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O’Reilly Auto Parts worker shoots customer in store

Ke’Laron Watson shot a customer/YouTube

O’Reilly cashier shoots customer. 

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DAYTON — Ke’Laron Watson, a cashier at O’Reilly Auto Parts, was thrown in the Montgomery County Jail after she shot a customer inside the store. The sanguinary ordeal transpired Thursday night in Dayton, Ohio. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the female customer thwacking Ke’Laron multiple times in the head. After the fight concluded, the patron picked up her things and sauntered towards the exit. That’s when Ke’Laron grabbed her gun from behind the counter and opened fire — shooting the lady as her back was turned. Ke’Laron then kicked the bonnet-wearing redbone as she laid helplessly on the ground. The customer had her boyfriend drive her to Miami Valley Hospital where she received treatment for a gunshot wound in the arm. Ke’Laron was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Realizing she was in deep doo-doo, Ke’Laron tried to claim self-defense.

But video corroboration shows she shot the customer as she started to walk away.

Ke’Laron called 911 and told the operator, “She put her hands on me and she pulled my hair out and everything else. And while she was beating on me, I shot her.” The court affidavit, however, tells a different story. “A video taken by an unknown witness appeared on social media capturing the incident and shows (the gunshot victim) attacking Watson. It then shows Watson retrieving a gun and pointing it at (the victim) and firing it at her as she is walking away,” the affidavit states.

Are you buying Ke’Laron’s self-defense argument?

Does she deserve prison time?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She couldn’t fight so she shot her. I mean what did u expect and you sitting there talking about somebody mother?

  2. I never saw a fight, as the employee never once threw a punch. What I saw was an attack where the customer came and dragged the employee from behind the counter. What should have happened next is that once the employee got back behind the counter she should have called the police about the attack.

    A few questions though:
    1) Why should there have been a full on argument with a customer? You are in customer service and should have been more professional about your job.
    2) Should these portrayals cause more employees in businesses overall to get nervous and on edge when “our people” walk through the doors?
    3) Why doesn’t black lives matter to “our people” enough for us to be polite to each other, have love and respect and not want to kill each other?
    4) If black lives mattered to us, do we think it would have in turn mattered to the rest of the world?

  3. She was beating her up and expected her not to retaliate 💀Play with the Bull you get the horns it’s real out here.

  4. Well that customer asked for it she was being belligerent and then went and beat the employee self defense

  5. I’m fully on the side of the shooter. The idiot who attacked her isn’t so tough now huh?

  6. yeah but just cause she got beat up and didn’t win she didn’t have to go and get the gun she did that out of premeditated instincts smh 🤦 😒 the way you think is what’s wrong with society thinking ppl don’t fight no more all they do is shoot 🤔

  7. Everybody don’t accept being hit on. Most citizens will shoot your ass. We’re living in an age where guns have become the new fist fights. Keep your hands to yourself, I would have shot her ass too.

  8. That’s sad .we do each other the worst..and it’s ALWAYS about NOTHING!!!When we gonna protest about all the black on black crime?? We call all kind of black political figures to assist when a white person involved,but whenever we killing each other, don’t a mf say shit.Its like we don’t love ourselves,so afraid to humble ourselves or just to show some love😔.All this negative energy we absorb,to afraid to let love hangout..why.. love has become a symbol of weakness in our community and until THAT changes..we gonna keep letting this type of BS go on.Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters 💙

  9. The store clerk was violently attacked by the customer! She had no right to assault the clerk over words being exchanged! The customer went behind the counter & snatched the worker & began her attack! The employee had every right to defend herself! After the customer assaulted her she then began taunting her asking, “Who’s mother stupid now?” I don’t feel sorry for the aggressive customer she could have left out of that store & kept her hands to herself!!!

  10. That bitch threw the employee to the ground and was beating their ass, then she got shot. You get what you pay for..sorry not sorry 🤣

  11. She going to jail 🤦🏾‍♂️nothing about this was self defense straight coward

  12. The new theme song:

    “O O O Oh shit they shooting… Auto Parts” 🎶 😂

  13. This is not no way self defense the employee came from behind the counter for the fight she got her ass handed to her the lady was picking up her paper and heard the click turned away and was shot where is the self defense at. The customer wasn’t a threat at all. The employee engaged in the fight. It’s really common sense. That’s why her ass charged with shooting the lady thinking it was self defense now she got to fight for her freedom in court.

  14. Oh God, I just got in an altercation with a Bit*h as* man because his untitled as* couldn’t get what he wanted.

  15. You knew the customer was in trouble soon as the employee started walking funny towards her like that one guy from menace to society that shot Cane

  16. Too many folks letting they mouth write checks their ass can’t cash. (The clerk/shooter)

  17. I just stopped by to see if “Wayne get the battery!” is a meme yet.

  18. She had the nerve to say SORRY, after getting shot. So you really thought you had the privilege to put hands & feet on me and then go get back in your car and have a great day? WRONG!

  19. Everybody caping for the cashier BUT she wanted smoke that’s why she kept hurling insults.
    The problem: the coward cant fight. So the coward got a gun.
    Lesson: if you cant fight, dont let yo mouth write a check yo ass cant cash.

  20. When the aggressive customer came to attack her behind the counter,, that is when the employee should have shot her in self defense. However, From the beginning, the employee should have called the Police instead of going back and forth with the customer.

  21. The girl who shot is in trouble because she shot her in da back. the stupid as# law is gonna say she wasn’t a treath anymore and she was leaving
    She should have gotten her to turn around then emptied the clip

  22. That dumbass is pretty lucky she didn’t get shot to death,nothing should happen to the shooter, she was protecting her own life

  23. Bible being fulfilled. Demons have been loosed from the abyss and possessing people. Looks like something out of a movie. Demon possession is real.

  24. Well no charges should be charged the lady was beating the shit out her and she shot her that’s what you get might deter the rest of these demons from trying that bullying bull shit

  25. That witch was beating the hell out of the employee, I’m sure the woman being beat up was only thinking about defending herself.

  26. The shot woman was walking away when shot. The clerk followed the victim before shooting her. That was not self defense. If that footage gets into court I fear for the clerk.

  27. Maybe if the guy recording pulled the bitch off the employee and threw her to the ground maybe the employee wouldn’t have got the gun

  28. Not only is the victim good with her hands, but she also has superhuman healing. Dang, she got popped and kicked, and was out of the hospital right after.

    The cashier lied. She was not getting beat in her head while she shot her. The fight was over but ole mammoth got upset that the smaller woman mopped the floor with her. The bottom line is don’t mess with people with crazy eyes. They are CRAZY!

  29. I blame the bonnet.. whenever a ghetto chick wears a bonnet in public it gives evil super powers.. turns you into venom..

  30. Wait a minute so she went ahead and fought the lady & didn’t shoot her UNTIL AFTER she got her ass whipped??!! I can’t be fighting even a teenager I’ve had 6 failed back surgeries am on 3 different hi dosage opioid pain meds & I can’t even run away cuz my legs give out & I fall. If a Mf EVEN COMES AT ME bout to hit my ass I’m droppin em wit my Sig Sauer. BUT I’M NOT starting shit or arguing wit Mfs and I’m always trying to calm ppl down not argue wit em cuz that’s BS knowing ima shoot they ass once they come at me. If ypu gonna go ahead & fight someone yo ass can’t go get da strap & shoot em in da back cuz ya got yo ass whooped smdh.

  31. The customer was asking for it. She called that girl a Bitch then proceeded to pull her from behind the counter. The cashier should have had the gun while being attacked but not after the fact. Cashier girl bout to do some time.

  32. How did she get to bring a gun to work and keep it right behind the counter?

  33. Don’t come for me but I’m sorry, the clerk was stupid. After getting my ass whooped, fuck that gun I wouldve reached for a phone and called a labor lawyer. I wouldve gotten paid on the company’s dime. Under the laws of OSHA the burden is on the company to keep employees safe, not to mention multiple injuries she sustained. Now all she’s getting is a trip to jail and possibly prison, smdh😕

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