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Beyoncé impersonator is thriving as a transgender

Riley is Beyoncé’s No. 1 impersonator/YouTube

Riley Knoxx says she’s a woman.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Beyoncé impersonator Riley Knoxx has heterosexual men paranoid because he’s out here flossin’ as a transgender woman and the Average Joe can’t decipher the dissimilarity between a biological popsy and a tranny. Can’t lie, Riley is a spitting image of Queen Bey despite being born with a penis and Adam’s Apple. He’s also a fashion designer, he performs at NBA games, and he’s in a music video with Taylor Swift. But, not everybody’s a fan. R&B singer Macy Gray pissed Riley off when she said, “You’re NOT A WOMAN just because you got surgery!” During Monday’s appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, the 54-year-old Grammy winner told host Morgan: “I will say this and everyone’s gonna hate me but, as a woman, just because you go change your [body] parts, doesn’t make you a woman, sorry.”

Social media reaction was mixed. One viewer wrote, “Totally agree… Men are men and women are women. Tough sh*t!” Another chimed in with, “Who cares what Macy Gray has to say. The only reason she’s on Piers Morgan’s show is because she has an axe to grind with transgender people.” A third observer added, “That’s right queen! Speak the truth!” 

Riley clapped back with a video saying, “F*ck Macy Gray!” 

She also called Piers Morgan an “asshole.”

Do you agree with Macy?

Are transgender women overstepping their bounds?

Watch the videos.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Macy is correct; transwomen are men who changed their bodies into a woman’s body. They were born male and will never be a biological female, they are a transgender woman.

  2. Riley looks like a man to me , regardless of all the surgery she had

  3. I just say let everyone live in their truth. I hate it when others try to make people any person feel less than. The world is big enough for all of us.

  4. Social media is the devil! Macy Gray has every right to say exchanging your private parts for another dosen’t make you that gender. Now, if you want me to call you a woman, I I’ll try my very best…but don’t come to me with that “cis woman”, “cis man” or “birthing people” bullshit!!!

  5. I’m a trans woman, but I know that Macy didn’t say anything wrong at all. We’re trans women not women.

  6. Macy Gray is like a modern-day Rosa Parks for saying that on TV. Very few have the courage to stand up against the hate mob. Now they’ll come for her.

  7. Sorry but if you can’t face biology it’s a fact a biological born man will always be a biological born man regardless of how you identify that’s your own personal shit


  9. you trans women don’t know what it feels to be female yet you insist calling your self a woman.

  10. IF trans woman were minding their business and living their lives there would be no problem. But they are trying to declare war on biological woman. By invading their safe sex spaces, their sport categories, and trying to eliminate their words. How about create your own lane?

  11. I doubt a trans woman would understand my issues with dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids and the recent hysterectomy my body is still trying to recover from. 😔

  12. Macy is so right, you cannot just do surgery and decide you are a woman if your born a man. God never make mistake and whatever sex God made you that’s what you are, no matter what you do you cannot change that, you can pretend but you are the sex your born with

  13. To all the people who say that transgender women aren’t real women – get a grip! If a cis woman was unfortunate enough to get uterine cancer, and her uterus had to be removed, would she then cease to female because she doesn’t have a uterus? No, stupid, she would still act and think like a woman! What determines your gender is in your brain, not what you have “down below”. Leave transgender people alone, they’re not harming you!

  14. Girl yes, no surgery will make a man a woman. Thank you for saying it publicly.

  15. How can you take anyone seriously with that voice? So immature….It works when singing, not in real life conversation.

  16. I agree with Macy. If God did not make you a woman or a man, then you are not that. I can say I am a 🐈 cat, but I am not.

  17. Start with these parents teaching their damn kids you are a girl you going to grow up liking men, if your boy you going to grow up to liking a woman,,,,, media f*** up these kids they’re all confused

  18. Trans woman are woman, Just not cis, don’t understand why people are still hung up on this as if they’re competing with y’all. At the end of the day trans woman can’t get pregnant so keep it pushing and stop the hate, most of y’all believe in “god” too but choose to hate.

  19. Thank you for being honest Macy. People have gone mad over this issue. They will look you straight in your face and tell you a man can now get pregnant. The entire world is laughing at any government that has actually said they can not tell you what a woman is. Thank you so much for being real!

  20. I’m rocking with Macy Grace. She gave her honest opinion so suck it up buttercup.

  21. There was No lies told here. The Truth will piss you off, before it sets you free. #Gender is a fact!

  22. Disappointed in Macy. No one should tell someone else how they identify. I am a straight woman but if someone feels they are female but were born male they have every right to feel they are a woman. I am sure if they could have made that a choice as a child they would have made it. What is it to anyone else how someone identifies. Who are you to tell someone else who they actually identify as on the inside. Sad she is catering to the hateful as seen in the comments. They eat up the hate.

  23. Can’t we all just be American? This ideology is communism. Which is destroying this great nation.

  24. It’s simply boggles the mind that back in the day the gay community didn’t want people forcing their lifestyle on them and trying to convert them back to the straight lifestyle claiming you’re forcing your beliefs on the gay community because you say we’re not normal, now you can’t turn on the TV or flip through 5000 channels on a TV or go outside without the alphabet people throwing their vaginas and penises in your face and them saying it’s normal and saying you have to accept my lifestyle, you have to accept my lifestyle, you have to accept my lifestyle, and we have 3-year-olds thinking that they need sex changes when they don’t even know what they want for breakfast. It’s just human nature give them an inch they take a mile and if you don’t accept my lifestyle you’re a racist an ism or phob or some kind of Oppression Olympics has to go on for these people.. and it’s not the case, 99% of the people of this country don’t give a crap what you do as long as it doesn’t hurt other people or hurt children or affect their lifestyle or what’s happening in their life you could do whatever you want, but the point is don’t cross that line into their life and affect their life, it makes sense but this rainbow alphabet people crap it’s going too far and you’re going to get pushed back because you crossed the line and that’s not phobic and that’s not oppression, that’s just plain common sense people want to live their life in their tiny little world, in their tiny little Universe, in their home or their Community without somebody else Force feeding them some garbage in their face and down their throat saying you have to accept this.. we got to learn how to use your pronouns or else you lose your job and you lose your home and your friends and family because people are trying to portray you as something you’re not just because they’re trying to force their beliefs and opinions into your lifestyle and really we got to learn to use your pronouns you’re inventing names you’re inventing words that never existed and are not in the dictionary and if they are in the dictionary they are listed under the different meanings that you’re utilizing them for and somehow or another we got to accept this because you’re too thin skin snowflake sensitive butt can’t handle life!!

  25. Look all you trans people can get all bent out of shape, but if you still got a Penis or a Vagina or boobs or no boobs, you are not a woman, and even then you may be a physical woman after all sex organs are replaced, but biologically you are not a woman. Maybe chemically you are a woman, but you are not biologically a woman, now this does not mean I am hating on trans people, but its the honest truth.

  26. Everybody Trans and Gay until y’all get dropped in 3rd world country… cough cough **Britney Griner* cough…. Roflmao!

  27. I am a gay man who has trans women friends. I know the agony that they have been through. Shame on you conservatives for judging them. And this washed up former celebrity Macy somebody has to go on bigot Piers Morgan’s right wing hatchet job show to express her ignorant opinions.

  28. So if you don’t agree/support gay/trans lifestyle then you’re a homophobic/transphobic? SMH This world is so sad. Macy is 100% right.

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