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Hostile student recorded ‘knocking out’ classmate

School administrators are investigating after a white male student punched a kid’s lights out in front of the entire class. The knockout was captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the bellicose teen landing a wicked right hook to the jaw — knocking the boy out cold. The teacher and fellow students were slow to react as if they weren’t surprised the boy got his ass kicked.

Watch the Mike Tyson impersonation.

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  1. can never go back to that school. getting knocked out by an open hand slap like a woman

  2. Lmfaoooo niggaa sat back down like he wasn’t goin to the principles office

  3. He must’ve been a real a hole. Nobody budged when he hit the floor, not even the teacher.

  4. That was a punch and everyone’s reaction is just great.. its like they all hated that kid and wanted that to happen 🤣😂🤣

  5. Knock that n!99er back to the jim crow era where you people belong!

  6. Don’t take this lightly, he just might come back and shoot up the school!!! You know most of them get mad when they can’t get their way!!!!!

  7. You may as well Pimp his A$$ after that……. and be here tomorrow with my money…Beeeeatch

  8. Awe Little Pigglet 🐷 B*tch Slapped His Pale Pink Homosexual Homosapien Broke back Mountain Cave 🙉🙈🙊🐵Brethren Lol

  9. That was the most elegant poetic punch I’ve ever seen, the sound, the form, the fall. 10/10

  10. Went night night!!!
    Real talk, dude could’ve hit his head hard on way down 💀

  11. @Just me: Niggas would’ve KILLED the other person. Top 20 most dangerous communities in America are b1ack

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