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Black chick admits dating ‘boring’ men really sucks

Black chick says nice guys suck/YouTube

Nice guys finish last. 

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a prepossessing black chick admitting nice guys are insipid. She’d rather have Pookie & Ray Ray instead. The petite redbone also said women typically take advantage of simps. “If you are boring and nice as a man, don’t date. And don’t let a woman find out you’re willing to spend money,” she said. “You’re boring, you’re nice and you’re not shy with the credit card, you’re gonna get used whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. She’s gonna use you because you’re freakin’ nice and boring. She’s going to end up being with a man who’s not boring [even though] he might not be nice.” Damn. Social Media reaction was wicked. One viewer wrote, “Boring means working a job and no criminal record. Men you can’t even entertain this foolishness. Women and their love for evil!” Another chimed in with, “If you’re a woman and you act like a man, talk like a man and drink like a man, don’t expect to keep a man.” A third observer added, “This is the biggest reason I don’t date black women. They are only used to drama, fighting and zero peace. I’m good on that. Thanks though.” 

Do you agree with the popsy?

Should nice guys finish last?

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  1. Basically in this era to have a girlfriend you need to walk with a Machete, TNT bombs, a grenade, wear a bulletproof, look serious like the Terminator, play mind tricks on women like a magician, don’t love them at all, insult them, have a voice of hulk, choke them in bed. No thank you!

  2. Guys, you are not boring. She just doesn’t like the type of person you are. So, don’t waste any of your time OR money on her. Only date women who like you. Don’t waste resources on trying to change some 304’s mind.

  3. Generally speaking, this is sound advice, especially concerning black women. I am in my 50’s and was a physically fit nerd. I had no problem getting women, but keeping them was the problem, because they said I was “boring.” Putting aside the fact that after dumping me, they all, without exception tried to come back after a while, the problem kept repeating itself. Fast forward to now, I am happily married and own my own home. Many of these women are still single, and couldn’t buy a husband for any amount of money, because they have been ran through so many times, and have lost their looks. I think black society and black mothers have failed their sons and daughters.

  4. The economy is tanking & they still talking/ acting crazy out here!!!!! A lot of them are going to get sheared!!! Like sheep!!!!!

  5. This is why the nice professional good working class black men are with white women and non-black women cause of their traditional values and stay away from modern toxic black women that don’t have traditional values and whom prefer Pookies and Ray Rays..

  6. And this is what good black men face when trying to date within the community. Our community doesn’t value good men yet complain that all men ain’t sh*t

  7. Well ladies, this is a situation that you all are going to have to rectify amongst yourselves. Men generally are motivated by the things you say impresses you. She is recommending we be mean to you all. Men are problem solvers. If the problem is being too nice, Men will fix it. Enjoy.

  8. I kind of agree with her it’s a harsh reality that we have to deal with I have to systematically be mean just to keep woman’s attention even when I know I don’t want to but I understand the game. Now that I’m a bit older I just laugh these women show back up 10 years later with two kids knee deep in debt 30 pounds heavier thinking I’m going to Captain save a 304….. but I’m singing chicken heads!

  9. First of all what is boring? Stable, mature, reliable etc., of course you are boring to idiots like her. If you are those things, date, but don’t date idiots like her that will be saying ten years from now, where have all the good men gone? They are all taken, and they are not interested in b_t_h_s like her.

  10. Women love to be in SIN and they want a man
    That’s in Sin and of the world both will die in their

  11. And yet, those men will the very ones she’ll complain about when he with a woman of another race!

  12. This is the type of woman that ends up in a ditch. And no one’s cares.

  13. my ex told me that we’d get along better if i was more “street”. meanwhile, she’s getting socked in the face by the “street” guys.
    lmfao! leave them to it boys….

  14. Men keep in mind also that they like to leave the nice guys single, alone and sexless so you will be there for the pickings when they are done getting ran thru by the badboys so you can help them retire. This is part of the plan. To put you on the SHELF. Seek out women of other races and cultures who know how to handle a nice guy and the simple fact that you’re different to her makes you exciting to her. Don’t let these women put you on the shelf for “emergency use only”. #SYSBM

  15. So basically these women are demonic 🤔

    KJV Bible book of ISAIAH 5:20
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    MATTHEW 5:5
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
    Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

  16. Yet another reason why our community is lost and at the bottom. BW in their 20’s and early-30’s would rather hookup with Ray-Ray and Pookie, have children out of wedlock, then when they hit 35 look for Steady Eddie to rescue them from their poor choices. However, by that time, Steady Eddie has built his own family and isn’t available. Then the babymama’s cry, “Where are all the good men?” Answer: They’re with the good women.

  17. Let Pookie and Ray Ray pass this 304 around til she hit that wall. Much love to all my real queens out there

  18. They say this but when they get cheated on they say niggas ain’t shit😂🤦‍♂️

  19. This is why I stopped dating lol I’d rather pursue and achieve my goals why invest your time into a woman thats high risk low reward and doesn’t have nothing to offer but conditional love I’m good on that

  20. men act nice ..yuck disgusting weak boring…
    men refuse to be nice ..what a monster you are a tyrant where are the good men at??😂😂

  21. Women’s use nice guys, and then get used by the bad boys, they hit 35 and cry where are all the nice guys.

  22. So what was the point of these women demanding men to respect women and treat them like ladies as a gentlemen only to get disrespect and insults? Oh that’s right it’s really to make men into useful and compliant doormats. If this is how these modern women think of nice guys, then they don’t deserve one.


  24. As a nice guy that’s transitioning into a fuck nigga. I got enough d-boys and pretty boys in my circle to know this is absolutely true! I’ve fallen victim to just being to nice to a bihhhh!

  25. What’s so wrong with living a simple life free of most drama?
    Swear these modern women are beyond delusional.
    DAFUQ am I supposed to be James Bond 007?
    Have shit explode around me.
    Bullets flying through my car.
    Running like I’m Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible.
    Have a secret lair like I’m Bruce Wayne.

  26. Nice guys don’t finish last and they are not boring. It’s reverse psychology. Bad boys are usually the biggest simps. Women like this let you use them for money and sex. She’s getting money in exchange for a experience. Nice guys don’t waste there time with women like this. She pretty that’s it.

  27. As I see it modern women isn’t worth it. I never go up to a woman trying to date/like me.
    I just work and train every day. The world is fucked anyway and humans will die out like the dinosaurs, so all the drama and game isn’t worth it.

  28. For any man attempting to date her, u deserve what’s coming for u! Everybody should be plugged enough to see who she is by now! So, for the simps not avoiding this one, I hope u get taken around the block umteen times!!!

  29. It does suck to be turned down by the attractive woman, but in the long run, that crazy attractive woman will ruin your life day by day. Rejection is a lot better than lifelong pain

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