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Hillary Clinton talks WAP

Hillary big fan of Megan’s WAP/YouTube

Clintons & Megan talk WAP.

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NEW YORK — A viral video shows quondam First Lady Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton confabulating WAP and ‘Thot Sh*t’ with rapper Megan Thee Stallion as the trio tried their hand at landscape painting. Many are calling it the cringiest interview ever. The poolside chinwag took place on the second episode of Hillary’s “Gutsy” docuseries — an AppleTV+ show in which she and Chelsea are sedentary with feminists from all walks of life to elucidate their challenges and triumphs. Claiming to be a hip-hop enthusiast, Hillary — who carries hot sauce in her purse for fried chicken — said she first discovered Megan through her empowering WAP (Wet Ass P*ssy) collaboration with Cardi B. She’s been a fan ever since. “Chelsea follows rap music. She has ever since she was a little girl,” Hillary explained to Megan. “But I kind of came to awareness of you with the Cardi B ‘WAP.’” Megan said they made the song to get back at male rappers for spewing sexually explicit lyrics.

“I’ve always wanted to do a song with Cardi. As soon as she sent it to me, I think I sent it back to her the next day,” Megan said. “The men always seem very confident talking about their sexuality and how they’re going to have sex with you. So I was like, ‘Well, I can do that and it’s going to sound fire coming from a woman.’” Chelsea agreed, saying it’s “great to see women be so fierce.”

“Fearless” host Jason Whitlock referred to Hillary, Chelsea and Megan as “lesbians.”

He also called their conversation “racist.”

If you recall, President Joe Biden interviewed Cardi during the election to clarify needs in the black community.

Should rappers represent the urban core?

Are coochies empowering?

Watch Hillary’s clip and Whitlock’s critique.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. There is no excuse for excusing trashy behavior like this. The fact Hillary Clinton is applauding this implies so much about what she and her peers really think of the black community.

  2. All the Clintons love WAP: Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill if you know what I mean…

  3. Civilized women should not want trash like megan the stallion representing them

  4. STOP PAYING TAXES I can’t stand her lying and smug evil ass. I swear if we don’t start seeing democrats getting what they deserve soon, shit will have to get messy. I wonder how many more people are just waiting for the heat to crank so we can act while obfuscated from the feds. If their apparatus is stressed with unrest and rebellion, surgical direct action becomes easier to commit and repeat. Prepare now for what must be done. Stack, plan, list, practice, and resolve yourself to the cause. Do as you wish, but I will fight when the time comes.

  5. omg!! could you imagine Hillary doing the Tik Tok WAP dance ?!?? OH THE HORROR 😭😭😭😷😷😵

  6. 🤣😂🤣😂 I just can’t listen to Hilary and hearing about WAP!!! Gross

  7. Hillary Clinton and wet ass puzzy should NEVER be used in the same sentence
    Like ever

  8. Hillary is at it again, she is pandering to black community. Hope everyone sees right through the bullsh*t💩💩💩💩💩 Hillary has stooped to all time low.

  9. 😖Hillary hasn’t had wap for 50 years she is as dry as the Mojave desert!🏜 She is the KY Queen😂🤣

  10. When men have sex they are praised when women have sex there shamed. Stupid

  11. This is some bullshit out of all the important black women to interview. She is not the one to interview for our black women.

  12. Does that ignorant old lady know what WAP stood for? She makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth.

  13. Just collaborators for the global Zionists and Kabbalists running the Malthusian-Luciferian NWO.

  14. 😖Anybody that carries hot sauce in her purse so she can get wap is pretty gusty to me😂😂

  15. She NEVER heard of Megan until the song WAP that her little girl listens to 🤣☠️🤦‍♂️ can’t even make this shit up I thought this was a snl skit ngl

  16. Imagine a male political figure glorifying 50 cent for Candy Shop or Lil Wayne for Lollipop. And people will love the Clinton’s for doing this without reflecting on what they are really endorsing here.

  17. All of those women are members of the “Sorority of the Eastern Star”. The female masonic lodge. They are actual witches.

  18. My favorite part of the song:

    Yeah, you fucking with some wet ass pussy
    Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy
    Give me everything you got for this wet ass pussy
    Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge
    Extra large, and extra hard
    Put this pussy right in yo’ face

  19. Of course their topic is sexuality.,.ugh. well, this clip shows, Hillary is painting a picture and we see a little corner of blue and yellow, warmth and friendship. Lol…while a female rapper talked about sure she can sing about …. 😩. It’s about their disgusting relationships… unfortunately Hillary uses the blacks. They really need to see it for the truth. I always go back to the pelosi and Clinton vid where these two talk about giving the dysfunctional people what they want while these women have better lives and grow their kids, and grandchildren up to be used by God…probably g od. Unbelievable, they admit this and what an easy job these women have by providing 🍬🍭 candy… So sad…

  20. Why are they talking to cardi b and meg the stallion..

    Is this where we at

  21. “The men have no problem talkin’ about they sexuality…”
    Call me when there’s a #1 song called “My Veiny Weiner.”

  22. Meg is disgusting and is in no way a role model for young girls. What happened to promoting education. What’s next lessons on pole dancing in school as a vocation?

  23. Yes Megan Thee Stallion such an empowering women who uses sex and her body and performed a song with a former stripper who use to drug and rob men. Great role models for young women Hilary and Chelsea. I suggest people look up the flag they have designed for Pedos too so if ever see one just know that person is or supports pedos and to keep an eye on them if you have kids. So happy my parents busted their butts to send me to a private school.

  24. She into Rap, just like Shillary always keeps hotsauce in her purse because she Just LOVES black americans…….cringe..🤔🤔🤨🤣🤣 Totally another attempt to make herself likeable, floundering horribly.

  25. Chelsea Clinton’s old ass ain’t listening to no fucking rap music she damn near 50 what a joke

  26. Imagine a world where it is “normal” to not just admit that you have a psychological sexual perversion, but to have a legal right to act upon it, regardless of the consequences to your victims. This is the world that they are trying to create now. Imagine living in a culture where it is not only LEGAL to rape children, but it is considered NORMAL SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Imagine 6th century BC middle eastern culture in 21st century America. Imagine believing that your GOD had told you that it is OK to buy the girl you raped from her father. Wait….where have I heard this before?

  27. These politicians think they have to get their approval from these rap people! Have Chelsea do a rap for us! That would be fly!

  28. I’ll never forget the interview with Cardi B and Joe Biden. She was very distasteful and ratchett and asked the most basic questions. They think all black people are really stupid.

  29. Do these ladies, black ladies to be exact think that Hillary Clinton really enjoys their music. Do they understand they’re being tokenized. All they’re doing is pandering in gas lighting these black women. In the black women don’t have enough respect or insight to know this. How degrading. Also Hillary can’t find anybody prominent and have a nice career and going places in life to show and display African-American women in a positive manner. Oh that’s right we’re all super predators

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