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Cold Case: College student killed by jealous roommate

Nichole charged with Anita’s murder/YouTube

Knutson cold case solved.

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MINOT — YouTube vlogger Anna Uncovered released the cold case documentary of 18-year-old Anita Knutson — the popular college student murdered by a hater who managed to dupe police for 15 years. Anita was found fatally stabbed in her off-campus apartment on June 4, 2007. Her father and two maintenance workers made the discovery around 5 p.m. The killer, 35-year-old Nichole Rice, was Anita’s roommate. They were students at Minot State University in North Dakota. Nichole, a corpulent hotspur, was jealous of all the attention her prepossessing roomie garnered. “Anita had a reputation for being kind, friendly, and likable. Nichole’s reputation is that she was hot-tempered and reactionary,” the probable-cause affidavit states. According to police reports, Nichole stabbed Anita multiple times with a pocket-knife. But she wasn’t arrested until March 2022 despite the fact a friend heard her tell Anita: “One way or another, I’m going to get you out of this house.” Nichole also admitted to killing Anita while getting “belligerently drunk” at a party in 2008 — calling her a “f*cking bitch” and a “f*cking little cunt.”

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “They waited 15 years to investigate Nichole as a suspect? Damn, somebody dropped the ball.” Another chimed in with, “If she was black they would’ve busted her ass the same day.”

A third observer added, “Bye bye Nichole Rice. Now you get what you deserve. This is a blessing knowing you cannot do this to someone else. You would have gotten jealous and did it again. But, on the other hand, there could be more murders you’ve done out there. You’ve been prancing around, having yourself a good old time. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you now. This is the path you chose for yourself. But, by the grace of God, I hope you accept the path God has for you — through the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Nichole was arrested at the Minot Air Force Base, where she worked as a civilian.

Investigators have the murder weapon with her DNA on it.

Also, Anita’s brother became depressed and committed suicide.

So Nichole is responsible for two murders.

Moral of the story: Never get a roommate.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. I don’t understand how this took so long, when they had DNA and fingerprints.

  2. Moral of the story… Don’t become roommates with a shady person… And if you find out later that the person is sus then change your apartment asap … It will be hectic and hazardous but nothing is worth more than life!!

  3. A popular girl who deserved to be popular, not just looks, not bullying, not money, but pure heart, smarts and just caring. What a shameful loss of a beautiful soul.

  4. She should definitely get the death penalty. The murder was brutal, and I wonder what other crimes she’s committed in 15 years. She’s obviously a cold, heartless person. She has no conscience apparently. She’s got to enjoy 15 years of freedom. So give her the death penalty.

  5. truth is ,there is always enemies…we just dont know about them. a hater,who secretly hate u just for being u,no matter how good of a person you are there will be someone who wish you the worse. Jealousy and hate.Some haters just dont act on it like this one,she chose to kill this girl who didnt even know about this. very sad.

  6. I remember this cold case. Glad the culprit has been finally arrested.

  7. The ladies / former prosecutor from Cold Justice helped solve this cold case!

  8. Karma, thank God for Karma, you can run but you can never ‘hide’.

  9. I had a roommate who was dangerously obsessive and psychotic. She was easily 300 lbs and would steal my clothes she didn’t fit, try to sabotage relationships, flash my boyfriend and try to seduce him, copy my makeup and hair styles and then go around and BASH me like crazy to our neighbors all while I paid her rent for months because she wouldn’t work and my landlord wouldn’t help me get her out. I always thought she would kill me in my sleep, luckily she got tired of me asking her for money for bills and left. Left the room DESTROYED but at least she’s outta my life and I don’t have to sleep with my door locked and on high alert lol

  10. To quote Sister Souljah (from her awesome book, *The Coldest Winter Ever*): “Jealousy is a dangerous emotion. Jealous people are usually so intensely dissatisfied with themselves that they have a burning desire to destroy anyone who has something they want, but feel they can’t have.”

  11. What about the DNA under Anita’s fingernails, does it match Nicole? Seems like that would be a big make or break. No?

  12. Was the small DNA profile from under Anita’s fingernails female? Was the knife DNA female? (excluding Anita’s own DNA) If so. Case closed.

  13. I’ve watched all of Cold Justice episodes. It’s great to see that they were involved in prosecuting Nichole. May justice prevail and the correct person be put in prison. Condolences to the family and friends. 👌💞🇿🇦

  14. Everyone has at least one enemy. Just because they don’t announce they hate you doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. You are usually surprised to find out. I’m positive I have enemies but I don’t care. I knew when I made them and I did it simply because I didn’t like them, all I did was call them out for what they are. Some people can’t deal with the truth. I can’t stand fake.

  15. The Minot Police Department is a joke. The parents told them her only enemy was the girl’s roommate. They have the murder weapon with her DNA on it and it takes 15 years. Everyone should be fired wtf. Prayers for the family. 💔😭🙏

  16. I’m convinced without a doubt her roommate did it. Makes perfect sense. She was the only person in Anita’s life that hated her.

  17. Every girl has an enemy, because there’s always a guy who will request sex from her immediately after meeting her, and if she says no, he will try to r*pe her, and kill her. Because some guys are just worthless retards like that.

  18. Ugly B***H!!! You can CLEARLY see she was Jealous AF, So sad…she took someone’s life because your not a good person & Narcissism, it was Obviously her & her Parents should Absolutely get a charge for lying for the spoiled C**T;(Soooo Sorry for the language, this case highly Upset me😣ugg)
    Sleep in Peace Anita❤❤🙏🏾🙏🏾

  19. I think I remember this story: The brother took his own life afterwards. I feel so much for the parents: Lose TWO children.

  20. Why the hell did it take them years, and YEARS to FINALLY do their damn job, & investigate her roommate???!…
    15 YEARS???!!! 🤯🤯
    WOW. 😖
    Way to go, lazy balls.🙄🙄🙄
    Anita deserved better.

  21. What a horrible fat ugly disrespectful person . How dare she take a lovely young woman’s life !!!

  22. The family needs to sue the police department, it should’ve been obvious from the beginning that the roommate should have been further investigated.

  23. This hambeast killed TWO people here. Anita’s brother took his life as well. I hope she gets exactly what’s coming to her.

  24. I hope she gets life without parole. Let her rot in jail. She killed 2 siblings.

  25. So help me God if they ever make a time machine I am going to go back to the days these senseless murders happened and save that person

  26. That was beyond senseless. Fugly Nicole should have just moved out. Don’t know what kind of guys would even come over and see that trash anyways.

  27. They should charge her for the brother’s death as well because it was caused by her by killing his sister and causing him emotional distress to the point that he committed suicide and those parents should be charged for lying to police officers about her alibi and also aiding and abetting a killer

  28. This infuriates me. What, you didn’t get along with your college roommate so you kill her???! I just don’t understand how you feel you have the right to take someone’s life!!

  29. Wait wait it took from 2007-2022 to realize that the roomate was a huge suspect?? I understand this case went so many different directions but this girl threatened her life multiple times and the police brushed it off?

  30. Funny how they were suspicious of all the men in her circle before the female roommate, who she didn’t get along with and feminists are still out here crying about equality. That’s unreal.

  31. She killed her because she was jealous, the killer was a big fat heffa

  32. This why I don’t like females 😂😂😂cuz what how are u mad at someone cuz u look like you do and live like you do take that up with your parents like I never got the jealousy thing your that insecure about yourself u mad someone else is living their life

  33. The cops completely fucked up. They could have easily pulled Nicole’s texts to Anita and seen how she was misleading them and omitting how they were enemies, also the crap alibi could have been found out by cell phone records. How sad the whole family had to suffer for so long and the brother just couldn’t take it. 😢

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