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Pastor robbed at gunpoint catching hell for gay slurs

Bishop Whitehead is crooked/YouTube

Whitehead is a con man.

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NEW YORK — Lamor Whitehead, the bishop robbed at gunpoint during church service, once conned an elderly female congregant out of thousands of dollars. The New York pastor was sued by Pauline Anderson in September 2021 after she gave him $90,000 to purchase a home and he used it for his unsuccessful political campaign. Anderson told Whitehead she had bad credit and he promised to help her secure housing. Then she cashed out her retirement and handed him a check. When Anderson requested a refund, Whitehead told her he used the “investment” as a “donation” for his campaign for Brooklyn Borough President. “For the record, anything that was given to me is a Donation unless it’s attached to a contract!” he texted in a message to Anderson. “I was making investments that’s what I Do!”

Sadly, swindling churchgoers is nothin’ new to Whitehead. The rapacious clergyman served five years in the penitentiary for fraud and grand larceny. He was probably sodomized because he acts like a lil bitch. Nevertheless… last month, Whitehead was robbed mid-sermon by a group of gunmen who purloined jewelry worth $1 million. The flamboyant reverend is known for flaunting bling, designer clothes and luxury cars — making him an easy target.

“My wife has not stopped crying. My daughter has not stopped crying yet. My members have not stopped crying yet,” Whitehead told reporters. “Why do we always gotta tear Black men down? As soon as a Black man has a tailored suit, he’s a criminal.”

During an appearance on Larry Reid Live, Whitehead excoriated Pastor Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren when they made a laughingstock of the robbery. He called Reid a “faggot” then poked fun at Warren’s obesity. “You’re a fat slob,” he told her.

Man, I’ve never seen pastors act like that.

No wonder people are stayin’ away from church.

Many are speculating Whitehead staged the robbery.

Do you feel sorry for him?

Is karma biting him in the ass?

Watch Whitehead cuss out Reid and Warren at the 20:00 minute mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They got silent 😂 they didn’t expect his “fuck it” level to be higher then theirs . These lgbtqyzhdjfocu people are something else 🤣 lord help them lol

  2. Not a single one of these folks is Speaking of My God. This man is homophobic and has anger issues he needs to work through. He showed his true colors. And he probably planned the robbery and told them to hold the gun to his family to make it look more believable because who would do that?! A tiger can’t change its stripes.🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. That man layed them tf out lmaoooo!!! He’s right if that really happened it was NOT funny. black ppl think everything is a joke until it happens to them! But he for damn sure is scamming the church! And she sure felt hurt with all them fat jokes just look at her face and how she shut the hell up looking down and stupid! All they had to say is we laughed at your clown ass cause we DONT BELIEVE you was robbed you staged a crime that’s why they don’t have sympathy for him and kept it all the way 100!

  4. This in my opinion maybe he the Bishop needs to be investigated by the IRS, DOJ, CIA, FBI and Home Land Security.
    They never laughed about you being ROBBED…did he really get Robbed is the jewelry insured🧐🧐🤔 insurance company you might want to check before paying it off.
    WOW NOW he is going to Fat Shame her remember that.. NOW he is calling PPL are Fagots WOW the PPL in his church he is talking about you need to leave this Church NOW immediately just my opinion

  5. Such disrespect, Larry didn’t even protect her! Larry said nothing! black women gets no respect! That man disrespected that woman, calling her out her name. Both are cowards!

  6. This is what Christianity has come down to. A disgrace. People who are following these charlatans better wake up. You are your own heros you don’t need to follow these fake pastors.

  7. Larry & Biggie DESERVED THIS CUSSING OUT! PERIOD Larry is messy and is always negative. And he’s gay too.

  8. I’m 100% with the pastor! Granted he could have chose better words but the lady was basically throwing rocks and hiding her hand then try to bring up women. Explain to me what about him getting robbed was funny?! They mad he called them out in a not so godly way 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. The pastor was wrong but I’m not mad at him for roasting they asses…they laughed at him so he said f**k that pastor label…and he let them have it…it is what it is. Between him and Kim Burrell I dunno what these black churches are doing. Y’all know he was a scammer right? Credit card fraud, identity theft and all…then got out of jail and opened a church???? If they didn’t know it was a hustle then that’s on them. It just proves how dumb church folk are…all up under this man with NO DISCERNMENT…

  10. Majority of so called Christians are just like him….demons masquerading as Saints. This man is no pastor. God is not in him. He’s a convicted felon and con man. Christians pretend to be saints but love displaying cruelty. This is exactly why I will not be attending anyone’s church. God is rarely there. $1,000,000 in jewelry. 🥱

  11. “In the last days perilous times shall come. For men will be lovers of themselves and their money. They will be proud, haughty, high minded, boasters, callous, merciless, ungrateful, unholy, blasphemous, unforgiving, slanderers, traitors, troublemakers, treacherous, disobedient to parents, unthankful, profane, contentious, truce breakers, fierce, without natural affection, incontinent, and without self control. Keep away from such people!” (2 Timothy 3)

  12. Why do people talk about plus size people so bad, remember that was the mark of beauty and prestige at one time in history.

  13. If the Bishop is a fraud ….it will all come out ! If he was robbed or not God will deal with him ! But my question is why are they in his business???? If the robbery was real that shit ain’t funny….1st Larry said you can’t take a joke ? Then he said we weren’t laughing at you ! Let that man expose himself it’s not Their job nor their business! We can see his church lacks support he’s walking around with all that jewelry on and rolling in a new rolls Royse yea that raises eyebrow ….but yet why are they In his affairs? IJS 🙏🏽 lord help these folks 🙄

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