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Viral Crimes: Gabby Petito strangled during ‘road trip’

Brian strangled Gabby to death/YouTube

Gabby was strangled to death. 

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WYOMING — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 22-year-old Gabby Petito who was asphyxiated by her scrawny fiancé, Brian Laundrie, during a cross-country journey. The femicide transpired sometime in August 2021. Gabby and Brian started a 4-month road trip on July 2, 2021. But their “dream adventure” became a nightmare. The turbulent lovebirds were pulled over by police on August 12th in Moab, Utah after a witness called 911 to report a domestic dispute. A lachrymose Gabby cried during the entire interrogation process. “We’ve been fighting all morning,” she said. “He really stresses me out.” When Brian egressed the van, officers noticed he had scratches all over his countenance. But, even though Gabby slapped him multiple times, Brian didn’t appear to cause Gabby any physical harm so they let him go. Big, big mistake. Because a month later, Gabby’s remains were found in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest.

An autopsy determined Gabby was strangled to death. Brian, 23, drove back to his home in Florida. After learning he was a person of interest, the spineless wimp shot himself in the head. His corpse was found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on October 20th. FBI agents announced Brian confessed to killing Gabby in his notebook, which was found in his backpack.

Investigators also recovered a “burn after reading” letter that Brian’s mother wrote to her son, which included references to getting a shovel and burying Gabby’s body. “As we all know the letter references bringing a shovel and burying a body,” Petito family attorney Patrick Reilly told the court. “Those are criminal acts, by the way, that Roberta Laundrie has said she would commit.”

Gabby documented her excursions on various social media platforms.

Her last post was on August 25th.

Watch the documentary which includes body cam footage of police interaction.

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  1. These cops are idiots. Yeah, leave the female in a van exposed to potential predators to sleep in for the night & a physically strong male in the hotel sheltered from possible dangers or threats. Extremely logical solution…🙄

  2. The cops failed Gabby big time…. And the murderer Brian, his parents knew A Lot more. They knew he killed her..

  3. Why didn’t she just tell the truth to the cops? She was defending him

  4. WOW….”I was trying to get him to stop telling me to calm down”….oh that’s a justified reason to slap him, go ahead on your way white lady….the privilege IS REAL

  5. The sad thing is, if the police had done their job Gabby would still be alive! She should have been arrested for assaulting Brian. Had she been arrested we wouldn’t be reading this. White privilege is something else…

  6. Wait so it was okay for her to hit him but he wouldve went to jail had it been him. Interesting.

  7. If she was my black ass, she would have been arrested, and it would have saved her life. So sorry this happened to her and condolences to her family. Love for abusive men is truly a waste.

  8. I still will never understand why they sent her off alone in the van and put him up in a hotel room……🤯
    Does that sound like a good idea to anyone else?

  9. So when it’s a white girl all of a sudden they need to know the motive behind her slapping her partner??? Really???!!

  10. If you read the “burn after reading” letter from his mother, you will understand everything wrong with him.

  11. @Anne Rossi: That’s not the police fault! They did their jobs’! They separated them both. The parents are just upset! I’ve seen cases like this where the police would lock one up and next thing you know, they get out and still get back with each other! So no it’s not the police fault. Rip thoug.

  12. It’s actually crazy how, when the cop asks what she was trying to accomplish by slapping Brian, she admits to slapping him because she “wanted” him to stop telling her to calm down. And then the cop says he doesn’t think she attempted to injure him?? She even started to cry because she knew that wasn’t really an adequate reason to slap someone and the cop just melted. Crazy.

  13. I grew up in domestic violence and I know from that experience that you cannot leave your decision as a police officer up to the victim. If you see bruises, you have to act. My mother was never honest with the police, she was terrified.

  14. Without a doubt the police messed up, they should have been separated, what harm would that have been ?

  15. I dont think it was likely she could have been saved unfortunately, she had the ability and help to leave him if she chose to but she didn’t. But the cops sure didn’t help by handling so poorly and may have sped up what happened, making him feel good and powerful and like he would get away with anything and she could be blamed.

  16. I felt from the beginning that he knew when he left with her to embark on that trip that she would not be coming home with him. I now think that there is some sick relationship between him and his mom and his mom was trying to get Gabby out of the way and poisoned Brian against Gabby.

  17. This is infuriating – why did the police not help her. A big sign is her taking blame for him hitting her. “I hit him first”
    There was witnesses, why did they not listen. In a way the police become enablers when they should be protectors😓

  18. I don’t think we should blame the police for this! It’s very sad but ultimately she chose to stay.

  19. I feel bad for the cops that tried to do what they thought was the right thing. Unfortunately it turned out to be absolutely the wrong thing. Probably also contradicted their training and their department policy. I am sure those cops learned their lesson and will never again take such a risk when handling a domestic call. The involved parties must be physicall seperated and any evidence of physical violence cannot be overlooked, the perp must be arrested.

  20. Cops….always takes the guys side. They left that young girl all by herself. They blamed her how disgusting. She was defending herself. They put him in a hotel and left her out there. What’s wrong with this picture

  21. lol why blame the cops. if she was smart she should have left him. she had a van she could of left but she chose to stay.

  22. Gabby would have been alive if her parents would have told her NO to a trip with a boyfriend she barely knew.

  23. If I were Brian Landry’s mother I’d do exactly as she did and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’d do anything to protect my son.

  24. The police are the reason she is dead. I hope they are happy with themselves!!!!

  25. ok. I know many here are pointing fault at the police officiers. But doesn’t everyone get into spats with their boyfriend/girlfriend or even husbands and wives? I’m sure the officiers saw what MOST od us would have seen. A young couple that were having an argument and the girl being emotional over it . I’d probab;y think, well If this girl feels like she’s in danger THIS was her chance to get out of it. Right? I would have said Please take me to head quarers with you , I want to call my parents to come and get me. or something of the nature. Let’s be fair here.. I think whatever happened afterward , which was very tragic may have been a result in them continuing the arguments or whatever. ..Very sad ..but put yourself in the officers shoes and only knowing what we saw here.

  26. This case is classic example of a covert narcissist, mother enmeshed son. Brian’s mother is a narcissist and had emotional incest with her son. This Brian has gaslighted Gabby so much, she started abandoning her sense of judgement and sanity. That’s what narcissists do to their victim. They provoke and when the victim reacts they shame and blame them. The victim is constantly being mentally and emotionally abused and the narcissist deflects the blame on the victim and escapes accountability ! Sad to see Gabby didn’t know these things and stayed with the murderer and got killed. And these narcissists are covert and coward… they’re too charming and innocent looking . Nobody would believe the victim . But these idiots are cowards too that’s why when he murdered Gabby… he couldn’t face himself and killed himself. And that mother of his! Wicked witch!! Her letter is sickening and looks like a love letter and nothing close to a mother to son letter! Get out before it’s too late ladies… no idiot who ruins your life and their selfish family is worth it!

  27. Ladies, please choose better men. Gabby could’ve had anyone she wanted but she stayed with this abusive POS.

  28. The police failed Gabby so hard here. Get him a hotel room? I’m surprised they didn’t get him a spa voucher too. I would feel so guilty if I were any of these cops today.

  29. Imagine how these police officers feel after hearing about her death 🥲

  30. This is maddening. How can they ignore the signs that she was horribly manipulated by him. The callers said he was hitting her, not the other way around. RIP Gabby.

  31. This is still so distressing……because all the signs of an abusive relationship are there…..and the police just walked into the abuser’s trap of nice guy/hysterical girlfriend.
    So, so sad…..and sadly she’s not the only one. 😢

  32. The way she keeps saying she’s at fault and that “he gets frustrated with me because [insert self-blame here]…” is a clear sign of gaslighting and an abusive relationship. He made her believe that she’s not right the way she is. She probably doesn’t have any OCD. He just made her believe that her normal sentiments are irrational. Men like that are literal trash and it’s always the caring, sweet and unassuming girls that fall victim to that.

  33. I can see how they misread this situation badly. I have to imagine the officers feel terrible. Fact is; Brian presented himself as the calm one, where Gabby seemed unglued, BUT they were called via 911 to check out a situation where a man hit a woman. So no matter how calm Brian may have appeared to them they should have realized what they were called for an check into THAT and NOT fall back on the “chicks are crazy” cliche. Gabby was sobbing for a reason. Read the room!

  34. Brian is such a coward that, in death with his confession, he acts as if he murdered her to put an end to her physical pain from an agonizing fall while hiking. Meanwhile, the autopsy reveals she died of strangulation. This cornball couldn’t even be honest in death knowing there’d be no worldly consequences awaiting him. What a loser.

  35. Gabby is a Pisces he’s a Jealious Controling Scorpio

  36. She’s a prime example of why white men are done with white women lol, whaa whaaa whaaaa iM oCd

  37. Had Gabby reached out to the police to take her back home to her parents that same day, this tragedy would have never happened, but I didn’t like the look of her crying, he must have been harsh towards her, she wouldn’t be crying without a reason, the fight must have been far more significant. Plus he looked really nervous speaking to the cops..the way she was making excuses for his behaviour towards her really sounds like he was a narcissist …sometimes we are given a second life line, but sadly she didn’t see the warning signs… 🙁

  38. I have been away from my abuser over 10 years. These are all classic signs of psychopaths. Gaslight, make the woman think she’s crazy, get the guys on your side and manipulate every male in site to eliminate all competition, and drive her into insanity. She eventually believes it and has no fight left. If police officers don’t understand how this works its because they choose not to understand it. These cops missed ALL THE HIDDEN SIGNS OF DANGER. Look at her hands. She’s fiddling with her own hands like a child. She’s sobbing for air, so she’s full of pain. She’s owning all the blame while he’s manipulating those idiot cops. Should’ve let the female cop discern what was really going on.

  39. Y’all she hit that man first but still she should’ve left when he had 24 hours no contact order

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