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Police Chase Video: Gangsta granny kills ‘accomplice’ during liquor store burglary

Drunken granny murders her help. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOUSTON — Diawannah Corteasher Thomas, 54, had her drunken ass thrown in jail after she accidentally killed an accomplice during a burglary attempt. The felonious ordeal transpired in Houston, Texas on January 21st. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows the inebriated granny parked outside a liquor store in ...

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Fight Video: Big female insurance agent ‘wrestles’ suspect during armed robbery

Insurance clerk wrestles a thief.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Concepscion Escalante, 23, was busy working alone inside her family’s tax and insurance business in Pomona, California when a scrawny malefactor decided to ingress the venue to effectuate a robbery. But, rather than go out like a lil b*tch, Concepscion fought his ass — forcing the spindly assailant ...

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