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Cheerleader shot dead by stalker boyfriend in ‘Bama

Chi McDade killed by jilted lover/Leah Gordone

Cheerleader killed by ex. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HUNTSVILLE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Antonio Burks, 19, was thrown in the slammer after he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Chi McDade, because she broke up with him. The sanguinary ordeal transpired last Friday in Huntsville, Alabama. Chi was an Alabama A&M graduate and cheerleader. She was also a victim of domestic violence. After Chi broke up with Antonio, she moved 2 hours away from his ass to prepare for medical school. “We talked about her future and where he fit in her future,” Oni Hasan, Chi’s mother, told reporters at News 19. “And then at one point, she made the choice to move and she moved two hours away from him.” Didn’t matter. Antonio tracked her down, started an argument, then shot her in the face. Chi was pronounced dead at Huntsville Hospital. Antonio was arrested and charged with murder.

“I have never felt a pain like this before,” said Oni who’s on an excursion to visit local schools to raise awareness of domestic violence. “It’s an awareness journey, it’s a platform, and I don’t want my daughter to be snuffed out for nothing and then two months from now we’re talking about the next guy or the next girl instead of her.”

A&M cheerleading coach Rasheba McGowan echoed a homogeneous sentiment. She and her coaching staff have already started the process of educating cheerleaders about identifying red flags. “We’re bringing in and including Title IX, who are the experts who understand this and have that conversation to talk about it more,” Rasheba said.

A close source said Antonio was jealous of Chi’s success.

How many body bags will it take for women to understand Pookie & Ray Ray ain’t sh*t?

Watch the sad report and funeral service.

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  1. I believe “men” be on the DL when they’re that aggressive w/ Women. Using a weapon on a woman! They’re going to love His pretty tail self in prison.

  2. OMG so so sad and bless her mother for taking this very important subject that I personally think should be a subject in school classes now to show the girls and boy’s that this type of behavior, controlling and they need to talk about this behavior and not to keep it a secret, the ones who threaten to kill themselves if you leave & all abuse, physical, emotional, psychological drugs/alcohol etc it all needs to be discussed openly.

  3. BW are getting murdered now more than ever by BM!! Really saddening that the blk men these days are so sensitive and weak !!

  4. She obviously was still in contact with her stalker, Women if a man doesn’t know how to accept the word NO That’s a problem, Showing up places threatening you or himself CUT OFF ALL CONTACT AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  5. Stay off social media. Do not post on LinkedIn. I work in fraud and it’s a way to look you up.

  6. This is going on too much smh that’s y men and women need to keep their legs closed start going to church then ask God for the right mate. A lot of this domestic violence stems from these young folks getting into unequally yoked relationships without really knowing each other. I’m confident that these young dudes aren’t buying these young women houses and land before trying to be controlling possessed and obsessive

  7. It seems lot of these guys aren’t feeling the reality that some women have things going for them. It creates competitive situations but it’s where as a man you make sure you’re keeping up. What did killing her do?

  8. She was young and didn’t know how dangerous men could be. Women must teach these young ladies to choose better and don’t get involved with men who have nothing to lose. Buy a gun and get a restraining order so you can take his before he takes yours.

  9. Psa: Leave pookie alone, if you value yourself don’t associate with them at all. Leave pookie for loquantanishas.

  10. See that’s the thing!! She was 22 and he was 19. With him being younger i feel it was a jealousy/control thing cuz she might end up finding someone older smh

  11. The Blk Community is DOOMED sad to say ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️✂️😩👀👾👺

  12. A lot of single mothers are promiscuous, having babies with men they don’t even know. They get stuck alone with the kids still having a wh0r3s mentality while the child grows and becomes the same way as her mother, HAVING SEX WITH ANY STRANGE MAN. Point being, if these so called mothers will teach and lead by example then maybe, they won’t be so quick to jump in the sack and get too attached to let go. We all show who we truly are but females get so penis struck, it’s hard to cut him off and when they do, THEY GET DEAD! It’s the mother’s fault

  13. She would have had to stop all social media, move across the country for a year or so (long enough for him to possibly move on) because he wouldn’t have left that baby alone. Hope he rots in hell. Her mother is awesome.

  14. Now how did he know exactly where she was at 2 hours away!?? 🤬

  15. This just keeps happening .i got in to it with my neighbors and every since then they hate me so they decided to tell my boyfriend a lie that I was cheating and he lost it and started threatening to take my life and knowing who he is I believed it when he found out it was a lie he apologized but that was enough for me to be done with him .and he was bragging about getting off on a attempted murder charge of his baby mama because he had money my neighbor could have cost me my life black women need to be protected better by our own .

  16. When you move you have to move to another state or visit another country. Most of all, you can’t tell him where you’re going; sometimes you can’t tell friends because they will tell others that know him. This is one of the reason why I tell high school girls they shouldn’t have a boyfriend. They are too young and by the time the parents know it’s too late.

  17. My daughter is 24yrs old she just completed her CCW class and we just purchased 43x Glock please get your daughter one

  18. She’s 22 he’s 19 she’s attending college and he’s a street joka. So far really woman gotta start making better choices when it come to pickin dudes to date. Age does matter

  19. They’re going Nuckin Futs y’all!! They can’t handle rejection . I would say be careful but some of y’all so damn stubborn and think cause you grown that you can do whatever so have at it but still be careful who you lay down with and choose to be your partner.

  20. He was nothing but a hater that came from nothing mad because he had no dreams or goal a pure happiness hater sad to say you can’t show these men love when they never received it from a mother or a mother figure it’s sad they have the Devil in them refusing to heal and get a life of his own THAT COWARD TOOK HER LIFE pure hatred he did not want her to become a better person that made him angry she chose a career and a life of abundance and ❤️ instead of him and he could not take it.. TO YOUNG LADIES PURSUE YOUR DREAMS STOP FEELING SORRY FOR THESE BUMS AND LIVE YOUR LIFE YOU CAN’T LOVE WHAT’S WAS THROWN AWAY BY THE FIRST WOMAN IN THESE MEN LIVES THEIR MOTHER!! GO ON WITH YOUR YOU CAN’T HEAL OR HELP A BROKEN PERSON ONLY GOD CAN ❤️👑s 🌟

  21. It seems the biggest treat to educated BW is Fragile BM .. ladies please do background checks on these men before entertaining them…

  22. R.I. P. Chi! This young lady left a legacy of memories behind and was excelling tremendously in her life. It is so horrible to hear over and over again how our young BM seem to want absolutely nothing out of life but prison time. If they live to see old age and return to society there will be no retirement package, no disability or any income out here for them to live on and no one is taking care of old men. It’s a shame but real. Who’s worth spending life in prison??? 😔🙏🙏🙏

  23. Keep telling y’all bout messing with these weak ass mommas boyz with emotional attachments but y’all don’t listen smh …..

  24. 19 years old acting like he was so obsessed……….. nigga u should of been obsessed with the word of God

  25. What in the f**k is going on with these guys like killing is not worth it that’s how I know it’s gotta be demons running up in people because the way evil just takes over like that ughhhh it’s disturbing and disgusting 💔 😔

  26. Black Mother’s.. stop spoiling these black males!.
    Stop making them man of the house!
    Stop giving them every thing every time they ask or want!..
    I told my Son NO PLENTY TIMES and told him he will get his heart broke!.. learn from it and MOVE ON!!

  27. Where is all this hatred directed at women coming from? Women are being murdered, assaulted & abused in droves. There needs to be a moratorium on eliminating these deadly attitudes & behaviors directed at women.

  28. Once again the ‘most desired men’ on the planet prove they can’t move on to one of their many options when a BW decides to move on from the struggle and abuse.

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