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911 Audio/Video: NFL’s Richard Sherman threatened to kill himself, wife panicked

Richard Sherman busted & charged. Blog King, Mass Appeal SEATTLE — Richard Sherman, former defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers, was thrown in the slammer after he got into a domestic altercation with his wife’s family. He was also “drunk, belligerent and threatening to kill himself.” The ruckus transpired at a residence Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. in Redmond, ...

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Horny couple jailed after having sexual intercourse on ferris wheel around kids

Couple busted for ferris wheel sex. Blog King, Mass Appeal CINCINNATI — Carnival love? Michael Mathisen, 30, and Lauren Wilder, 31, became inhabitants of the Hamilton County Jail after they had sexual intercourse on a ferris wheel — in front of an audience of shell-shocked adults and children. The X-rated ordeal transpired opening day, March 28th, on the 150-foot SkyStar ...

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