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‘Joyriding’ teenagers took police on high-speed chase

Three black teenagers were thrown in the slammer after they purloined a car and led police officers on a high speed chase — à la Grand Theft Auto. The reckless ordeal went down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was also broadcasted live. The video has gone viral. Facebook Live footage shows a boy and two girls speeding down the street to elude police cruisers. The joyriding trio had the music blasting and everything. Seconds later, they crashed into a half dozen parked cars.

Officers encircled the vehicle then drew their weapons.

The miscreants wisely surrendered.

Watch reckless footage.

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  1. Speeding up and down the streets with the music blasting in someone else’s car. Smh.

  2. These kids are bored and need something to do. Parents need to challenge them at home and encourage them to get jobs, even doing small things around the neighborhood

  3. @Crow: Gets jobs? Encouranging them to be slaves is NOT the answer. Jobs are becoming obselete read a newspaper. Tell these kids to march to the governor’s office and demand the release of unjustly incarcerated black men.


  5. We should pass a law where parents can get arrested for crimes their kids 17 and under commit.

  6. Lock those little brats up untill they are 40. Give em time to think!!!

  7. Why can’t these kids just be normal and hang out and play video games or play outside. They deserve to serve time, putting peoples life at risk.

  8. Parents may not be responsible for kids actions but I hope all their parents have to pay for medical bills, car bills, and court bills for all these innocent people involved. Horrible horrible horrible case.

  9. Good thing these cops doing the chasing were not these big fat donut cops suspects would have gotten away .

  10. ok i see..
    most of you people making comments are fake..
    most of you are acting as if your black and making comments degrading black folks but in reality you’re white people hiding behind black face which is typical and a old tactic that whites have always used..

  11. How do you just jump in a car and steal it? The days of crossing two wires together to start the engine are long gone.

  12. They are honor students going to a choir rehearsal. Good thing none of them died in the process or else everyone involved would have been branded a racist and the parents will be in front of the TV cameras showing pictures of their “angels” in their kindergarten graduation gown.

  13. They were just driving to church when the cops targeted them! Straight A students in the seminary school…

  14. That’s what you get when you don’t have father figure in the home. The kids don’t have a sense of right and wrong and get their answers to life watching and listening to rap music video’s.

  15. These kids were only trying to make it on time to a peaceful BLM protest. 😂🤣 No surprise in who is doing the crime, who is disturbing and selfishly putting others at risk, who is acting like animals, and who has a bright future in being a burden to society. Perfect example of why there should be population control in certain groups.

  16. this is an example of today’s typical ‘urban’ teen.
    you don’t have to take my word for it. when you meet them, you’ll see.

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