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Tearful Flex told spouse Shanice he’s dead broke

Flex told Shanice he’s broke/Black Love

Flex broke down.

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows “One on One” actor Flex Alexander confessing to his wife — R&B singer Shanice — that he’s so broke he once borrowed $350 to take her out on a date. Flex and Shanice, if you recall, filed bankruptcy a few years back that left them homeless and destitute. A lachrymose Flex dropped the bombshell during an appearance on “Black Love” with comedic host Chris Spencer. “[It was] our anniversary and I couldn’t do anything for you,” Flex, 52, told Shanice as he wiped away tears. “And Chris, he gave me $350 so that I can take you out.” Chris, who also cried like a lil bitch, replied: “You weren’t supposed to tell her.” A shell-shocked Shanice, 49, was at a loss for words. She was completely blindsided. “Wow, this is my first time hearing this,” Shanice said. “Thank you, Chris.” Look, it’s not unusual for entertainers to fall out of favor in Hollywood. After all, Mo’Nique was blacklisted for years. Ditto for Isaiah Washington. But there’s 3 things wrong with this story.

1) Flex ain’t disabled and he’s in good health. Get a f*ckin’ job! Carl Anthony Payne, who starred on “Martin” and “The Cosby Show,” is selling cars to make ends meet. A stagnant métier is no excuse for penury. 2) There’s no way in hell I’m tellin’ my woman I borrowed money to take her out. I would’ve took that sh*t to the grave. And 3), N*ggas cry way too f*ckin’ much. It’s gay and mortifying. The way I see it, there’s only two acceptable scenarios for a man to snivel: Your mama died or you got shot in the ass.

Anything else, MAN UP!

Watch the emasculate video.

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  1. If you are willing to stay in a relationship where you can’t be emotionally vulnerable with a woman then you are prioritizing the wrong qualities in a woman.

  2. never show a women or anyone your weak spots because they might use that agaist you in the future (look at johnny depp), cuz you have no idea when people are gonna turn agaist you they just flip in a second no matter how close they are to you even if they were your best friends or family even.

  3. My wife left me after 9 years, I was vulnerable around her and it cost everything we had. I will never show another female that side of me again.

  4. If you act vulnerable infront of a woman she will use that against you in the future. Believe it.

  5. Will smith is a great example of why you should NEVER be too vulearable

  6. Wish I wuz there I woulda knocked Flex upside his f**ckin head and told him to stop being a pussy

  7. i once cried in front of my girlfriend for good reason, and she dumped me and said it was because i cried.

  8. I’ve cried in front of wife couple times and she was understanding at the time. Few years later she made a joke about it. Never again I said.

  9. Simply put….she will think you’re weak…as she laughs at you….then soon afterwards, she will either kick you out or walk out of your life. Just an observation……

  10. If your girl leaves you when your vulnerable or uses it against you then you picked the wrong woman. All the guys in this comment section just have bruised egos. Perhaps there are some women who just want security and shit but as a woman, I can tell you that a guy who acts like a robot with no vulnerability or negative feelings is extremely unattractive.

  11. Oh let’s see, I cried in front of a chick and she reminded me how good she was in bed and how tight her vag is. I cried because I was losing her and she really went for my jugular. Good times. (Actually, she was pretty brutal and it tear me up for a while). Same thing happened to a buddy of mine but he had a child with his chick. Watch out for malignant narcissists.

  12. I knew they had some tough times, they lost their residence once and and lived in a Hotel but told the kids it was a vacation. I think working people have been there.

  13. Don’t understand it when his Wife is a GREAT SINGER With a Few Top #10 HITS & Should Easily be Touring EVERY Yr Especially if they NEEEED The $$$!! 🤔

  14. Don’t ever cry in front of the woman you like. They can try to convince you (and probably themselves) all they want that a man should be emotional and show his feelings. It’s in female nature to be attracted to strong men and crying makes you look weak.
    Don’t shoot the messenger, just telling you the facts.

  15. A lot of Hollywood people go homeless because they lived above their means. They buy the fancy foreign car and move into a huge overpriced house (which is every house in LA) and then they can’t afford to hold on to those things once they are out of work. Not saying that this happened to Flex but I have seen it happen to a few people and not just in Hollywood.

  16. I Had No Idea Flex Is Homeless,That Goes To Show,Anything Can Happen To Anyone In Life. He’ll Come Back From This,Count On It. I’m Glad To Know He Has A High Quality,Old School RIDE OR DIE Black Woman Like Shanice By His Side,Unlike Will,Who Unfortunately Is Staying With Jada While She STABS HIM IN THE BACK,Hopefully He’ll Wake Up And Divorce That Self Centered NARCISSIST!!!

  17. Hell No, I have been in this situation before, she went tell her friends that I was acting like a girl, I have my guys and my best friend to talk to about my personal issues and whenever I need a space or I can cry by myself on my own space.

  18. I don’t feel sorry for any of these entertainers who goes broke…all that money they accumulate over the years (beyond thousandaires and sometimes million and multimillionaires..there is no way any of them should go broke..I don’t care if producers and such get over you should still have enough money to at least not be homeless)..and you got average Joe’s who work EVERYDAY from sun up to sun down making $8.00 who has never been homeless…and anyway that’s his karma for playing Michael Jackson in that godawful movie…Fk Flex..I just don’t feel sorry for him (I can forgive him for doing MJ like that but he shouldn’t have been homeless w the money he has made over the years)…just MY opinion

  19. Men NEVER cry in front of a woman. Not even if a family member dies. They will never look at you the same again, and use it against you in the future if possible. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and I cried in the hospital. She ran me down about it in the hallway outside his hospital room. I knew that day she permanently changed the way she saw me, even though it ended up being a death sentence for him.

  20. I have had high highs and low lows and you know what I learned? To be grateful and never, ever judge. I applaud everyone that can live publicly and not fall apart when trials come. Flex and his wife have real love and God so they’ll be just fine.

  21. How the hell do you become homeless making all that money he made

  22. Do not I repeat do not cry in front of your woman.. Take a drive or a walk and cry yourself out and regain your composure, get back to business. It’s not that men don’t want to cry it’s just that crying won’t solve the issue at hand, so why waste your time crying about something you can actually do something about. Now if it’s something you have no control over (death etc)then, maybe only then can you allow your lady to see you cry. Naturally it turns women off especially if you can actually do something about the situation. Good luck gents.

  23. The very first time you ever cry in front of a woman she will view you as less than, unattractive, and will lose most or all respect from her. It doesn’t matter how hard the issue is that you’re dealing with, she is gone – maybe not physically, but in her heart and mind she is 100% done with you.

  24. Thing is a lot of times when you get that first big check, especially when you are young, you think that you’ll get another to replace that one so you spend it. Then you get your next pay check, boom, same mentality. And the cycle continues. I look back at my first job with Comcast. My first two week check wasn’t but $500/600 but back then when the cost of living was much lower, I had real money on me for once and didn’t have to beg anyone to loan me this or loan me that. PS2 cost $600? I bought it. Games $50 each? Let me get all of the launch titles, wasn’t nothing. You buy things way beyond your means but hey, you’ll get that next check and you’ll be alright… UNTIL YOU DON’T. And then you have to pay that car note, and that mortgage, and that utility bill, and that insurance, you know what I mean. That steady income you thought you had easily covered it all but once it’s gone, if you didn’t save/invest, that debit is gone come at you fast when you don’t have income to replenish your account.

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