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Taco Bell manager poured boiling water on mom & kid

Taco John's

Manager drenches customers/YouTube

Taco Bell is gettin’ sued. 

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DALLAS — Taco Bell is being sued by a black mother and her daughter after a manager drenched their asses with boiling hot water during a dispute. The donnybrook transpired on June 17th in Dallas, Texas. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Brittany Davis and her 16-year-old kid having contretemps with a white cashier over an erroneous order. When Brittany and her partner-in-crime went behind the counter, a female manager grabbed a “scalding bucket of water” and poured it on ’em. Dayuuummm! Brittany and the young girl scurried towards the exit like cockroaches. Both suffered acute third-degree burns, causing their “skin to bubble the size of softballs.” Ouch! To add insult to injury, employees mocked the maimed females as they effectuated an egress. According to the lawsuit, “As this family was leaving the parking lot, a Taco Bell employee came outside the front door, laughing, clapping and taunting the family – adding insult to horrific injury.”

Brittany is seeking $1 million in damages. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump is representing her. So this promises to become “Black Lives Matter” litigation. Prior to gettin’ doused, Brittany told investigators she went through drive-thru three times to have the entrée rectified. An employee eventually let ’em inside the locked dining area where all hell ultimately broke loose.

The manager is claiming self-defense.

Are you Team Brittany or Team Taco Bell?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Lately it seems like a certain type of people seem entitled to behave however they want whenever they want. These amazing employees reminded this certain group of people that we don’t have to put up with their antics.

  2. When they took their asses behind that counter all bets were off. They should not have took their asses behind that counter. A jury isn’t going to award them anything because they took their asses behind that counter. Those employees had no idea what that girl and her mother were going to do once they got behind that counter.

  3. mgr class 101:
    1. sorry we got your order wrong, we will…..
    2. here is an extra coupon for your troubles
    3. would you a complimentary……

  4. You can’t step into the kitchen area and the moment you do you are asking for trouble. The end was tragic and even if the order was wrong 20 times or more as a customer you need to calm the f down be nice and explain what the issue is and see if they can resolve the problem. Not act crazy and entitled and with a nasty attitude because you may be attacked. Fast food workers are tired of people with attitudes and been attacked by by customers that they are now taking matters into their own hands. By the time cops get there other things can happen so I am sure the boiling water was the tool to use to stop the “attack”. It would have been even worse if it was oil. Do they deserve it? Nope but if you see a freight train straight at you then jump not wait till it gets you.

  5. Manager used excessive violence. She could’ve just called the cops. They suffered third degree burns people. How cruel, that was malicious intent. And she did that to a child!!! A 16 year old teenager!! How can you defend the manager?

  6. A common scam by “customers” giving out misleading orders then claiming mistakes in hopes of getting free food and a refund. Taco b employees weren’t having any of it . That’s what got these petty criminals angry acting out in aggressive manner going around the counter, probably verbally abusive and intending bodily harm. Completely justified reaction by the manager. Don’t pay these demons one single dollar, fight 😤 in courts hard and drag it out as long as possible.

  7. It’s about time black people get their due! They were threatening the food worker!

  8. Never ever go behind the counter if you’re not an employee! Idgaf, getting your order wrong is not an excuse to go behind the counter and invade the personal space of workers.

    Fast food employees have to worry all the time about nut jobs like that. Especially these days. The worker was defending herself and her employees. Aggressively stupid customers need to be dealt with accordingly.

    Those women should have emailed Taco Bell about it. Not tried to go behind the counter. Maybe next time those customers will think twice about acting like that over a wrong order.

    Also, stop going to places you’ve constantly had bad Service at. You’re only making yourself miserable lol.

  9. What the hell are these women doing trying to go into the back room? People need to learn they can’t just bully themselves around! This society is just simply getting out of control. It is so disgusting what people think they can do these days.

  10. LOL…I was glued to the screen and RIGHT BEFORE the water was thrown, I was like…What are they doing behind the counter, and SPLASH….Hot water incoming….That’s what their trifling azzes get.

  11. Pathetic sueing for what being ghetto as fuck and threatening by going behind counter get the fuck out her the manager did well

  12. Imagine your life being so sorry and pathetic that you feel the need to do all this over some fast food trash.

  13. I work in the food retail no matter how mad the customer makes u this is inexcusable!! Period !!! Just fix the order apologize and everyone would have went home safe no problems no one hurt and live another day at peace don’t let anger get the best of u

  14. I’m gonna go to Taco Bell everyday now to know I am in safe hands that they DON’T PANDER to BULLIES!!!!!!

  15. Every business owner should have boiling oil/water near them…this works better than a stun gun or alarm system. Yes, our nation will be filled with Black folks with pink faces, but that’s the price we have to pay…

  16. The dining room was closed but they went inside anyway, then they argued, went behind the counter and started attacking employees. That’s not correcting an order. That’s assault and that Taco Bell crew defended themselves.

  17. The manager is a psychopath, I’m sure she has done worse. The mom and daughter didn’t even hurt anyone. The manager had the phone in her hand, she should have called the cops. She doesn’t get paid to do security. Her actions were wrong and extreme. You don’t throw boiling water at people. That’s just awful. She’s a horrible manager and person. It’s sick that people are praising her. I would understand if her life was in danger, but it wasn’t. She had plenty of chances to call the cops.

  18. It’s a terrible place to eat or work I worked at one for 15 years part-time I seen people steal customers identities by photographing their debit card I seen people put hair and spitting in food I seen people give cold food I seen people put money in their pocket thousands of dollars and then quit and never go to jail I seen people purposely mess people’s food up if the restaurant close at 2:00 a.m. they close the restaurant at 10:00 pm and not take no orders and smoke marijuana until one and leave early. I’ve seen managers just make up whatever they want print it on a piece of paper call somebody in the office and fire them and laugh about it on social media need to put this company out of business

  19. I want to hear from other fast food restaurants that have had these two girls in their stores causing problems. I bet my bottom dollar that this is not the first time they’ve bullied fast food workers. They deserved every drop of that water.

  20. Both of them identify as men im not sure why people keep saying girls, with as manly as these bitches look I thought that was obvious

  21. Manager probably was dealing with “they” shit for a long time. It’s wrong to do it with anybody but I hope that the law will consider their stress.

  22. Ok then, regardless of anyone young or old, I am allowed to pour hot water on whoever shows an aggression to me. That is the most dog shit logic I have ever heard and people are actually rooting this. Mind fucking blowing.

  23. The woman who threw the water needs to be arrested. The two women didn’t even go behind the counter. They were on the side and just because a customer is angry – doesn’t mean that’s the green light to throw boing water on them.

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