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Video: Ta’Neasha Chappell ‘ignored’ prior to her death

Ta’Neasha received inhumane treatment/YouTube

Ta’Neasha Chappell fatally neglected.

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KANSAS CITY — A new surveillance video from the Jackson County Jail in Kansas City, Missouri shows inmate Ta’Neasha Chappell gettin’ treated like sh*t prior to her quietus. Jailhouse footage from July 16, 2021 shows Ta’Neasha begging for help in her jail cell as corrections officers ignored her. “I need help [with] my stomach,” she pleaded. Seconds later, Ta’Neasha was covered in her own feces and she vomited blood. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Call the county jail and ask if they loved watching her die and like the blood on their hands. Ask if they sleep well at night knowing it’s all on them. I wonder if they’re in a nursing home someday and cry for help in pain, if they’re ignored will they feel good? Knowing justice is served.” Another chimed in with, “What is wrong with these cops 😯they really think our lives and well being DON’T matter to them? It’s crazy because they are public servants…They aren’t doctors.” A third viewer added, “This is amerikkka. They did nothing to protect this sister. Even other white prisoners said inmates and staff was racist towards her.”

Ta’Neasha, 23, was serving time for theft and other charges.

She was one of the few black women jailed at the facility.

Watch nauseating footage.

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  1. Racist white folks that kept coming to the door obviously SHE NEEDS JUSTICE ⚖️ 🙏🏿

  2. That young lady begged for help and the hospital nurse said she showed signs of being poisoned the way they treated her was wrong her family needs to get another opinion l hope that her family sues them for medical neglect

  3. @Ruthless Lover: i don’t think if she was white they would have took her to the hospital any faster, this how they treat inmates in jail. it’s fucked up !! this story is fucked up !! RIP !!

  4. This makes me so mad. This is pathetic and those guards should be charged with murder

  5. Wow that’s so horrific, she didn’t deserve that! Prayers for justice for the family 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💙

  6. They murdered her. May Justice be Swift. For Taniesha. God will kill them all the same way they murdered her

  7. That nurse & everyone else deserves to rot in hell! Im physically weeping & emotionally torn apart that anyone could be ignored & treated that way for that long! My heart is broken but my mind is furious. It’s time to disburse power among several elected officials from each party. Not just one white conservative male who can hold office as sheriff for decades in a row. This kind of crap happens in my county. The police have too much authority for no good damn reason!

  8. They treated her horribly. I hope her family gets some kind of justice.

  9. Damn this should not have happened damn you treat a dog better than you treat her feel sorry for her family that young lady did not have to die praying for her family… the COs should be a shame of their self everyone who had a part in this should be charged with murder

  10. You would think after vomiting Blood and stumbling around that would be cause for concern immediately.

  11. She was neglected medical attention all those cops all those cops that had contact with her need to go to jail they killed her 🤬😡 they didn’t help her she died in there hands. … like he said what u need help with 😳 mad it’s ur Job … and Crimes were committed they were recorded it’s called neglect

  12. Them CO’s are racist just like the nasty inmates. Trashy mfs. Family sue these people smh

  13. Wrong On So Many Levels…All Involved Should Be Arrested And Put In Prison…Real Talk! SMH😡😤😣😡😤😣

  14. This is a damn shame.they all are going to pay for how they treated her.

  15. This is how they treat you in jail…very sarcastic and nonchalant…they don’t CARE!…I was in jail I know.

  16. They will say anything to cover their asses. It’s pretty obvious the girl was poisoned.
    This is unacceptable

  17. Omfg I just got chills !!this isn’t right…wtf…I’m in tears .. how do yall treat her less then a human being . I would say an animal but even animals get better treatment at times

  18. Wow!!! No words i am in shock!.This just broke my whole heart!this poor women was locked away needed help tried so hard to get help and nobody did a darn thing.She is locked up in a jail wasn’t like she could just leave and go to a hospital.She relied on the jail staff her life was in there hands and they failed her.They should all be charged.So f** up on so many levels.May this women and her loved ones get deserved justice and she RIP.

  19. If I were her family I would stay on their ass like flies on shyt… and go after everyone involved, from the staff on up… some folks you cant pull that shyt over on and think the case is “just closed”. Some will come after yo ass………… one way or the other

  20. They poisoned her!!!!!!!! The black community needs to make this story go viral just like Popeyes nasty ass chicken sandwich.

  21. Prosecute them all and charge them with murder and a federal hate crime! I am sick of this shit! And two years later these thug’s are still working & her sister is still seeking answers? Unfathomable 😑 My deepest condolences to the family and I pray for complete justice and sever consequences for these evil people who did nothing to prevent this horrendous and senseless death! 🤬

  22. White racist employees and inmates…. The family needs to continue to fight for justice!!!

  23. These white people are making it clear they want blacks, and Hispanics dead.

  24. Death is just the beginning, and it’s on its way to you ,worry about your soul how you spend eternity.

  25. They poisoned and murdered her by targeting her health. They also have technology which they call “Satalite Terrorism” “V2K Also known as Voice to skull” its mind reading technology that they used on me and locked me up and denied me medical care exactly how they did her. They poisoned her.

  26. When you are sick you don’t want to get dressed. Why would they think she is faking. She is throwing up and pooping on herself. She is sick.

  27. Prosecutor ain’t 💩! Sheriff is an @$$hole. All that ignored the young lady should face homicide charges!

  28. Shut this whole damn jail down! This was so gut-wrenching, disturbing, and no regard for a human life. Now that the new video has been released. It’s time for some charges to be announced.

  29. Wooooo. Everyone involved will suffer greatly as I type these words so help me God. They all will suffer gravely.

  30. Omg to see her hit her head on her bed just hurt my heart….They are so wrong for that…can’t believe they told her she was faking 🥺

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