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Black chick outlines tasks women should do for men

A viral video called “Listen Up Ladies & Take Notes” shows a loquacious black chick elucidating 5 things a woman should do for her man without being prompted. It’s her assertion a n*gga should never have to: 1) Pack his own lunch. 2) Ask for encouragement. 3) Beseech being celebrated. 4) Solicit copulation. And, 5) Adjure support. “Why does he have to beg and plead and bribe you to handle his physical needs?” she said in the video. “Support that man if he’s doing positive things and put in effort to help him so y’all can build together and be a dream team.” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Unfortunately most women stopped listening to this video as soon as she said ‘here’s what you can do.’” Another chimed in with, “She talking ’bout packin’ a lunch, like we in elementary school. She prolly can’t even cook.” A third person added, “Bitches love to make videos like this yet they never actually do it.” 

Do you agree with the vlogger?

Is it time for women to get off their slothful asses and start being acquiescent?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Lol for real they’ll be doing the opposite of what they just said in this video.

  2. We don’t believe a word that’s comin out yo mouth. It’s all for the gram. Yall all chameleons. F*ck outta here

  3. This would never come out a hood females mouth, they so masculine and tough smh

  4. Bruh this chic is legendary, ALL WOMEN and I mean all need to take notes.

  5. Women these days are absolutely worthless. If you have a quality woman, be grateful because 99 out of 100 of these broads ain’t hitting on nothing. Dr. Dre, Kanye, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates can’t even keep a chick happy. What chance does an average working man have? In the words of the late DMX, “What these bishes want from a ni66a?”

  6. If he’s “handling business”= paying for everything

    the “better he feels”, the “better he can make you feel” = all about you again at the end

    Celebrate him with a thank you or intimacy= the effortless, most basic thing you women can bring to the table.

    Don’t fall for it guys, everything she’s talking about is the MINIMUM a woman should do in a relationship.

  7. Man these women these days feel so entitled to everything bytch got mad I asked her to put the dishes in the dishwasher. I could have did it but yo you work from home and I been gone 9 hours FOH

  8. @Crakka Killa: Sadly ,she is stating what alot of women aren’t doing. The minimum!!

  9. god put women on earth to serve + support the man. women belong in the kitchen making their man dinner and at night taking care of their men in the bedroom.

  10. Sounds good, but this ain’t happening…
    B!tches too selfish nowadays..too much “hot girl summer” all year round.

  11. What’s crazy is she saying basic shit but she thinks she’s a genius.. shit is sad. Just be a female and let a man be a man.. it’s so easy

  12. I can cook & fix my own food, I am self motivated & ambitious. Just hush during the game, screw me & dont fuck up my $$$

  13. Man’s job

    1. Be willing to fight and die for her
    2. Work and pay all the bills
    3. Be an effective leader
    4. Do all the manual labor at home
    5. Be a pôrnstar in bed

    Woman’s job:

    1. Pack lunch
    2. Keep the house clean
    3. Carry his child that he will also have to pay for protect and be willing to die for
    4. Do laundry
    5. Try to stay in shape

    Yet women claim they’re slaves in a relationship lmao

  14. She forgot number 6.

    6. A man should never have to tell you to shut up.

  15. Stop letting bitches without fathers growing up tell you what it means to be a man

  16. lol my wife don’t do any of these things. I learned years ago to not depend on her for shit. But she sure got a list of things she expect from me. Funny how some women think like that

  17. Fellas… be yourself… if she don’t like it… fuck her… there’s trillions of other h0es in the polluted sea

  18. And you American women wonder why more and more American men are looking outside of America for relationships. Black women are awful…And I say that as a half-Chinese woman.

  19. Black women are 80%, almost 90%, chronically single and unmarried yet you stupid beta males are listening to these reformed feminist give you advise? Understand the red pill black female wave is all bait. They’re realizing the writing on the wall that listening to white feminist was a failure. They thought they could divest (fuq white men) but realized the true divester’s were black men which leaves them on an island by themselves. Don’t fall for it!

  20. She is preaching a little too late! I’m done with Black women. On to latinas for me!

  21. black women have to be coached to treat black men nice. protect your peace black man.

  22. I dont need a mother. A real man dont need a female to pack lunch or encouragement. For that i can get a maid. At the end of the day females are a big liability to all men

  23. Got HIV from a black girl, don’t date them playa

  24. We’re not our man’s mother. Men that have it together know it and just want us to be pretty and available. That’s it. She’s trying to be her man’s mother. Alpha men don’t need all of that.

  25. Behind all these hoes that claim they want to uplift men, is a man that is sick of her shit. Facts

  26. I don’t want no woman packing my lunch or playing with my food…

    Voodoo in your food ain’t nothing to play with

    These women will do anything

  27. black women have multi baby-daddys….one cause they cant keep their men and two cause they cant close their leggs

  28. Ain’t hear nothing bout helping with the bills I guess a man suppose to do it all by himself even when chicks come with extra kids that ain’t his

  29. She is absolutely right, some of these women think all they have to do is open their legs and that’s enough, He cooking dinner for the whole family before he go to work, he washes the dishes when he returns, he cleans up her mess and the kids mess, pays the bills and the rent/mortgage almost by himself, be more than a pair of legs ladies because any woman can do that

  30. Women like this are few and far between. When you get em you better hold on to em and do what TF youre supposed to do.

  31. this is giving me a headache 😑 roles 😂 like are we really doing this 🙄 doing anything is work love is so broken nowadays ✌🏿 Jesus is real 💓 I’ma jus be single folks is crazy 😂 I live a real life folks ain’t real no mo 💯 I refuse to deal with the bafoonery 🤞🏿

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