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President Biden says get inoculated with ‘new vax’

President Biden pushes vaccine/Getty

Biden says get vaccinated.

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WASHINGTON — A viral video shows President Joe Biden excoriating scaredy-cats and anti-vaxxers for eschewing the COVID vaccine. The Commander-in-Chief spewed the harangue after receiving an updated COVID vaccine inoculation. “Get vaccinated,” Biden said during a national address while being flanked by his COVID team. “Update your COVID vaccine. The truth is not enough people are getting it. We got to change that. So we can all have a safe and healthy holiday season.” Social media reaction was cutthroat. One viewer wrote, “I’m here with a simple message… Get F*cked!” Another chimed in with, “Completely ridiculous! This senile, old fool is still pushing the vaccine.” A third observer added, “I was always against the vaccine. But this speech single-handedly convinced me otherwise. I’ll be getting it tomorrow! Lol”  Biden, if you recall, proclaimed the pandemic is over. Now he’s coercing immunizations at the behest of China. Dude, which is it?

Watch Biden get in y’all ass.

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  1. I feel like every shot that they give him is to make him more progressive!!! They’re injecting communism into him!! Poor guy he’s so lost!!!! I can’t wait til 2024!!!

  2. People still take this guy serious 🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. You have treatment for side effects because you are a president. But do we?

  4. It’s full of water!! Honestly you may say I’m a conspiracy theorist but they have no idea on long-term affects. I may ask why everyone seemed so eager to trust the government or CDC. Turns out everything else they were feeding us was a lie. They just need to stay out of our lives so we can live and evolve, adapt like normal humans have since the beginning. We must not roll over. Our kids education, our economy, the lies and much more. We gotta stand tall if this happens ever again.

  5. Covid shot has NEVER prevented transmission. Has NEVER prevented hospitalization. Has NEVER prevented death. New flu shots are being laced with the same bs too, and now they’re coming for your children. Stop these shots!! Stop them now!!!

  6. It is essentially untested and it is NOT safe to get these gene-therapy injections (“vaccines”). But if he thinks it’s fine, I hope he gets 20.

  7. The worst scumbag lizards in the whole planet assembled together. These despicable soulless husks should have a Military Tribunal and be frogmarched to the nearest Gallows Pole

  8. C- Certificate
    O – Of
    V – Vaccine
    D – Identification
    1 = A – Artificial
    9 = I – Intelligence

  9. Do you know which 2 communist countries still require vaccination from tourists while the rest of the world doesnt? Yes you are right, communist China and communist USA.

  10. Thanks Mr. President, I got my Flu shot and thanks for the updated Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccinated and boosted ❤

  11. Go f#ck yourself. Lies, lies and more lies. Let me be as plain as I can…worthless, useless”vaccine” and WE don’t believe ANYTHING you say.

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