercy.

Again, not sure what score to assign.

Depending on your taste, ‘Honk For Jesus’ is either zero popcorn bags or a perfect 5 out of 5.

Written and directed by Adamma Ebo, there’s never been a church movie like this; it’s totally unprecedented.

Unfortunately, I believe everything I saw relative to rapacity and spiritual abuse within the House of God.

Makes you wonder if we should stay home for church service going forward.

Blog King’s Rating: 2 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. As a preacher’s kid I can say unequivocally this was way too accurate. It wasn’t funny because it was too real.

  2. I am a huge fan of Regina Hall. She has come a long way in her career and it is a shame her skills took so long to be put in the forefront. I remember her character in the Scary Movie spoof by the Wayan Brother’s.

  3. The point of the movie TO ME is that in the end they had only each other.
    Both of them had EGOs…Edging God Out.

  4. What fuels the scandals is sin. We as Christians do have to be careful. Just remember while it may mirror some realities, this is a movie. Let’s continue to pray for our churches, our leaders and that whatever is going on in their private lives that is not right, will get right.

  5. I tried to watch it I just couldn’t get into it I don’t like the way that its shot, in a weird documentary style….. I didn’t like it, after the first 40 minutes I was like yeah I’m not into this 🥱🥱😮‍💨

  6. The blk church and a lot of blk ppl will quickly quote how homosexuality is an abomination, but there are a list of abominations in Bible that I never knew existed because no one ever mentions them. When I say the list, I knew why no one mentions them, because 9/10, everybody is going doing them on a daily basis.

  7. So glad i didn’t go!! i will not support a movie that mocks God. I don’t support spiritual abuse. But i don’t need the world to tell me either. its sad that we need the world to tell us when we have the Holy Spirit. Christians stay away from this movie you are opening the door for more mockery of the faith.

  8. There was ZERO pay-off. I expected a moment-of-truth, “wake-up” event never happened. Heck, I thought the Pastor might even be killed since some of the dialogue (“Until I buried him, baby,” “I would sooner kill him than leave him…”) and some scenes (the baptism; the threatening car in the parking lot doing donuts) actually alluded to it. But NOTHING happened. The Pastor’s wife finally unloads but she doesn’t seem to touch on any of the things that we as the audience thought was actually experiencing. And when we thought Pastor Curtis was about to shed his theatrics, come to the truth and admit his sins…. nothing.
    Best part of the film was when the convict on work release told Pastor Curtis how he had changed due to the pastor’s sermons. But that moment was played for a joke and what might have been a powerful message was lost.

  9. I’m sorry ,I’m a 73 year old female, I couldn’t even finish watching this movie !!

  10. I’m quite glad I saw it on a streaming service. Had I paid to see it in a theater, I would have walked out and wished I could get a refund.

  11. I didn’t like it that much. I knew it was based on Pastor Long. But I loved Regina and Sterling. They were awesome. And the BR scene pissed me off. I also felt that Pastor Lee should have painted his face, not his wife! That pissed me off too. Them rapping in the car had me LMAO!! And I thought Pastor Lee was gonna get shot in the end, and I didn’t care for the way it ended. Now, I wonder if other Pastors (and their wives) watched the movie🤔

  12. The only unrealistic part of honk for Jesus was the congregation leaving!

  13. You all keep trying to defend BLATANT DISRESPECT FOR JESUS, the CHURCH, and ALL OUT MOCKERY OF GOD as art and entertainment! This movie is from SATAN! All you militants in the LBGT community who hate and mock God are on the way to Hell! All you black conscience movement groups who hate Christianity and mock Jesus and the Church.., are going to Hell! All you atheists, Bible mockers and haters, you idolatrous unrepentant sinners, and all those who worship false gods and false religions.., are on your way to HELL! All you disrespectful young folk who constantly mock God and have zero respect for authority are on your way to Hell… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!! So enjoy your entertainment.., but you and your godless entertainment.., are going into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!…

    ….. I watched this movie…, y’all Keep treating Jesus and Christianity like a joke and a game .., and you will surely win stupid prizes!!! Hell is hot and eternal is long…

  14. I just came back from seeing this. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Such a waste of great talent. Seemed really low budget. Don’t waste your time or money!

  15. Worse movie ever…don’t waste your time or money. Can’t believe it ever made it to the theater. I wouldn’t have watched it for free on tv.

  16. Love the actors in the movie but I’m happy I didn’t waste my money buying movie tickets. Have to be honest it just missed the mark.🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. This movie was about the hypocrisy of black religious folks praising the man and not God. Its ALL about Eddie Long, the gay pastor in Atlanta who died of AIDS. Who had sexual relations with young men in his church.

  18. This Movie needed to be made
    It was made for people to see THE TRUTH, and THEMSELVES.

    This movie is also a WARNING⚠️.
    The End of the Movie Spoke Volumes. This woman was Blind to her husband the whole time.
    When he said he’s back and everyone is showing up to see him, she finally got it….

  19. I seen this movie. Keep playing around with hellfire and I promise you, you will be burning in Hell forever! You Godless heathens are going to learn!!!!

  20. This was the dumbest, most boring, useless movie I’ve seen in years. I can’t believe the actors are not embarrassed to be seen in this shitty movie. Wasn’t funny, wasn’t interesting, it had fuck all to interest a normal person.

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