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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win 2020 presidential election, change is coming

Biden and Harris capture victory.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — It took longer than expected but he pulled it off. Joe Biden kicked Donald Trump’s ass on Saturday to capture U.S. presidency. He’s POTUS #46. The 77-year-old Democrat won the 2020 presidential election after eclipsing the 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College. Biden also recorded more than 74 million ...

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Final Presidential Debate: Biden blames President Trump for coronavirus deaths

Biden vs Trump, Round 2 cordial. Blog King, Mass Appeal NASHVILLE — Round two of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump was less pugnacious than their first wrangle mainly because their propensity to grandstand and interrupt met resistance from a long overdue feature: a damn mute button. Because of that, the braggart politicians were able to voice their ambitions peacefully. Moderator ...

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Biden’s VP selection Harris says Trump’s coronavirus vaccine shouldn’t be trusted

Kamala said don’t trust lying Trump.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — During his peroration at the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump unveiled plans to unleash a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the calendar year. But Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said we should think twice before receiving inoculations; mainly because it’s her assertion Trump will do ...

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