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Black Panther’s Coogler accused of robbing bank

Ryan Coogler falsely accused/YouTube

Coogler mistakenly suspected. 

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ATLANTA — “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler was arrested in January after police officers mistakenly accused his black ass of robbing a bank. The entire ordeal was captured on video. The 35-year-old filmmaker was in Atlanta making a withdrawal from Bank of America. But, because Coogler was seeking an amount in excess of $10,000, the teller received an alert on his account. Coogler also wrote a note on the back of his withdrawal slip stating he wanted the mazuma to be counted discreetly. The teller freaked out, informed her manager and 911 was called. Coogler was handcuffed and thrown in the back of a police cruiser. Two members of his retinue, who were waiting outside in what was perceived as a getaway car, were also detained. Coogler was released after officers verified his identity. Thank God they didn’t beat his ass. “This situation should never have happened,” Coogler said. “However, Bank of America worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on.”

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “Not the first to be arrested for banking while black.” Another chimed in with, “This is straight up racism, if a white man did what he did there would not have been a problem.” A third viewer added, “Gee, when I ask for a large amount of cash from the bank, they ask for my ID, not call the police.”

In the teller’s defense, Coogler was donning a mask, shades and skully.

He certainly profiled as a bank robber.

Coogler was in town working on the production of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the sequel to his 2018 blockbuster.

He probably wishes he was in Wakanda.

Watch police body cam footage.

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  1. Im sorry your account has to much cash in it your under arrest 💵💵💵wtf idfwy 🖕

  2. Fire the lady saying “good job” as well!!!! He better own this branch & a share of stock after this bullsh*t

  3. Why is this news? This happens every day. Systemic racism is standard procedure in every police department across America.

  4. FYI: He took $12,000 out to pay one of his employees who prefers to be paid in cash.

  5. Considering the amount Coogler wanted to withdraw, and because that amount should be handled discreetly, he should have sat with a bank customer service rep so that person could inform one of the tellers to prepare a discreet withdrawal. Or he could simply have answered the teller’s questions rather than behave so mysteriously.

    BUT…wtf is wrong with the bank manager? Why didn’t he/she talk directly with Coogler to clear away any confusion and verify that he has a BOA account? The scared teller passed her fear and confusion onto the manager. Then they both lost whatever common sense they had.

  6. If he got shot that lady would’ve told the cops good job Boys while smiling at a dead nigga, I don’t care if it sounds harsh if its true on some level

  7. That stupid lady saying “good job guys” to the cops as theyre escorting out an innocent man in cuffs. wtf.. I hope he peruses every legal avenue he can with this.

  8. What a load of absolute crap!
    Not only did they go so far as to call the police, but the cops just took the bank’s word for it and treated him like a criminal.
    And this was because someone was trying to get THEIR OWN MONEY!
    Sue that bank out of existence!!! And sue the police for being dumb enough to just take the word of the bank.

  9. Please close your account with Bank of America. The teller only saw skin color. When will it end????

  10. Did the teller ask him to present his ID?

    She didn’t verify his account?

  11. He didn’t need to draw his gun. If he’s that scared then go work somewhere else.

  12. So the lady walking by said good job. Good job? How many times do we have to be racially profiled?? I want them to have a conversation with the banker who lied, I’d BET money they’d say they didn’t know he was innocent he just seemed suspicious because that’s the story every time

  13. She was just jealous he could withdrawal more then she’ll ever have. Whenever you make big withdraws the tellers turn into haters. Sometimes even ask what you plan on using your own money for and criticize you.

  14. The moral of this story is no matter how much green a black man has, he will always be black and will be treated as such. White privilege only applies to white people. Remember, America is not a racist country. Yeah, right!

  15. Just took my hole 10k out my savings from Bank of America don’t need the white women calling police on me for my own lil money because she doesn’t believe black people save or can be rich. F**k Bank of America. At Chase this would of never happened

  16. Who calls the bank to tell them your going to withdraw a large amount of money so be ready 😂 BOA going to settle this case out of court! 😂 bank tellers have set people up to get robbed it’s nothing new. Now they call the cops on African American men withdrawing money from they own accounts 😂 Who gives a I.D., account # & use a debit card with a pin to rob a Bank? 😂 If she doesn’t get fired I wouldn’t settle this case 😂

  17. The teller did her job. I commend her. Theft and identity fraud is a real thing. People steal and forge other peoples signatures. The teller did nothing wrong. He should of asked to talk to a manager when he came into the bank.

  18. AGAIN!!! Officers get it wrong. For those of us who actually try to do our jobs, this is infuriating. And once AGAIN! It’s a black male sitting in the back of a police vehicle. One of the main qualifications and requirements in doing this job is being able to do simple detective work. No one did this.

  19. This is some bullshit. He acted very polite and controlled. Almost ANYONE else would have flipped tf out. I know I would have. This man doesn’t want to say an amount out loud and is trying to be discreet about withdrawaling his own money and then hella cops show up with guns in his face!? I commend this gentleman for the way he maintained his composure

  20. He passed a note to the teller and acted suspicious. What do you expect the lady to do. The whole story was not told here. I don’t know why he didn’t just go in a speak to the manager directly.

  21. BANK TELLER and the officers reacted poorly. However, as a high profile figure I don’t understand why it never occurred to him to introduce himself to the bank manager, who would have met with him privately and handled the transaction. I know my banks manager, and I’ve had the bank manager handle sensitive transactions much less. I guarantee you that Oprah, Tyler Perry, Jay Z, Whoopi, and other successful rich people deal with the bank managers, not the tellers. Ryan Coogler is a great director, but he’s not too bright!

  22. For the slow ones at the back…
    -they handcuffed him immediately because they were sure that the bank already DID THEIR SIDE OF THE JOB and vetted him,the cops would assume that they called them after verifying that this was a shady character,they did not expect that the teller would be a dummy.
    -they didn’t uncuff him immediately during his explanation because they still have to make sure they are also safe,be it a black,white,blue or purple human.
    This is a life or death job,one wrong decision and u don’t get to make it back home to your family.
    Your issue isn’t with the police BUT WITH THE BANK,these ain’t racist cops,they are just doing their job

  23. He walked into a bank he’d never been to before, wearing a mask, sunglasses, a hoodie and a hat. He’s completely unidentifiable even with a photo ID.. he’s dressed like a bank robber. They don’t know the man. He asks for a withdrawal of 12 thousand dollars from an account. And he has 2 people waiting outside in a running car. And he asked for the withdrawal via a hand written note on the back of a withdrawal slip and asked them to be discreet. WTH did he expect to happen?? If I had an account with a bank and someone under those circumstances came in trying to withdraw that much money, I would hope to god they call the police. Looks like a case of identity theft at a BARE MINIMUM.

  24. This reminds me of the time a hotel front desk worker called 911 on a middle eastern guy because she got scared he was dressed differently and had two cells phones. He was just asking for directions to another hotel, ended up on the ground at gun point.

  25. imma go rob a bank but first lemme give you my id and bank card… you idiots… fire the teller, the cops did their jobs, they just got bad information and handled it as well as they could.

  26. Racist Bank of America employee using the police as a weapon! This whole thing is so bizarre and tragic! This man went to the bank to get his money and ended up with guns on him and in handcuffs! We have a serious police/community issue 😢

  27. Hate how the cops try to put it back on him, tell him to calm down, after he almost got shot for banking while black.

    No guys, don’t be annoyed at him because of your shitty participation in this shitty job that entails treating everyone you meet like shit on a daily basis ESPECIALLY black people.

    He is not bad, YOU ARE.

    Enforcing racism on black people is bad and even worse if you are black.


  28. I honestly don’t know that the officers did anything wrong here. They responded to a call where they probably didn’t have all the facts but were lead to believe there was an attempted bank robbery. The bank teller fucked up. He gave her his ID and withrew money from his own account and she accuses him of robbing a bank? What?

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