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Brittney Griner gets harsh prison sentence 9½ years

Brittney Griner got 9.5 years/Getty Images

Brittney receives harsh sentence. 

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MOSCOW — You can stick a fork in Brittney Griner’s WNBA métier because it’s done. On Thursday, a Russian judge levied the harshest prison sentence possible — giving the 6’9″ lesbo 9½-years ( which includes credit for time served). Brittney, 31, was also fined $1 million rubles (whatever the f*ck that is). The judge must think she’s a spy because he made an example out of her ass. The lanky redbone will be 40 years old at manumission. Social media reaction was wild. One person wrote, She got off easy. People in their 80s get sent to prison for reading the Bible.” Another added, The best thing to come out of the woke left agenda in a long time. Now she might see how spoiled she was in the United States.” If you recall, Brittney pleaded guilty last month after Russian cops found vape cartridges satiated with 0.702 grams of cannabis oil in her luggage. She was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport in February.

Brittney, who refused to stand for the national anthem, is married. But she shouldn’t have a problem finding another carpet muncher in prison. “I honestly feel we should not play the national anthem during our season,” Brittney told the Arizona Republic in 2020. “I’m not going to be out there for the national anthem. If the league continues to want to play it, that’s fine. It will be all season long, I’ll not be out there.”

Brittney begged Russian prosecutors for clemency, saying it was “an honest mistake” to smuggle narcotics into the country. But her apology obviously fell upon deaf ears because the judge showed zero leniency. Now the onus falls on President Joe Biden to cut a deal. President Vladimir Putin offered to trade Brittney for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout (Merchant of Death).

But President Biden shot it down because Viktor vowed to kill Americans.

Would you swap a lesbo for a killer?

Is 9½-years fair?

Should the wife file for divorce and find herself another chick?

Watch Brittney’s reaction as the sentence is being read then listen to her speak.

She sounds like Barry White.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Hey Griner: Iman Schumpert got busted with a brick of pot at an American airport and will probably get off with probation and a fine. How unjust and oppressive does our country seem to you now?

  2. She’s black Bi and a American that’s all the evidence they need to charge her as a spy

  3. Well, if she wanted Marxism she got it now. And in the country that birthed Carl Marx. If her Marxists buddies hold a protest, will they be protesting themselves?🤔

  4. She’s not gonna do 9yrs, but l would like to see her do at least 2yrs

  5. Yahoo… Gay card didn’t work this time..👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💩🖕😁

  6. I think Americans have this notion that other countries have the same “Rights” for its citizen but in reality there is NO other countries that give this much leeway for the accused. In most countries outside the US you have to prove your innocence not the other way around like here in the US. Another words, you are guilty by default when accused and have to provide evidence to prove your innocence even if they say “Innocent until proven guilty”. Americans are very spoiled and coddled to a point where Americans don’t understand how good they have it. Ask anyone who has traveled around the world to work and you will see the same narrative that plays out: United States of America is truly the best country in the entire world for its citizens.

  7. BLM should use those millions to bribe her way out instead of buying luxury mansions for the executives…..

  8. Carrying drugs to Russia is a special kind of stupidity by an American

  9. She is black, lesbian, full of tattoos and towering over everybody around with some type of drug, in the USA in front of a mob of white polices officers, she will be dead with multiple bullets in her back. In Russia she had a trial with the american embassy in tow.

  10. I wonder if she regrets taking a knee during the anthem now hey look at the bright side she’s free she escaped This Racist country of ours she escaped and she’s now in a better place hopefully the rest of us can escape also one day and reunite with her in Paradise where she’s at now LMFAO anybody else want to take a knee? they better not save her let her be in peace dont drag her back to this racist infested hell hole called the USA… 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣😎👋👋

  11. If she’s there in two years Trump will get her back on American soil. Russia doesn’t respect Joe and what he stands for. I.m not a Brittany fan but she doesn’t deserve this lengthy sentence and neither do the Jan 6 protesters who are still held under extreme conditions awaiting resolution.

  12. They can keep that racist and take the other racist basketball player with her, him ,whatever it’s pronouns are.


  14. He’s finally free from the oppression of the American system. No more American anthem for him. Be free Brittney, be free from the tyranny of White America, free from your luxurious home and big bank account, free from the unfair Constitution that protects people. 😂

  15. Your Favorite DONALD TRUMP said ” Brittney Griner is a despicable person “. Hell, Donald Trump should know THAT ! Donald Trump would let Brittney rot in Jail. Her ONLY hope is with President Biden to make a deal. Brittney thought she is a Superstar she would not face any punishment. How much you want to Iman Shumpert will only get Probation or a very short sentence ?

  16. When you pack vaping device & cartridges it’s intention that you want to use it…It’s not some kind of lucky charm that you just pop in your luggage

  17. Karma ia a bitch. Sooner or later it will catch up with you. Just a matter of time. But i do think if Trump was in office still even though she hates America at the end of the day shes still an American an he would of had her home already but you get what you vote for

  18. WHAT A ROLE MODEL, hope young girls and trans women don’t look up to her , haha!

  19. Why should America do any favors for an unpatriotic American like Brittney? She repeatedly vowed how evil America is and took a knee during the National Anthem.

  20. I bet the food sucks in Russian prisons. See u in Nine!!!!! Shouldn’t have broken another countries laws. Crime has consequences.

  21. At least she escaped all the oppression here in the US

  22. Brittany the wife beater… I guess it’s OK as long as you’re not a man who beats his wife. Anybody see the pictures of Brittany‘s wife after Brittany beat the shit out of her. Should’ve left her ass in Russia

  23. 90% of America is celebrating this decision. The other 10% are the liberal hypocrites.

  24. Hahahahahaha 😂 who cares about the WNBA and who cares about this chick.

  25. Keep her she doesn’t like America at all. Russia can keep her for good. People like her are trying to ruin America 🇺🇸. Glad she got a 9 year prison sentence. Maybe when she gets out she will learn to appreciate being free in America 🇺🇸. NO swapping prisoners. We have terrorists locked up here that killed Americans. You don’t take drugs into other countries period. Lessons learned. Brittney griner does not respect the American Flag or our freedoms and National Atham. Walking off the court. Keep her in Russia get the full 9 years prison sentence. She deserves everything she is getting. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. She is a leftist trying to ruin America 🇺🇸. All these American Atheles are trying to ruin America. You don’t like America get out of the Country. Don’t respect our flag. Americans need to stop this leftist crap now. The leftist is evil and trouble makers.

  26. now she’s really woke after this experience. Maybe she’ll rethink how she feels about America after this. but maybe she already knew how she felt though, and she just didn’t have the courage to admit it. Maybe after this she will. all “maybes” aside, I wish her the best and hope she comes home soon. This isn’t the type of situation the populist trump fanatics, should be politicizing. She’s being used as a pawn. This is a perfect example of Hostage diplomacy. Let’s all pray for her…

  27. The true irony of this whole situation could not be more sweet. Black female athlete that makes over 200k a year expresses how unfair America is and how “hard” she has it and doesn’t have the courtesy to stand for her own countries anthem. And now this! 🙂 it’s poetic.

  28. They want to trade the merchant of death for her? Does that seem like a fair trade?

  29. Congrats Brittany you finally made it out of Racist AMERICA and free to kneel for the Russian Anthem.

  30. 🤔….gotta worry about getting shot in church, school, cop kneeling on your neck, or walking to the store for skittles right here in the USA… i say free the arms dealer…free Brit. 💁🏾‍♂️

  31. If they trade an arms dealer for her this is a GIANT middle finger to all other countries in particular European countries. This should not even be on the table. She legitimately was caught and admitted to it, intent or not still guilty. This would be the worst trade in any setting ever.

  32. She broke the law and got what she deserves. Let her anti-American self rot away in that Russian prison. Russia is doing America a favor, let their tax dollars pay for her.

  33. We’re willing to exchange russian war criminals for someone jailed in russia for THC vapes. Meanwhile in the US we have jailed thousands of people for marijuana. LOL, you cant make this up

  34. This is so fu*ked up. And they wonder whats wrong with America. Need to free those in the US that were locked up for smoking cannabis. Privilege famous people.

  35. Ok, I’ll say it, nobody gives a shit. She’s no different than anyone else. We don’t care about her medals, championships or achievements. She fukked up, felt entitled, time to pay the price.

  36. If this gov’t actually free griner i think that’ll be my last straw. I think i’ll be leaving the states for somewhere else. I don’t care if i have to learn a new language and never speak english again. I am sick of the wokery and i have a gut feeling america is done, at least as it once was. And i never asked for it to go where it’s headed. This isn’t “my” america that is for damn sure.

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