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Security guard got smoked outside a ghetto mini-mart

Police officials are investigating after the flip-flop bandit smoked a security guard in broad daylight then robbed his ass. The shooting transpired July 22nd outside a ghetto mini-mart. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows the hooded gunman in flip-flops creepin’ up behind the corpulent guard before pulling the trigger. After shooting the victim multiple times at point-blank range, the trigger-happy assassin purloined dude’s cash and personal belongings then took off runnin.’ Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One viewer wrote, “President Biden wants to take your guns so criminals like this can make you their bitch.” Another chimed in with, “Please do this to Bill Gates and his friends.” A third observer added, “That security guard needs security.” Another man was at the crime scene but the killer let him go. So the attack was definitely personal.

Maybe it was a gay lover, who knows?

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Flip flops and cowardice? Must be a favela pu*sy boy working for his hard-earned Reales.Love it when the army enters their sh*t holes an goes full Putins Russia on they azzes blowin them away to kingdom come..

  2. Even someone not working security is gonna pay attention to someone approaching them wearing a hoodie on a hot ass day.

  3. I didn’t watch this post. But everyday there is someone dying on here. Can we get a brake from these kind of post just for like 3 days. Geesh.

  4. Crazy. The victim probably had plans that night and everything. You never know from one minute to the next in this world. Kind of like roaches or ants that are minding their own business trying to find something to eat, and they get stepped on, or sprayed with RAID and are gone in an instant. The universe works the same for everything that live in it unfortunately.

  5. He did that in flip flops. Pretty gangsta

  6. Given that security officers size and the light weight size of the gunman, I’m gonna assume that the security officer put hands on him and prob embarrassed him and unfortunately this is the retaliation.

  7. Should be in the back watching the cameras not out front talking. If they know you have it on you they definitely killing first to get the gun.

  8. The flip-flop bandit strikes again! seriously, this is another lesson in situational awareness…don’t get overly distracted to the point where you don’t see a killer walk right up to you, like the guy in the vid ^ R.I.P.

  9. how he not see a n1gga with a hoodie creepin like that right fuckin there? he was caught lackin for sure

  10. Blks beat and murder eachother by the hundreds daily and then have the audacity to turn around and scream BLM . Foh …

  11. @I_Drop_Fools: When Whites stop fúcking animals and family… 😳 So you tell us when that might be…

  12. security guard? how could you tell? just looked like a fat guy in a t shirt

    and wtf is with all these folks commiting crimes in flip flops? how tf you supposed to run in flip flops? smh

  13. no one expects the man in flip flops to do somethin like this

  14. I’m pretty sure dude got dragged out the club before by him, that could make u wanna shoot in the heat of moment, just let it go tho

  15. Some suspicious looking mf’er that u don’t know coming straight at you while staring at u… better keep ur head on a swivel and stay strapped just in case

  16. Y’all wanna get a easy job like security deal with the consequences lazy azz nikkaz

  17. dude standing outside in a white tshirt no uniform and he’s supposed to be a security guard?

  18. Then the demon went through his pockets. I thought Black Live Mattered. And I am black

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