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Serial killer murdered two black models in California

L.A. serial killer on the loose/Black Girl Unlost

Serial killer loose in L.A. 

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LOS ANGELES — Serial killer Timothy Haslett Jr., the White Supremacist who deleted black women in Kansas City, remains behind bars. But there’s another serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles and, like Haslett, he’s murdering Nubian popsies. Police have yet to identify the sumbitch. But he killed two African American models within the past two weeks: Nichole Coats, 32, and Maleesa Mooney, 31 — sister of Guyanese pop star Jourdin Pauline. Both of their cadavers were found inside their downtown luxury apartments. “I believe it was murder. I really do,” Nichole’s aunt, May Stevens, told reporters. “One of her legs was up in the air in a kicking position. That’s not somebody who just laid in their bed and died.” Jourdin took to social media to disseminate her grief under the hashtag #JUSTICEFORMALEESA. “I keep waking up crying, thinking I’m in a bad dream,” she wrote on Instagram.

“We will get justice for you my sister. I promise you won’t be gone in vain!!! The people you touched and loved will carry on for you and keep your name alive in the most beautiful and loving light. You did not deserve this at all.

Despite apparent similarities between both victims, the Los Angeles Police Department is still reluctant to admit a serial killer is culpable. Ain’t that a bitch? “We can’t assume things,” said LAPD spokesman Tony Im. “We’re not going to start jumping to conclusions because we don’t know what happened.” Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “It’s so sad that this doesn’t get national attention because they’re Black women!” Another person added, “Maybe the FBI should take over the investigation from the LAPD because it seems like the LAPD don’t care about the models being dead. Maybe because they are black.”

Nichole went out on a date two days prior to her quietus.

Did homeboy kill her?

Do you think the femicides are connected?

Watch the explosive report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The murderer(s) definitely someone that’s familiar with LA modeling. Someone who is in that industry.
    Maybe a follower from social media. Idk. If these girls went on special “dates” to keep up the lifestyle. Its some real psychos in the world. Wolves in sheep’s clothing

  2. It is pretty simple, her date killed her. She wanted him to leave and he refused. Things got worse and turned to violence. If it is a luxury apartment, it should have surveillance which will show who this guy is when they both were in the lobby, elevator, and even when he was leaving the building after he killed her.

  3. My guess is that this is a jealous boyfriend or someone from their past. Strangers cannot slip in and out of luxury buildings so easily, given how many cameras there are everywhere these days. Police must have some lead on the person, particularly in Ms. Coats’ case.

  4. Someone had access to both apartments. They need to check the footage, the individual cell phones and Internet…even I know that. Why the PD is saying there are no clues is weird.

  5. Ladies please watch your surroundings. Mase. Gun. Whatever get it. 😢. Serial killer there lurking. 😮. Targeting Black Women. Maybe that charming white guy.😖. could be anyone. Trusting NOONE. Go in groups ladies. Have a friend lurking in background while your on dates. If perhaps a person acting weird Watch mannerisms. Dont laugh ALOT. They sense weakness and gullible then.🙄. Please 🥺. No. This is sad.😢. If no forced entry, it was a date.

  6. So sad why would someone do this to both of these beautiful young ladies 🙏🏽

  7. black men murdered these women it’s not rocket science 🫢🫢🫢🫢🫢🫢

  8. Boyfriend? Friend? Pimp? Drugs? Or evil person on dating sight?
    Father said natural causes. What did he see?

  9. There’s definitely a connection. Now the investigators has to connect the dots. The person that murdered Nicole is probably the same person that murdered the other model. It could be someone in the modeling industry or agency that both Nicole and the other model worked at. There’s definitely a connection though.

  10. Everyone knew that she was going on a date but not with whom. How did her leg stay elevated if she was dead? Was her bed against a wall? Is this a serial at work?

  11. Its sad they are both being described as models like they have no actual jobs. Who cares what they did on social media or what little modeling gigs they did here and there. One was a real estate agent and they both were dating online. Smh

  12. These honkies are obsessed with our women. Probably raped em before they killed em.

  13. All these cameras, Satellites, and street surveillance and your telling me they don’t know sh*t? Somebody knows something.

  14. Young models living above their means in a luxury dtla condo. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened.

  15. Hot girl summer huh? Trying to fund that luxurious downtown apartment huh! Since they say we are broke then we can assume what race of man perhaps did this to them. These females make themselves easy targets. You don’t think zaddy is peeping how they worship him online?

  16. ☠️Die-vested☠️ Escorting with Zaddy always ends like this. Just like the other black so called ig models. Selling The Body 4 The Bag. Guess they got both the body and the bag.

  17. Of course not connected because they don’t want to pre warn the community that there is a serial killer on the loose. 🙄

    May these two beautiful ladies rest in peace!

  18. I want to know what evidence they have. I’m not buying “not connected”. Both models, both found in their apartments, three miles apart and within the same week… suspcious.

  19. Instagram Models 😳🐝 LMAO dem Prostitutes, met their Demise 🙄… Blk ladies go get a Job a real job… 30+ Models… Prostitutes 😮😢

  20. I think the 2 are related someone knows something the lapd ain’t tryna find out why hasn’t there been any phone records to find out who she went on the date with it’s not hard to do….. were they working with the same modeling agency was there a mutual contact in that industry that knew them both something isn’t right…

  21. Two young women, same age range, both models and they look similar. This is awful. I’m assuming they don’t have their phones as that would likely lead them straight to the killer.

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