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‘Undisputed’ hosts Skip and Shannon have war of words

Shannon and Skip went at it/YouTube

Skip disrespects Shannon on TV. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows “Undisputed” co-hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless having contretemps over Tom Brady’s struggles with the sad sack Tampa Bay Buccaneers who lost to San Francisco 35-7 on Sunday. Shannon lambasted Brady for playing poorly and Skip wasn’t havin’ it. The 71-year-old sportscaster loves him some Brady. Hell, they’re probably f*ckin.’ Not only did Shannon and Skip raise their voices. For a minute, it appeared they were coming to blows. As the quarrel intensified, Shannon removed his glasses like he was ready to kick some ass. “You make it seem like I was a bum. I’m in the [f*ckin] Hall of Fame!” Shannon yelled. “So what. [Brady] is way better than you were,” Skip retorted. “I’ll support him over anybody because he’s the greatest player to have played your game by far.” Ouch! Social media reaction was lopsided in Shannon’s favor.

One viewer wrote, “Skip is a piece of dirt for that. What Shannon does not recognize is that Skip is defending the great ‘white’ hope which is Tom Brady and Sharpe is not calling that fact to the carpet.” Another chimed in with, ” Shannon played tight end, not quarterback, and at a time when tackling was allowed.” A third observer added, “Shannon Sharpe been on all his coon sh*t for the past month, dogging Kyrie Irving with Esau Skip. This is what they do: Use the n*gga to downplay and degrade black people then dog him and throw him in the trash.”  

That’s why we love the NFL.

Everybody gets heated over their favorite team and/or player.

Watch Shannon and Skip go at it (starts at the 9 minute mark).

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Someone call 📞Cory Holcomb !
    Shannon that’s what you get for smiling in the white man face. See how they turn up on you, and basically sonned you on national tv!

  2. If you didn’t play college sports or if you wasn’t a good athlete in sports you shouldn’t be on this stage talkin about sports if you were never good.. simple..

  3. Hell maybe if Brady had listened to Shannon 6 years ago he’d still have his marriage. Man chose a game over family. Goat? More like Joke. Man has only put up record numbers because he’s been in like league for almost 25 fucking years. Aint no one else in the history gonna ruin their health or other things to be in the league that long.


  5. Skip Bayless man crush on Tom Brady is getting beyond disturbing at this point.

  6. I would not be surprised if some day soon Shannon just up and punches Skip on live tv because a man can only take so much degradation before something has to be done. Shannon Sharpe has had one of the best careers of any tight end, making the nfl hall of fame and skip bayless has the nerve basically saying what he did does not matter because his “boy toy” and obsession Tom Brady is so much better. 😡

  7. I don’t even find this funny Shannon is a legend and skip always disrespecting us black brothers but Jordan

  8. Skip Bayless a demonic christian . Just like the KKK Christians . God chosen people aka Negros in the building in spirit and truth ⏳

  9. Shannon just learned massa has no love, not even for the house negr0s

  10. I’ve loved undisputed for years but I feel it did go to far but I think they’ll make up cause the show is so successful.

    But let’s remember the era that sharpe played in where u could hit someone knock out hits back then 35-37 was unbelievable it’s a different game now.

    Because of this show is y I got more respect for sharpe. Personally I think he don’t get enough credit.

  11. When a white devil 👿 shows you who they are you act accordingly. This is Shannon’s karma for taking personal shots along side skip at blk players like kyrie, westbrook, dreymond, Isiah Thomas and more. Now when skip shows him his place and turns the game on him, he’s surprised… I don’t feel sorry for him.

  12. If shannon Sharpe played today he’d be the greatest TE of all time an it wouldn’t even be close

  13. Skip is a closet racist who never had the makings of a varsity athlete. Lol. His skin color is the only thing that keeps him relevant to people above him.

  14. Skip went way out of line! Shannon sharpe is a legend. He better apologize to Shannon

  15. I watch this show because I love the dynamic between Skip and Shannon. Skip should have shut his mouth when it was clear that Shannon took a personal insult, he even gave Skip a chance to take it back. Saying you going to choose me your mate or Tom Brady. Skip didn’t back off and chose Tom over Shannon his brother, that just sucks.

  16. Skip has NEVER EVER, EVER played on a professional sports team, but trying to diss a hall of famer?

  17. Two grown men acting like jackasses. And that ladies and gentlemen is their whole show.

  18. Too much fuckin man worship going on on this show. With Shannon it’s Bron and with Skip it’s Brady and MJ it’s just weird and childish.

  19. How come so many online enthusiasts fail to see & recognize that skip & Shay shay are both co hosts of a sports show that is TOTALLY PREMISED & BASED ON THEM BOTH HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION ON WHAT EVER SPORTS STORY THEY SHOWCASE EVERY EPISODE? THEY ARE PAID TO ARGUE & FIGHT & THE MORE THEY FIGHT & ARGUE THE MORE MONEY THEY BOTH RAKE IN! ESPecially off of their UTube Pages! Yes pages! They have multiple pages that most of U people have not one clue is theirs! The reach, the likes, the comments, the content , thee analytics Is BIG FUCKING MONEY! Irregardless if you love them or hate them or love one of them & hate thee other one; NONE OF THAT OLE SENSITIVE PUSSY SHIT MATTERS TO THEM OR THEIR SPONSORS! Call yourselves a fucking WHAMBULANCE & tell them to send out the FEELINGS POLICE inside of it because NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!!! Further Skip & Stephen A have a show together in the works that have been in negotiations for more than a hot minute! He may even be joining Skip & Shannon on their platform!

  20. Skip starts getting personal when he doesn’t have valid arguments. Like an angry woman.

  21. First of all, Jerry Rice is the greatest player that ever played, period!

  22. Shannon Sharpe learned Skip Bayless truth and feelings about him on national TV. He also learned who’s show it really is.

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