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Black chick admits dating ‘boring’ men really sucks

Black chick says nice guys suck/YouTube

Nice guys finish last. 

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a prepossessing black chick admitting nice guys are insipid. She’d rather have Pookie & Ray Ray instead. The petite redbone also said women typically take advantage of simps. “If you are boring and nice as a man, don’t date. And don’t let a woman find out you’re willing to spend money,” she said. “You’re boring, you’re nice and you’re not shy with the credit card, you’re gonna get used whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. She’s gonna use you because you’re freakin’ nice and boring. She’s going to end up being with a man who’s not boring [even though] he might not be nice.” Damn. Social Media reaction was wicked. One viewer wrote, “Boring means working a job and no criminal record. Men you can’t even entertain this foolishness. Women and their love for evil!” Another chimed in with, “If you’re a woman and you act like a man, talk like a man and drink like a man, don’t expect to keep a man.” A third observer added, “This is the biggest reason I don’t date black women. They are only used to drama, fighting and zero peace. I’m good on that. Thanks though.” 

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Should nice guys finish last?

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  1. That’s why I stay to myself. If u don’t meet there standards u ain’t shit to them

  2. This is why women say men ain’t shit cause they want that hood nigga that’s going to beat they ass and treat them like shit

  3. Dam give a dude a chance to come out his shell 🐚 plus that super confident guy is probably just looking right thru you just as well ,so if you really think you have some (ulterior motive ) most likely he does too, especially after this video 👺👺

  4. That’s the most stupidest thing I have ever heard of. You are a crash dummy! Brothers focus on yourself. Get the power get the money and hoes will soon follow. Save your money for ladies not hoes.

  5. She want nice and boring after they been ran thru with a few kids.🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. The type of woman that wants that boring nice guy after all the others done ran thru her ass then wants to bring that thrash to the nice boring guy

  7. See, this what happenes when fathers, spoil TF out their daughters, instead of teaching em how to respect themselves and others, no matter gender

  8. Ignorance must be bliss, and she’ll end up with a man that treats her like shit, and later on down the line want that nice guy

  9. Sadly, she speaking the truth for a group of women, but not all! After a few kids, and she in her 40’s she’ll be ready for the nice boring type, realizing those will be the BEST days of her life!

  10. Who is she to tell anybody anything? Most women live in a delusional fantasy world state of mind. I get the part about spending cause people look to take advantage of each other sometimes. (That’s a given) She sounds like she’s saying sleep wit her friends and family members cause that’s exciting to her. Lol

  11. When you listen to her , you understand clearly why there are so many chicks complaining about men . They want love , loyalty and consistency BUT they think these guys are boring .Smh

  12. Sadly world we live in now a days where women actually think men are nice and boring shouldn’t be dating 😂 in reality women love those types of men

  13. That’s the main reason why I stay single and lonely …. And nothing wrong with that

  14. No, men shouldn’t date toxic women like that. This is the same type years later with multiple baby daddies talking about men ain’t shit.

  15. Nice guys needs to stay away from women like her and date a woman who isn’t for the streets!

  16. So basically we need to jump through fire hoops to keep a brawd. Man. Id rather catch & release every few months. Better than wasting all your energy entertaining her bcuz she can still run with another guy no matter what you do or don’t do

  17. Gotta be a bit gangsta and nice. There’s a balance, the sweet spot. Someday your hot next day you’re cold, don’t be too predictable… be like a roller coaster.

  18. It’s all kinds of women in this world. The belief that everyone is toxic like her speaks to her egoism and delusions. I’ve dated hot, beautiful women who were simple and simply wanted a family. There is someone for everyone and usually more than one. Stop buying this belief that there are only one type characteristics in society. The problem is that most of the time the people that’s doing all the talking are usually the most hurt people

  19. I be ignoring women, but they be coming to me all up in my space when I be minding my business.

  20. The perception is “nice guys” are boring because they enjoy they own hobbies and do them, when whenever you get with a woman she wants everything to evolve around her and trying to keep her interested. I don’t give a FUCK what she’s into or wanting to do, imma do me regardless.

  21. The bible says Eve is the devil that’s why women love bad guys so much. God bless you all Jesus is Lord God bless everybody

  22. Let’s define what nice and bad means. Nice = polite, kind, well executed, socially acceptable. Bad = failing to reach an acceptable standard. Now knowing this you have to ask yourself what the hell am I actually saying. There are a lot of nice men out there and a lot of women are married and dating them. What you really mean to say is a “beta male”. That’s okay if you like “alpha males”. Now what’s important here is to realize that dating isn’t only just about this it’s about finding things in common with a person as well. So someone boring means you’re not choosing the right man that lines up with your interests and that’s your fault. It doesn’t have anything to do with him being nice or bad this is a foolish way of thinking.

  23. Fellas y’all are not getting it. I keep seeing men in the comment section defending being a nice guy and trying to rebrand it as a good guy. Stop being the nice/good guy! If you want women be cold period. The sad truth is women like dominance over them. You have to treat them like they are your little cousins. Yeah you love them, but at the end of the day they have to respect you significantly more than they like you. Remember, you respect men, you deal with women. Don’t ever get the two reversed. You are suppose to be nice to children and animals, not women!

  24. The day bitches started calling me pookie I knew I wasn’t a nerd no more 😂

  25. Actually most women are BORING themselves! they have absolutely nothing to talk about… What they talk about? Reality shows? shopping? gossipping about other couples? those are the only topics women know today.

  26. Dudes have gotta leave these women alone. Many have the Jezebel spirit that feminism only cultivates. The Bible itself says a wicked woman is given to a wicked man. Hence their love for “bad boys” and not wanting a righteous man. They tend to call men that are disciplined, reliable, and in order “boring”, further showing the woman’s tendency to chaos. This is also mentioned in the Bible.

    Leave them to their own devices. Women started this mess with feminism, which is rooted in witchcraft itself. Do the research. This is spiritual, not just physical.

  27. By her logic we shouldn’t get married or have the chance to procreate right. This is why Darwin theory is a thing. The fittest survive. Unfortunately shallowness isn’t adhearing to nature. I’m good being short, dark, boring, and introvert. 40 no kids unmarried single. I learned to be content . No one like being lonely but women want too much. I’m no criminal level head have degrees, cook, name it I do it. But non of that matters if your not perceived as attractive lol. It’s all good cause my time will be filled with school going back for my PhD. Already accepted.

  28. Put yourself first and don’t be a yes man. Have goals and don’t be afraid to lose her. If you’re a nice guy you will get played period

  29. If someone is kicking a female’s ass, I wouldn’t get involve because they want to be a man and they don’t respect black men.

  30. Of those women who say that kind of thing, yes, you always listen and are with them, who is that lady to come and speak for all women? and the worst thing is that you are all going to listen to her or you will treat a woman who perhaps did want something serious with you in a bad way, such as me who is dealing with traumas that these types of women leave in you, that I without having done nothing the person I’m with doesn’t trust me and isn’t capable of doing anything super serious for me because he has in his head the idea that I’m not that big of a deal, he doesn’t have to take me into account, I’m the only one who always tries to fix it especially when we’re in trouble because if I don’t do it hahaha that’s where everything ends because he’s not capable of doing his part in the relationship. thank you very much and keep listening to that type of women, that yes there are bad women, but not all. Luck.

  31. This is one of the reasons why I don’t get pissed not show any sympathy when I hear or see a women getting abused by her bf. They chose these bad men and whine like little bxtches when they get what they asked for and when abused or cheated or when a nigga leave they dumb ass pregnant with a child then they wanna blame all men over their foolish decision making. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. SMH 🤦🏿‍♂️

  32. A man doesn’t have to purposely act like an asshole in order to be liked sexually or romantically by women. If you do that, you just allow your true self to be changed by female nature.

    Just don’t chase intimacy in any shape or form. Chase greatness instead and intimacy will chase you.

  33. Nice guys are not boring to nice women. Nice guys are only boring to Hoes that need attention. A nice person don’t need company or a relationship to do kind things, it’s part of their character. She talking about simps looking for booty. And honestly people know exactly who they are and they feel like you’re stupid for taking them serious. It’s disgusting 🤢 and desperate! Those type of women can’t get the guy they want so they settle just to have somebody. YUUCCCKKK!! It’s all about booty no value.

  34. On a serious note women like this don’t know what they want & sometimes contradict themselves this shit sad 😢

  35. This is one of reasons why I’m not so harsh on these nice guys who get frustrated or disappointed with women aka complain is because these nice guys did everything right for women as well as being lied too. These types of women look down and disrespect nice guys and then expect these nice guys to come and marry them after having fun with the bad boys. The level of entitlement and arrogance from these modern women is appalling.

  36. I respectfully do not agree with her. She is not speaking for me that’s for sure.

  37. I think she’s warning men cause she knows these modern women ain’t sh*t

  38. What’s sad about black people, as a whole we keep putting out the wrong information. We are promoting violence and don’t even know it. This is just another form of mind control. What do you think will happen if you keep promoting the opposite of a nice guy??? The crime will continue to increase, and therefore more black men will be in jail. You don’t think this is controlled, by the system. People you really have to wake up. To Lack (B-Lack), is much deeper than you think…

  39. I know I’m out of line for making this statement but by looking at this video Im glad Imma gay male (LGBTQ) and I don’t have to put up with crap like this. Not to say Imma nice person but if I were a straight heterosexual man and a nice man with money then Idk how I would handle it if a female were to play me like this!!!

  40. I can’t stand women like this! They make it sound like we are all like her, which is ridiculous. He’s going to be taken advantage of? By who b****? Lames like you?! I don’t purposely take advantage of anyone, I don’t need to, I can earn my own shit. I love my “nice” and “boring” husband. We support each other equally. He is my rock and teammate and most importantly a fantastic father. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he is actually present and involved in their day to day lives?🤔 But I guess that’s just too “nice” and “boring”…🤷🏻‍♀️

  41. I might be a little boring. I think Im a nice dude. Been married for 13 years, got 4 kids, about to go on vacation with the fam in a week. Damn bruh, my life dope and so is my chic. So what do that mean? This the thing, it ain’t the man, it’s the dumb broads out here fellas you gotta stay away from. And it’s a whole lot of em.

  42. Females that think like this and make videos about it, clearly have nothing going on in their lives. If you don’t date boring guys that’s cool, but don’t be speaking for all men telling them they shouldn’t date if they are boring. Like who TF are you? Some Females arrogance these days is staggering.

  43. Fellas these modern women ain’t hitting on shit leave em alone if you get lucky and find the unicorn traditional women get the hell out the way

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