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White chick elucidates her ‘preference’ for black men

A viral video called “Make It Make Sense” shows a white chick elucidating why she’s attracted to black men. The garrulous brunette claims it’s more feasible for white women to control negroes and Caucasians crave the ecstasy that comes with it. She also “feels safe” with black men due to our hypermasculinity. “White women love black men because of the power dynamic because white women have never had any power over men in their lives,” she explained. “Because obviously all the white men in their lives have always had all the power over them… Any kind of control feels good.” She also said white women can be racist and still copulate with black men to gratify a plantation fetish. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “Who the f*ck feels safe around n*ggas?” Another chimed in with, “Women get on they knees and suck d*ck then talk about power afterwards. 😆😆😆” A third observer added, “It’s true because every white woman I f*ck start cummin’ at the very thought of my black d*ck pushin’ their guts back.”

Do you agree with the vlogger?

Should white women be considered black men’s kryptonite?

Watch the controversial video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. That’s a white girl not a white woman. Why yall keep calling girls women. What is she like 22, she ain’t live long enough to tell anybody anything relationship wise.

  2. Its a slave owner mentally to a certain degree. She is not wrong.
    Sounds like she’s talking bigger picture of racism and hate.

  3. What will happen to all of these low quality women when the biden economy causes the dollar to go to zero?

    They will be offering themselves up for a slice of bread.

    They haven’t got anything else to offer.

    Get ready folks. Things are about to get ugly.

    We are provoking Russia and China.

    They want a war to blame the financial crash and bring about the digital money slave system.

    I’m not kidding.

  4. As black senior male who has been on this planet seven decades black men need to realize that women in this country will control you with what’s between their legs so you cant be a weak ass man. You have to have a pimp mentality and be a real man and not a wimp.

  5. Everything she said was correct just stated incorrectly. She means white women still benefit from white privilege and black men won’t. But the bottom line is I’ve got money and money trumps a negative black image. And the fact whiteness doesn’t protect anyone from my rage.

  6. Guuuuurrrrrllllll BYE!! You’re whiteish sooooooo!!🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾 no one needed you to post sh!t that’s been known foreverrr!! Ugh y’all burn my azz trying to spit known knowledge!!😏😑

  7. Men are just too obsessed with having sex with women to the point of the loss of self respect and dignity!!!!! They never no respect from women. Those men who do have self respect have to show women that they are are not whoremongers like all too many men.

  8. Humanity is going to die off because of it’s own ignorance everybody is worried about the wrong things

  9. She’s never been with a Black Man. Because there is no Power over us. They like that we are way better Lovers. I dated a lot of races of Women and I already know why.

  10. White women don’t have any power over any of the black men I know. I almost passed out laughing.

  11. “White women have whiteness over Black men…”

    That means nothing, lol. I dated white women before and none of them I ever dated tried to pull any power dynamic over me. Maybe dudes who are desperate to be with one might…MIGHt have that pulled on them but white women are nothing special to have them pull anything on a brotha, unless lack of rhythm has a value now. For me if a woman does not know her place with me she has no place with me.

  12. That white woman is telling you the real psychology behind most white female, black male relationships. She wants a bull to take her, knowing she is the prise and human civility of the relationship.. And don’t forget, the Niqqa thinks he’s upgrading by having a white woman, that’s the real.

  13. Only simps have relationships with white women. Dudes like me smash and pass😜🤣

  14. Control blk men? Lmao! Maybe in their heads they do but not in reality. The vast majority of white women who chase blk men arent doin it because they wanna control them, they chase them simply because blk men are a sexual fetish to them. All the brothas I know who are dating a white woman is using the hell outta them – they have keys to the house, the cars, bank accounts, you name it. All they gotta do is lay pipe and they have anything they want while still ridin around in their girls cars and smashin other chicks in the process. The white chicks are the ones being controlled by blk dudes, it aint the other way around. They just wanna make it seem like its the only reason they chase blk men when in reality, blk men are their fetish.

  15. My gf is white and she personally doesn’t look at dating white or black in a social hierarchy. I can say that in my younger days several white women have told me that they are more interested in black men but they’re family would look down on them and it’s always the dad and brothers. Moms don’t give a shit. One mom even told me she wanted to be with a black man but it was just too taboo and the 60s and 70s. It derives from the negative image blacks in general had to fight due to the history of the country and the subsequent socioeconomic stagnation blacks have endured because parents also want their daughters to be provided for. With how things are trending, this will dissipate. Also white men overly shame white women in a tactic to keep them away from blacks. I can only assume it’s from a sense of entitlement and jealousy.

  16. So what’s the alternative for black men in America? Go back to a community where the women put you down all the time, that are extremely negative, hateful and disrespectful to you

  17. Whaaat? White women can’t control Black Men, a sister have a better chance at that.

  18. Yo, I think you may have missed her point. White women may not really have control over Black Men, but in the minds of white women they know that they have white privileges. Which means she CAN control whether he goes to jail or not. Police are going to side with the white female almost all the time. She has control over the house, the car the money and everything else that they “share”. Most Black Men are financially struggling, which makes us easier to manipulate. White women try to take advantage of that. She may sound like cap, but there is merit to what she’s saying.

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