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Lauren Smith-Fields was murdered by white man?

Lauren Smith-Fields lost her life/YouTube

Lauren’s death being investigated.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BRIDGEPORT — Lauren Smith-Fields, 23, was fed up with black men. So much so, she vented her exasperation on social media. “When I Start Dating White Men, Just Know I Tried My Hardest With You Coloreds,” she tweeted. Coloreds? Lauren, a Nubian gold digger, called her own bluff. The self-proclaimed swirler dated an older white guy she met on Bumble and, turns out, he probably killed her ass. See, be careful what you ask for. Lauren’s cadaver was found inside her apartment in Bridgeport, Connecticut on December 12th. The dude she dated, Matthew LaFontain, told investigators they were downin’ Tequila shots when a drunken Lauren became mysteriously ill. Rather than take her ass to the hospital, Matt carried Lauren to her bedroom and laid down next to her. He said they ended up falling asleep but that sounds like bullsh*t. Nevertheless… when the 37-year-old perv woke up around 6:30 a.m., he noticed “blood was coming out of her right nostril” and “she was not breathing.”

A 911 call quickly ensued.

At first, the medical examiner tried to sweep Lauren’s quietus under the rug as an accidental overdose. But, after family members raised holy hell, Bridgeport police officers finally got off their slothful asses to conduct a criminal investigation. “To lose your daughter, your only daughter, your baby girl, at such a ripe age of 23 years old and to be treated the way we [were] treated by the Bridgeport police station and the department is unacceptable,” bemoaned Everett Smith, Lauren’s father.

Lauren was a cosmetology student at Norwalk Community College.

Detectives are attempting to ascertain her cause of death.

The examiner found fentanyl, promethazine, hydroxyzine and alcohol in Lauren’s system.

There was also a used condom on the floor.

Did Zaddy slip Lauren a mickey?

Watch the documentary.

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  1. That white man was cheating on his wife and got caught and now that the girl is dead reputation is bad. He killed her period and now he hiding like he wont be found

  2. This case hasn’t been handled with care AT ALL. The initial detective was taken off the case because he “made mistakes”. Made mistakes? He didn’t contact the family to tell them their daughter had died. They didn’t even interrogate the stranger she was with before and at the time of her death. And their reasoning was bc he’s a “nice guy”. BUT they asked her family for DNA tests? Why are they treating her family more like suspects than the random she was with in her apartment where there was a condom on the floor and blood found?

  3. Let me say this anytime a family loses a child it’s always Hard!! But from the beginning it seem like everything about this case was on the DL!! If this young lady was introduced to Drugs at the end of the day she a the right not to take them!! And any man who calls himself a Man should never let his lady take anything or drink anything that would her in Harm’s Way!! My prayers to this family for their Loss!!🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

  4. Damn
    Bumble is how I met my man of over 3 years
    I owe my relationship to that thing I can’t imagine this

  5. So it’s not weird that there was a condom in the room? How is he not a suspect?

  6. She meets a man from a dating site and winds up dead? That’s no accident. Justice for Lauren🙏

  7. That’s Whitman she decided to go and hook up with gave her those drugs and it killed her. You people better wake up. There’s a war going on!

  8. She won’t be the last cus black women think they winning with a white man that already laid a trap for them.

  9. Meeting random men on the internet and taking them home is very strange.

  10. Lauren smith fields. Has venom for black men so the community does not have to support her

  11. There is no hope for AmeriKKKa.

    It was founded in evil. It was rooted in evil. It was designed this way. It will always be this way. It’s not in God we trust. Thats a lie. When it comes to AmeriKKKa its more like in sin, money and hate we trust.

  12. They go from Pookie and Ray Ray to Sheriff Pike. If you date interracially you better dig into your partners secrets (Phone, media inbox, etc.)

  13. There is NOTHING finer in the world than a BLACK MAN!

    Black women are being “set up” by these white men and then killed. They are being killed the same way and that’s NO Coincidence so I wonder if white supremacists men are dating black women with the intentions of killing them. There is something very sinister about what’s going on. That’s why I stick to my own no matter what!

  14. I looked at her ig.
    Looks like she is definitely a sugar baby and used the app to meet tricks.

  15. These people (fe/male) need to stay off these dating sites! Anybody can wear a pretty, masculine face/body language and say exactly what you want to hear!
    Then, Why in the HeLL do people invite these strangers to their homes!? This is crazy … because this guy is going to go out there and continue to kill women. If he did it! I believe he did, but we all know everyone is innocent (except ☻), until proven guilty! Smh 😭

  16. 23 year old college lady & 50 year old plus loser white guy watch a lovely lady die …Crappy cops ….he calls the cops & reported D>R>U>G>S used from colored lady & killer walks away just like that EASY

  17. Another white supremacist strikes again 😪😪😪 oh God Almighty when will this hate and malice ceast towards Black People.

  18. I Am Hoping This Police Department Go’s Down In Flames For This Colossal Incompetence …They Fuked Up The Crime Scene!!! …They Fuked Up The Most Basic Shit From Jump!!! How Is This Allowed To Go On !!!!

  19. Drugged unconscious, raped and murdered. Two people met that night, one is dead and the other hasn’t even been questioned? Zero suspicion on this male? He must have friends in high places. This is proof we are still treated as second class Citizens. These types of males hate Women.

  20. Call in the black panthers they will see that justice is done 🙏🙏

  21. It’s painful to admit, but the overwhelming majority of Black people on the planet hate each other. It’s often low-key, subtle, and unconscious.

    Sounds like another flip comment on the Internet, but if you spend any time among Hispanics within a specific community………Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans………whatever, the differences and contrasts (relative to how American Blacks specifically, treat each other) are stark. Does NOT mean that “every” single one of them loves each other, or that they don’t fight or even kill each other. At the same time, outside of the narco state business, they display a level of comraderie and respect (amongst each other), that has not been present in the Black community in (at least) 50 years.

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