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Walmart Karen tased by Florida Sheriff’s Deputy

Brandy McGowan got busted/YouTube

Walmart Karen got zapped.

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MARION COUNTY — A video has gone viral that shows a Marion County sheriff’s deputy electrocuting a knife-wielding Karen inside a Florida Walmart. Investigators said the Caucasian broad threatened to lacerate every customer in the store. Police body cam footage shows Deputy Witte pointing a glock pistol at Brandy McGowan in the clothing section. “Drop the knife now!” he screamed. “Drop it now!” After Brandy refused to comply, Deputy Witte pulled out his taser and zapped her ass with 50,000 volts. The recalcitrant broad fell into a clothing rack before hitting the floor. She was handcuffed and hauled to jail. Deputy Witte issued multiple warnings. Many believe had Brandy been black, she would’ve got shot after the initial command. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “That mugshot… you guys ever see Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack?” Another chimed in with, “She fell like sh*t rolling down the toilet.” A third observer added, “She should have been arrested for her fashion choices😜😜😜😜😜!”

Investigators said Brandy was high on meth.

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. HOORAY!!!!! for Florida and Florida Walmarts. Who knew that the retirement ideal and mecca for millions of senior citizens would turn into such a source of entertainment for the rest of us. George Carlin referred to the U.S. as the front row seat to the freak show. Florida is the best seat in the house.

  2. She was clearly NOT in her right mindset. I don’t think she knew that the officer was there. Tasing was better than a bullet. Officer used good judgement. He also gave her ample time to respond to the command given. Very sad that this had to happen. Things are out of control & it’s effecting everyone.

  3. Nothing, nothing in Walmart was worth that. I had to watch that several times it was so funny.

  4. Imagine she was shot and killed? Would that be a better option? Would that be equal response to the threat? Food for thought

  5. She must have mental problems, probaby got the knife in the sporting goods section lol

  6. ☆Just wondering why officers do not carry tasers at all times for situations such as this.

  7. Of course she’s a meth addict. Because why would she not be. All drugs are terrifying , none more than meth.

  8. THIS is how it should be for ALL races!!! The cop did a GREAT job. (shouldda tazed sooner but) The woman walked away, alive. Why is this so hard for others?


  10. damn she had shorts on three sizes too small lol. Swiping right on that little mad face. Thanks for the comedy relief at your expense, miss

  11. Oh the white woman gets tased, but the Asian woman who was afraid of being put out on the streets had a knife they unloaded their guns on her why didn’t they tase her? I’m just asking

  12. Imagine if it was a black dude. The cop would have shot him dead right there.

  13. Should have just put her down like the welfare queen she is … Puh pow !! … Gone

  14. Just a couple observations: is it required to say drop the knife like 70 times before lighting her up ? This officer is super patient. Also, after she’s on the ground being a human spark plug – that last command to drop the knife is hilarious!!

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