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Black dude body slams girlfriend out in public

Man body slams girlfriend/YouTube

Thug assaults girlfriend.

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HARLEM — Law enforcement officials in Harlem, New York are investigating after a punk-ass black dude beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend in the middle of the damn street. The beatdown was descried by several bystanders who, not only failed to intervene but, chortled in merriment. The ass-whuppin’ was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the Ike Turner wannabe wrestling with the woman before slamming her ass to the pavement with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Stone Cold Stunner” finisher. That move could’ve killed her. The battered damsel is lucky to be alive. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “You can break a person’s neck like that. Notice the people in the background laughing. Those are the same type of people who are mad at Will Smith. Everyone needs Jesus in their life!”

Another chimed in with, “When Stone Cold Steve Austin does it, there is a audience full of people paying. When the Black man does it, the only people looking for him are the police…ain’t that a blip?”

A third observer added, “Not his first time, and not her last.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. My husband and I use to practice the figure four but that’s a different story…I have no advice for single black women because they spoke out against Will. So now good luck with getting Darnell and Tyrone to help you with anything. They would rather see you get knocked out

  2. Arrest the guy who just sat there recording this. She didnt need footage to convict the fool fighting her.

  3. These ni99as be weak af. And lame mfs in the background filming and laughing. Ladies, stay away from these types of losers.

  4. Some of you black females need to understand….some of your sistahs, more than you want to admit, think a man is weak, if he don’t put hands on her.

  5. She probably wont press charges and he’ll be babysitting and abusing her kids while she’s at work.

  6. @Fast Freddie: Sick in the head sistahs, love violent negroes. It is what it is

  7. He’s doing to the woman what he don’t have guts to do to the white man.

    Simp? yea

  8. They probably already reconciled. I’ve seen worse and the woman still stayed.

  9. The angry black woman is not a stereotype; it’s reality. And shows why we have generations of black children devoid of natural affection, killing each other, and destroying neighborhoods like locusts

  10. @Blade Brown: Meanwhile it’s the angry, broke black man putting her in a wrestling move. Stfu.

  11. Niggas Will Take SHIT Off Men-

    All Day 😒

    Then Get MAD & Attack Women ✔️

  12. so they just gon sit there, record and watch a woman get beat on by a coward of a man.

  13. Another embarrassing event for blk people. Can people keep their hands to themselves. And these idiots laughing should be arrested

  14. This is the epitome of Disgusting ‼️ How the fk are a crowd of grown men just recording and laughing at this woman being assaulted my her bf?! Not ☝🏽 even tried to help her or stop the dude ! 🙄 Guess likes are more important that helping a woman getting assaulted! A bunch of COWARDS the whole lot of them!!

  15. That’s crazy they all laughing and 💩like it’s cool..🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. Y’all have to stop expecting people to help people they don’t know.
    A man was killed at a Detroit casino because he interfered in a couple’s situation. The man pulled a gun out and killed him. That could happen to ANYONE!!!


  17. I understand that nowadays most people don’t want to get involved when they see this sort of thing going on but ALL those men just standing around and not one at least trying to call the police? The way he grabbed her and then went down like that he could have snapped her neck. That’s clearly NOT the first time he’s done something like this.

  18. I wonder what she did for him to do that? He could have killed her doing that, putting hands on your girlfriend is goofy, you get back at women by sleeping with females that are close to them, prettier females, or just walking away, when you put hands on your girl that means emotionally she controls you, because women are here to sleep with not here to practice wwf moves on🤦‍♂️The video was funny I’m not gonna lie, dude was goofy for that but it was still funny

  19. Shame on all these “men” in the background laughing like it’s funny. Would they feel the same way if some man was roughing up their sister like that? These dudes are pathetic.

  20. And there’s men right there not doing a thing… If she were white, those dude would have ran to help. 🙃

  21. Looked more like the diamond cutter vs stone cold stunner but still sad no one came to help or even stop it.

  22. Blk men are becoming a huge disgrace


    Round of applause 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    to all the wack a$$ mothers for raising bums, losers, felons and animals

  23. And all of his woman beating and cheating friends are laughing.

    N!ggas never fail to disappoint. I want none of them.

  24. Omg,What is wrong with him,and those fools filming and laughing? These are not men.its a damn DISGRACE. They need to be caught and locked up. Damn clowns.Ugh I Pray the Young Woman will be alright.

  25. Some subtle relationship RED FLAGS to look out for;
    1. Extremely violent 2. Likes to shoot ppl
    3. Killed previous GF, Wife, or Mother
    4. Currently in Prison &/or Death Row
    5. Might get the electric chair

  26. I was abused most of my marriage. He strangled me and wouldn’t let me and my kids n dogs out of the house because he loved me. He gave me gifts n then hit me, he gave me cuddles then slap me in the face. He said he loved me then raped me when I slept. I woke up with him on top of me.

  27. I hate that GROWN MEN were standing around recording and the most that they did is offer up a weak assed “yall stop”… SMH…I hope she had the sense to call police on him. I would see him rot in jail for that. He’s less than a man for pawing on her and then assaulting her. She was trying to get away.

  28. Two adults fighting🤔what’s the issue?
    No more equality? Ok, please keep that energy for the rest of the year.

  29. @MichelleH: Would you stop it and possibly get shot? I await your lying answer…

  30. @MichelleH: Why should black men do anything about this? We don’t know what she did to that man and we don’t work for you.

  31. It’s best to not get in the middle of domestic disputes. Just call the cops. Personally I wouldn’t even do that because if the chick doesn’t like how she’s being treated it’s her job to leave. Lots of women enjoy being in abusive relationships.

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