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Fight: Tommy Sotomayor beaten up by black chick

Tommy crossed the wrong one/YouTube

Sotomayor got punched in the face.

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LOS ANGELES — YouTube vlogger Tommy Sotomayor got clocked in the jaw the other day after he execrated a Nubian popsy on the “Fresh N Fit” podcast. In case you didn’t know, Tommy’s proclivity entails calling black women “ugly” on a daily basis. He has somehow monetized the hate. But he went too far this time and paid the price. The podcast shows Tommy, who’s African American, having contretemps with OnlyFans model Chay Means when things got out of hand. “Stupid bitch!” he yelled. “I’m the wrong n*gga, I’ll f*ck you up in here!” Tommy and the fashionista then rose to their feet and started shoving each other. When security intervened, the voluptuous damsel thwacked Tommy in the countenance with a quick one-two combo. The 47-year-old misogynist also threw punches. But none of ’em landed.

The vixen clearly won the fight.

“That’s why your dick stinks,” screamed Chay who didn’t have panties on.

She’s referring to Tommy’s copulation with her best friend that didn’t go well.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One viewer wrote, “He must really hate black women to be putting hands on her like that.” Another chimed in with, “He quick to hit a woman but when that dude ‘suckered punched’ him, he called the police.😂🤣😂” A third viewer added, “A black woman must have really hurt his feelings or maybe that’s the way his father treated his mother. That is where all this hatred comes from.”

Rumor has it a black lady had Tommy arrested for domestic battery back in the day.

He’s despised African American women ever since.

Tommy’s motto is: “The darker the berry, the dumber the bitch.”

Is the hate warranted?

Watch Tommy get his ass kicked.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. People should keep their hands to themselves … everybody has the right to say what the want but touching is a whole other level … females need to learn how to keep them hands to themselves …

  2. Lol y’all blind as hell. He literally couldn’t hold back how he felt about Black women at the end and y’all still will support him 😭
    “Stupid Bitch” “That’s why black Females get kicked outta clubs” “Is your Glue too tight today man” sheesh these new men different

  3. Dude better be careful if she was my sister or cousin …he wouldnt make it home

  4. Why do dark skin woman keep going on to these shows? Seeking validation for someone who openly disrespect you!!? I will never! EVER! go into those shows. Those woman need help seriously

  5. Tommy Sotomayor is a conservative. He’s a Trump supporter. If you don’t like him, nor his message, why is any one listening to him? He has his right to exercise his free speech just as well you have the right not to listen to him.These are same black females who have gotten alotta of black men smoked in clubs, the hood and other situations. And these clowns 🤡 also are the same ones who go to a man’s motel room, a married man’s room, and have gotten Tu Pac, Mike Tyson and Bill Cosby thrown in prison. Keep arguing with them, you’ll eventually lose more likely with your life.

  6. Sad all them niggas sit around and let him talk to and treat a woman like that. All of them need to be faded

  7. Yall are some clowns she exposed that he pays for 🐈 and he was embarrassed. She didn’t do anything wrong. If someone called you a bytch you would have done the samething. Tommy is going to end up getting killed for disrespecting the wrong woman.

  8. I’m so disgusted he angry with black women because he can’t get one without paying them. Then he has this white woman cackling while he calling her a black B. Ain’t no way I would have kept my composure.

  9. That fresh and fit podcast is disgusting and she told no lies bc she exposed the text he did text about having sex while she was negotiating abt doing a podcast.i agree she shouldn’t have went especially after he text that when discussing business. He is always bucking up on black women and lunging towards them threatening them but when he came to harlem and all them men bucked up on him abt his actions towards women he ran like a punk and was shouting call the police and called the cops. Sotomayor is a pos. All these stupid Podcaster and so called influences need to be canceled and muted bc they aren’t putting anything valuable out , simply just igniting violence and creating mess

  10. he got too emotional like a women if he were to stay calm and not yell and name call she would of been calmer then she was despite her being drunk. there’s no need to keep talking and dragging it just be a masculine man and don’t get all upset with no women standing up saying he’s gonna fuck her up like really? bc we know he’s not gonna hit her and if he did that would just show us he can’t control his emotions like we see and he’s truly beta. he got a drunk women getting him in his emotions and out of character smh

  11. We need to stop this oh but she’s a female narrative… that female shit is out the window the moment you step up to a MAN and try to be a MAN… we giving equal rights and lefts out here!! these females need to keep themselves in a child’s place when it comes to addressing men with violence.

  12. They both was wrong. That man verbally attacked her. If he verbally attacks a grown ass thorough man.. the same situation would of happened. Words will lead to violence. So she wrong for hitting him first but u can’t just all out call somebody a bitch and not expect a violent reaction.

  13. Sotomayor is reprehensible at this point! A broken clock displays the correct time twice per day, so it’s not about just this situation or a few things he might get right. His whole approach is off and really only appeals to other emotional men who most likely do hate black women.

  14. Tommy is a real punk. It was so many different ways he could’ve handle that situation. She was not aggressive until he started really dissing her.

  15. So why does beautiful black dark skin women still goes on this show? knowing he hates black women, due to his own bad personal experiences with certain types of black women. He wants to bring out these negative stereotypes of behaviors out of these black women he brings on the show.

  16. Tommy broke it down to her dumbass, and she obviously was not listening. Black women have been talking shit about black men for 5 decades, but it’s never a problem. Many black females escorts/prostitutes say on their ads that they do not see black men as clients… AND THEY ARE BLACK TOO. Select outrage at best. She is proving the stereotype of what Tommy describes on his channel and on the FnF show: loud, obnoxious, uncouth, illiterate, and do not know how to behave and a more appropriate manner.

  17. Tommy Sotomayor is correct on his assessment of many Black women. Chay belongs behind bars, it would be safer for her in jail!!!

  18. Tommy Bitch A$$ stood up with a stance ready to fight that girl smh.
    What a Pu$$y. But he’s scared to fight a Man.

  19. I honestly think something is wrong with most “ black Americans “. That shit- tem in America as really done damage to those people. They are embracing the rest of black people around the world with their stupidity of “ black woman this and black man that” it’s disgusting 🤮 to watch as a BLACK outsider 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  20. Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind black women when they get angry they get louder and louder and then comes the clapping 👏🏼 to each syllable & then repeat the same phrase over and over and over again and then repeat with the clapping and getting louder than the other person… the louder they get the more intimidating they think they are & think they are winning the argument

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